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Matt Dalton
Language(s) English, French
Nationality Canadian
Gender Male
Born c.2050
Physical Description
Skin colour Medium brown
Hair colour Black
Height 6' 1"
Stubborn but loyal. Just don't cross the man or you'll have hell to pay.

–Damien Anderson

Matt Dalton (b.2050) is a former cybersecurity expert who was part of Kenneth Lysander's outfit in the mid 2070s.


Early Life

Street Rats


Mathieu rarely wears a shirt, showing off his musclebound frame.


Mathieu is a man whose personality can at times be as unyielding, clear and wrought-out as polished steel. Gifted greatly with logic, oratory and rhetoric skills, his very personality is geared relentlessly to that of domination, influence and leadership.


Claude Faité

An bent cop whom Matt Dalton is acquinted with.

Damien Anderson

Met through a mutual acquaintance who is no longer with them, Mathieu latterly became Damien's anchor to reality, a voice of reason when he needs it most

Kenneth Lysander

Kenneth is an associate of Mathieu's.

Vamana Uldericks

A former student of his who sought a different path.




Main Characters
Alisa Engla · Claude Faité · Damien Anderson · Kenneth Lysander · Matt Dalton
Minor Characters
Arik Travers · Mitch Ochoa

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