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Mathieu Dalton
Mathieu, attending a communist rally in rural Egypt
Language(s) Arabic, English, French, Portuguese
Role(s) Guardian of Plant, Ghost_K Financial Manager
Aligned sector VII
Nationality Angola (Congolese descent)
Element SigilPlant Plant
Keidis rating Iota minus by Theta minus (920-809)
Gender Male
Relatives Annemarie Engel (Wife/Lover) [Deceased]

"Winston" (Possible relative/son)
Reginald Lorence (Distant relative)

Born Born 8/4/2080 (Age 41)
Signature MathieuSig
Physical Description
Skin colour Medium brown
Hair colour Black (greying)
Height 6' 1" (185.42cm)
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2097 - Present
Ghost_K Commander
Battles/wars Guardian Tower Security Breach (2110)
Holy Commonwealth Palace Ambush (2116)
Ghost_K Retaking of Elder Sanctuary (2121)
...had I not been meek and pacifying, perhaps you would have remained alive. Hah. How interesting it is that I have only noticed this now. Well, Damien, I'd say it is about time that I'd have proved your judgements of me wrong.

–Mathieu, to himself on the subject of his past comrade in arms Damien Anderson, K21 - Kindred

The most senior of his comrades, Mathieu Mark Johann Dalton is the current Ghost_K commander and Guardian of Plant, as well as a philosopher, philanthropist and political radical.

A man gifted with strong planning and organisation skills, his many years experience as a Guardian has led him to become a leading figure of uncompromising strength, authority and unfaltering purpose within the Ghost_k team. Whilst he may not be as militarily brilliant as the many he has faced in the past - let alone a notable few of his past contemporaries - as well as operating with an often contemptible preference for pacifist solutions to problems (as oppose to decisive aggression), his inspiring logic, charisma, fast thinking and uncanny ability to feel most comfortable when under stress has undoubtedly earned him his deserved position of leadership.

Often described as a very hard worker who gets things done the moment they arise, Mathieu is also responsible for the flow of money through Ghost_K, though more often than not even his hard work is sometimes not enough to keep the place running in top shape.

However despite Mathieu's talents, in the twilight years of his career he has been ridden by guilt and regret with the death and disappearance of his superiors Damien Anderson and Kenneth Lysander, having resulted in a dangerous power vacuum and the destruction the man's once momentous plans of world peace. Coinciding with Mathieu's multitude of other personal problems (most notable of which being the death of his Wife at the hands of Vamana Uldericks), this event caused him to sink into a depressive habit of apathy and alcoholism, a dependence of which until its only very recent breakage has left him working with the absolute minimal amount of effort towards his duties, often to the point of convincing him to drop them entirely, whilst his plans for rebuilding Ghost_K have been sitting collecting dust.


Mathieu was born and raised in the nation of Angola - Sector VIII Lower African Zone - to french-speaking Congolese parents,

From his father's side, Mathieu inherits a so-called "bloodline" of the now obsolete and scatted Lower African upper class, of which held great power during the days of the New African Alliance's peak. By the year 2060, a long-delayed revolution was stirring throughout what little habitable tracts of land remained within their war-torn home nation of the Democratic Republic of Congo. With all bourgeois being dissolved at the hand of a localised worker's revolt, it was told that his family, despite having already being cast into what they defined as "poverty", were still threatened with the possibility of being murdered.

With haste, his family escaped the Democratic Republic of Congo, evidently fortunate to find themselves a safe route out of the nation before being cast out of their comfortable home and shot to death.

Born into Angolan citizenship, the young Mathieu attended a fairly comprehensive sector-funded school, where he was taught to speak the Portuguese language.

As an adolescent, he then received military training through Angolan state-run conscription programs. After an ascension into adulthood, Mathieu's guardian gene activated through some unknown turn of events. In time, Mathieu was eventually found by Ghost_K.

Since Africa's slow and winding descent into chaos and stagnation, the alliance has become disparate colony of desperate nations, crumbling beneath the weight of poverty and civil war. The citizens hope for a miracle, which include Mathieu himself, and wishfully await for the return of Africa's past days of glory.

K21 - Substantial Illusions

When tasked with removing Mitch Ochoa from his cell, Major Dalton encountered a mysterious young man who referred to himself by the designation of Agent 01 after the name Thomas McKenzie was deduced as being a pseudonym. At some point he was either incapacitated or lost track of Mitch Ochoa as the latter would eventually break into the Guardian Tower basement in order to rescue the albino gentleman that his organisation had detained.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

Mathieu appears in action during the heat of the Toulouse ambush on the Vallarian Palace. The breaking point in the monotonous surge of pain that would follow, Mathieu loses his beloved Annemarie Engel at the hands of his enemies.

K21 - Detrimental Adversity

Mathieu makes a brief entrance to the closing of the story as he is presented with and processes a newly found guardian of fire, Alison Katsura.

K21 - Shattered Endeavours

He makes an appearance in the chapter of the story set 15 months after the events of Tarnished perceptions, however the final chapter of the story occurs moments before the opening scene of K21/1 - Dusty Blinds.

K21 - Clouded Rectitude

Makes a short inclusion during the beginning of the story during a conference with Damien Anderson and Kenneth Lysander. They discusses rumours of the American War Relief Effort as being a possible RWA run organisation. With the uncertainty of the source's reliability, Mathieu supports the initiation of a reconnaissance operation.

K21 - Bleached Delusions

Mathieu makes a short appearance in the second chapter. At this point in time, he finds himself suffering from stress after first feeling the weight of having to take full command in the face of a power vacuum. Upon the disappearance of Li-Pau Nao, he suggests Miki to travel to the Sector IV Euro Zone locate him.

K21 - I'm With You

Lazy-ass Mathieu nearly gets everyone killed

K21 - Kindred

Opening his filing cabinet up for the first time in years, Dalton writes African Manifesto, a paper that severely and resourcefully criticises the political and economic system of Upper Africa, making references to world Capitalism the Russian Revolution and their reasons for failure, finally proposing the need for a worldly communist revolution, albeit how impossible and perhaps idealistic it can be without vast precautions.

Initially kept as a draft, he eventually distributes it through multiple media formats after encouragement from one of his peers, stressing the fact that simply because it was so riddled in blunt, factual and highly unlawful information it would eventually become prized by the many millions of amateur anarchists and rebels throughout the world. Nevertheless, initially after release, this mass distribution achieves little.


Mathieu has dark brown skin with typical broad African features and green eyes. He has a liking for appearing professional, preferring his hair to be closely cut, and face clean shaven (In the past few years however, he has been losing hair. Rather than admit his age, he's decided to cut the whole lot clean off). Outside of uniform, his clothes are typically olive green military fatigues. A most notable feature of his is the fact his left arm is a bionic argumentation.


Mathieu is a man whose personality can at times be as unyielding, clear and wrought-out as polished steel. Gifted greatly with logic, oratory and rhetoric skills, his very personality is geared relentlessly to that of domination, influence and leadership.

Amongst his many features, his most commendable aspects include his broad intelligence, his gifts for showing both empathy and restraint as liberally as either are required, a deeply-forged passion in left-wing politics and a near inability to be unconvinced of his own skills in all but the most remotely dire of situations. It can be cited as something direly fortunate that his politics favour that of the working men and women and their sufferings - unlike so many others of the self-interested elite of the contemporary world - for alongside his skills lies a great deal of negative traits.

Mathieu's capability for emotion and empathy are entirely superficial. From recent events it can be seen that cares little about the destructive effects of collateral damage in the grand scheme of events outside of the head-felt statistics toward either ultimately beneficial or costly results that drive him. Humanity and morality are trivial whilst emotional trauma and suffering are necessary when a worthy goal stands right before him. He constantly manipulates and exploits those around him for the greater good, violating their personal security as he tracks them, accesses their personal information, and takes and records data from a great deal of things they interact with. He is jealous of others in higher positions of influence that him, since in his eyes he is rigidly reliable and correct and is therefore deserved of the position, believing that he and he alone should be the figurehead for left-wing politics in any sphere of influence he affiliates with, something perhaps akin to a Lenin of the twenty century.

Furthermore, Mathieu is incapable of being convinced of anything other than his own beliefs. In the best of times this is a great asset in assuring his confidence, but in the worst it becomes nothing but a tool that fuels itself on ten drawbacks for every gain. When the man is truly wrong, when his plans fail or when the events surrounding him retreat from any immediately conceivable beneficial escape and he finds himself trapped, he can resort to extremism, or in worst-case scenarios, stall and seclude himself altogether whilst refusing to truly and sincerely acknowledge the existence of this failure.

The prime example of this occurring was in reaction to the single most detrimental event that has dominated his recent existence: the moment his wife Annemarie Engels and two most trusted comrades Kenneth Lysander and Damien Anderson vanished from his life. In reaction he utterly surrendered himself from reality, becoming secluded from his inherited position as Ghost_K leader as he took an apathetic approach to their ultimate duties and purpose. When it came time to finally act upon a window of opportunity, he ended up risking the lives of the entire organisation, and earning two of his younger superiors needless interrogative torture.

Despite all of these poignant and costly traits, Mathieu was not always like this. For the most part, he can come across as infinitely personally strong and controlled, however in the time since his inception into Ghost_K what great pacifism, empathy and morality that did exist has all but faded away. Mathieu keeps this emotionally destroyed part of himself hidden away within the darkest parts of his memory, and coupled with total absence of any sense of security or stress-free situations, this internalisation has observably had severe effects on his morality and logic, with some events even implying as far as the man resorting to extremism. With the passage of time, even his sworn path of pacifism has come under danger, with all honourable traits devolving into disfigured masks that he has come to enjoy wearing for gain and deceit.

Outside of his politically motivated aspects, Mathieu retains his base personality regardless of what lies within. In times of respite, his more relaxed way of interaction can for the most part be sarcastic yet compassionate. The man a very discriminative sense of humour, and has no hesitation stating the negative things about people, taking joy in acting deathly serious around strangers and newer recruits - getting half angry at them with a cold rational attitude - all before laughing hysterically at their reaction and following up with compliment and reassurance.

His almost romanticised approach to world history often earns him criticism.


Annemarie Engel

Mathieu's first and only "true" (or so he refers as) love. He first met Annemarie when he recruited her for the team. She initially was disinterested in him, and fixated on the more charismatic Ken Lysander. However, after learning he had a wife and a child, she started to fall for Mathieu. After the co'up and the mysterious disappearance of Kenneth's wife, she found herself seeking comfort in Dalton on a regular basis as she started to fear the new leader of the group, Damien Anderson. The pair wed in secret in 2110 and they lived in a relative state of happiness for 6 years, until her untimely death at the hands of Vamana Uldericks, during the 2116 Palace Ambush. She died in Mathieu's arms, an experience which still pains him 5 years on.

Damien Anderson

Mathieu held an extreme respect for the man that he believed revolutionised the Ghost_K team. He was an open supporter of Damien's visionary ideas and plans, despite the objections of his wife. However, as time wearied him, Mathieu began to become disillusioned from the "cause", as Damien called it, as it never managed to manifest a tangible existence. He became increasingly cynical of the beliefs he once strongly maintained and doubted that Ghost_K were as Damien stated, "The rightful rulers of mankind" and the "guiding light humanity needed". As much as he grew to despise Anderson, he was shaken deeply by his death, and overwhelmed by the power vacuum created when Kenneth disappeared 24 hours later.

Kenneth Lysander

Kenneth struck up a friendship with Mathieu when they were younger but started to drift apart as Damien Anderson became a more imposing member of the team. However, they maintained a dutiful loyalty to one and other, as Mathieu had always believed that Ken was the one who should take the reins of command if Damien could no longer continue his position. Thus he was stunned when Ken retired immediately after Damien's murder, and therefore he was left as the de facto leader of the group. As he unravelled the dark past of his comrade Mathieu firmly believed, that to him, Kenneth was the "path not taken" as he could have easily fallen as low in the same situation. It hurt Mathieu deeply to admit to himself that Kenneth was definitely dead, after discovering Eric Lysander had inherited the position as Guardian of Ice.


Mathieu wearing a Hazmat suit and carrying a fusion cell after its recent repair

Eric Lysander

With the inclusion of Eric into the team, Mathieu felt the need to care for him, in a form of absolution for Kenneth's mistakes. Though he is not a direct father figure to Eric, especially due to Mathieu's demanding career and love for working, he is constantly looking out for him, making sure he doesn't fall down the same path his father did. He still remains in a state of uncertainty whether he should be the one to tell Eric of his father's true past, or let him find out for himself.

Sadly, Mathieu still distrusts him. Be it through a personally regulated morality and preservation of human rights, grudge, resourcefulness or simple protectiveness, he generally finds him of little importance to the present date within the grand scheme of his operations, and constantly makes it clear to his closest confidants that his abilities will come into fruition the moment he reaches adulthood. Until then, to Mathieu, it's merely a case of keeping his feet on the floor with as many useful tasks as he can find for the young man.

Jacinta Hansen

The strongly romantic relationship that develops between Eric and Jacinta, whilst being a huge benefit to their work ethic and ability to protect each other, tends to give Mathieu a sense of horror. It reminds him of his own wife, and the events leading up to her death.

Upon forcefully taking an upper hand within the runnings of the organisation, Mathieu forbids any romance between the two with the claims that it is nothing but a distraction. Whether cold logic or his own crippling personal pain playing a hand in the the final decision was not made clear.

Miki Albraun

Laurence Valentine

Alison Katsura

Li-Pau Nao

Mathieu has come to respect his former superior's apprentice, as the Chinese Youth has shown his value to the team countless times beforehand, even if the Information Officer has stooped down to insubordination before. Nevertheless, Mathieu knows full well just how important Nao is to the team.


Mathieu feels that he may once have had a son with his beloved Annemarie. However, he cannot recall his current location, or whether or not he actually exists. More often than not, he blames this cloud of memories as a side-effect of the great shock resulting in the of loss his wife, as well as so many others that were close to him during the Toulouse Ambush.

Another possible explanation to the loss of memory, may be due to brainwashing; similar to what has happened to Miki. He has written "Whether or not our foes met in the Holy Commonwealth Palace were the ones responsible, is not a certain cause. No evidence explains as to why they would carry out such a plan to begin with. Perhaps my so called "son" performed the act himself. Such a thing would be entirely possible if he were to inherit my own skills in planning."



Stop complaining Lysander. You don't know how well you've got things going your way. Hard is being the only experienced guardian on the planet, and having to fill the places of the five others... whilst training your only surviving associates.

–Mathieu, to Eric Lysander in K21/2 - I'm Through

An ancient figurehead once said "Security breeds stagnation." I believe that man knew exactly what he was on about.

–Mathieu Dalton


I can only assume that should he ever discover my true intentions his sympathy for those goals will skew his judgement. Even if it betrays his sense of order, my future benefits him most of all. Far better than any of the alternatives.

Claude cryptically reflecting on Mathieu Dalton's beliefs.

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