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Meili-Kei Nao
Language(s) Chinese, English (non-fluent)
Aligned sector III
Nationality Chinese
Element SigilLight Light
Keidis rating Delta minus by Gamma plus (440-370)
Gender Female
Relatives Jon-Tai Nao (Husband)
Li-Pau Nao (son)
Born Unknown
Died 2116 (age 36)
Physical Description
Skin colour Asiatic
Hair colour black
Height 5'6"

Meili-Kei Nao was the mother of Li-Pau Nao and was a renowned thief within Sector III for the better part of eight years until she was caught by former Sector III security officer, and later husband, Jon-Tai Nao. She met her end along with her husband at the hands of the Restored White Armies.


Early Life

Not much is known about Meili-Kei’s past. In fact, almost nothing is known about her except that she was known to start her thieving career early on in her life, presumably at the age of sixteen, and continued to steal from people within the sector for the next eight years.


Eventually, her career finally sparked the interest of the security department when she made off with valuable items of a jewelry store. After escaping capture for the next two weeks, she was finally caught by the ever persistent Jon-Tai one fateful evening.While at first she was resentful at the officer, she quickly fell for him, and he did likewise.

Marriage and child

The couple soon married and had a son, whom they named Li-Pau Nao. Meili-Kei loved her son dearly, and cared for his well being above all else, including her own safety. This love would be one of the key reasons for her untimely death years later.

K21 - Impeccable Corruption

Fourteen years later, Jon-Tai was once again called into service for the PDC, and Meili-Kei was somewhat forced to take care of her son by herself until Jon-Tai returned every few days. When he did however, the couple would often argue about moving to Japan. Jon-Tai insisting that it would aid in his career, while Meili-Kei was ever so protective of the well being of her son, and knew it would be safer in Shanghai.

It was during this time that Li-Pau’s elemental ability awakened, to which the couple was overjoyed. Jon-Tai vowed that he would train Li-Pau when the time came, and taught him a few basics about elemental abilities, to which Meili-Kei aided.

Unfortunately, years later the RWA assassinated both Jon-Tai and Meili-Kei. Caring for their son’s safety, the couple lied about having any offspring, to which the RWA believed.


Meili-Kei had a rather short appearance, yet was described as being able to strike fear in even the most resilient of hearts. She was thin, as she spent many years of her life free-running, have shoulder-length black hair and purple eyes. As a thief, she often dressed in a tight black bodyglove and white overcoat, keeping her hair in a ponytail, and having grey sneakers.

Once married, she soon changed her appearance to one more comparable to that of a housewife, often wearing a white apron, black jeans, and a red t-shirt.

Abilities and Attributes

Light Elemental

Meili-Kei was not a particularly powerful light elemental, with a keidis scale ranging at Delta minus by Gamma plus. However, this never bothered her as Nao rarely used her elemental capabilities offensively, instead opting to make use ofher powers to disorient and escape law enforcement during her years of thievery. After she married Jon-Tai and later gave birth to her son, Meili-Kei never used her powers again.


Jon-Tai Nao

Li-Pau Nao




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