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William McNeil
Aliases Headphones, Careless whisper (alias)
Language(s) French, English
Role(s) Vigilante
Aligned sector France
Nationality French
Element SigilSound Sound
Keidis rating Gamma plus(382) by Beta plus(269)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown Parents.
Born (age 27)
Died April 2119
Physical Description
Skin colour Black (african)
Hair colour Brown (bald)
Height 6'1"
Weight Unknown

I fight to eliminate you people, that is my goal.

–Matt Chant

Matt Chant is a sound elemental and Vigilante in Paris. Of all the members, Matt seems to be the least disturbed of the group, though he is known to hide much inner turmoil. Matt is a character in the story K21 - Bitter Reality.

Character History:

Matt, in contrast to many other members of the hunt, was born in in a wealthy, middle class family, who owned a weapons testing company. Both his parents had strong hopes for Matt carry the business on, despite him stating in non uncertain terms that he doesn't want anything to do with it. By the age of 7, Matt experimented with several musical instruments and became apt with many of them, especially Drums.

By 14 Matt began to form a band with several friends at the time, creating several songs. His parents disapproved of this massively, as they wished for Matt to take the business over. Around here, Matt began to get attracted to one of his band members, Simon. It was around this time, during his inner turmoil, that Matt began to realize he was a sound elemental, as he was able to alter many sounds coming from his instruments.

Hoping to hone his talents to make his parents proud of him, Matt developed them further, bouncing music off walls to create an echo effect. Satisfied he honed them to a good level, Matt showed his parents what he could do. Instead of being happy and pleased for their son's talent, they berated him. Matt's inner turmoil got the better of him and he left home, staying with Simon.

Eventually, he opened up to Simon, who laughed in his face and threw him out. Realizing shortly after he was thrown out the band, Matt was possessed by a burning fury, and murdered all the band members for their judgmental tenancies. He only realized what he had done when he finished, dumping the bodies and disappearing. After this he cut all contact with his previous life and tried to distance himself completely from his past.


Matt is of African complexion and extremely heavily built like a boxer. He is completely bald with piercing green eyes.

He almost always wears blue jeans and a black hoodie zipped up to the top. He is never seen without a pair of headphones on, rock music or techno blaring out the cheap technology.

Abilities and Attributes:

Sound Elemental Power:

Matt learned to use his sound element when part of a band in his youth, suitably altering music to make it sound better. His power level is Gamma (382)/Beta(269), and is mainly used for stealth purposes, nullifying sounds made by his feet when he walks.

Other Talents:

Matt is still an apt musician, a good guitarist and an expert drummer. However offensively, he possesses a very large strong build, like a boxer. This is useful when violence starts.


Matt, despite his massive build and role as a vigilante, is actually a peaceful person and only ever fights for justice. He's a repressed homosexual, and is often seen as a apathetic person due to his general suppression of emotions. On top of this he's also remarkably accepting and non-judgmental of others, knowing the pain of people judging him unfairly.


Andrew Sol:

As far as Matt's concerned, doesn't care about Sol one way or the other, seeing him as simply another member. Though Andrew respects Matt for his peaceful tenancies.

Florentine Faible:

A long time friend of Florentine, Matt has helped Florentine with street basking for a while. Though Matt eventually disowned the hunt's excessive violence, he and Flow had remained friends.

Jack White:

Matt and Jack don't really talk, and there is little reason for them to do so. Jack doesn't care much about Matt so long as he keeps helping them out. Matt knows how violent Jack can be, and know its best to mind his own business.

William McNeil:

William and Matt don't really get on. Matt detests his arrogant "Better than you" attitude while William is appalled by his apathy, relatively peaceful methods with dealing with criminals and closeness to Amy. They tend to stay away from each other.

Amy Young:

Amy likes Matt's choice of music, often sitting with him listening to rock in their spare time. Many have asked if there a couple, Matt continues to tell them there "just friends" as Matt is homosexual.

Danielle Lloyd:

Of all the people in the hunt, Danielle is the only one Matt can't stand, as she can be violent, irritable and arrogant. Danielle knows that there isn't much point arguing with him, after Matt deliberatly muted her sound waves.



If you spend your life being who you really are, your shunned by your friends and family. Hide your real self, and you are accepted by everybody. This world is fucked.

–Matt Chant to Amy Young.



  • Chant means Music in french, a link to his musical roots.
  • Visually, he is inspired by early Gorillaz Russsel Hobbs

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