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Martín Gerado González
Language(s) Spanish, English
Role(s) Mercenary
Aligned sector Sector XI Central American Zone
Nationality Mexican
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Atheism
Relatives Unknown
Born March 30th, 2069
Died September 17th, 2103 (age 34)
Physical Description
Skin colour Darkish
Hair colour Black
Height 5' 5
Listen, gringo. From now on, I am-how would you gringos put it? God. That's it. I am your God. You understand?

–Martín González to Frank Eisner

Martín Gerado González was a Mexican mercenary and ex-soldier.


Early life

González's early life is not well known, but it is apparent he served in WWIII, most likely fighting for a Mexican group, possibly in leagues with Project Earth Reborn. It is thought that during the war González learnt English.


González was confirmed to be working as a mercenary or gun-for-hire around the year 2102. A year later he met a man calling himself Sánchez who offered him the seemingly simple task of capturing and torturing another man, Frank Eisner, over the course of a few weeks. González accepted the proposal, putting Eisner under intensive torture. The torture included beatings with a baton (which was later wrapped in barbed wire) and a stun gun, being burnt, and melting one of Eisners eye. He also gave Eisner psychological torture, treating him as an animal, and only referring to him as "gringo".

This was however merely a false flag operation designed to convert Eisner to the Neo-Luminous Christian faith, organised by Gerard Taylor and Gary Walton. When members of the Church of Enlightenment seemingly liberated the location in which Eisner was held González was shot and killed when he opened fire upon the attackers in panic.


González's brutal torture, despite costing Gary Walton an obscene amount of money merely to treat the broken Eisner, worked well, with Eisner fully committing to Neo-Luminous beliefs. Eisner subsequently daemonized González , stating he killed his wife for her faith as well as torturing him for the same reason as well as saying that he was an elemental of fire. Eisner therefore used his likeness to represent the supposed evils of communists, elementals, atheists and Southern and Central Americans, insinuating widespread hatred of the aforementioned groups.


Cruel and sadistic, González enjoyed tormenting others and holding dominance over them. It was likely González suffered something akin to a Napoleon Complex, due to his rather short height and nasty temper. González also had a hatred of Americans, probably due to their involvement in WWIII.

Abilities and traits

González was accomplished at carrying out torture, especially that which psychologically damaged the victim. González's method of torture often included beating the victim, before starting to mutilate them after humiliating them. González also had (pathetically) basic military training in weapon handling and marksmanship (although quite where this training came from is a mystery.) González could also speak a bastardised version of English.


González was short and stocky, with a thin lips almost permanently forming a sardonic grin. His brown eyes were small and set within his thin face. His black hair was cut close to his head, emphasising his large, hooked nose. His hands were large and beefy, and his torso bulky. González wore plain, nondescript attire, normally a grey jacket. His hob nailed boots were often steel capped, and when on assignment he would wear military fatigues with a face mask.


Sánchez, cómo me doy cuenta de que no vencer a los gringos les gusta esto era tan... divertido.

–Martín González

You like this pain, gringo? You beginning to understand?

–Martín González to Frank Eisner

Story credits

K21 - Broken Faith - Main antagonist


Originally the character of González would've met Eisner in WWIII, but this idea was scrapped early on as being to contrived even by the creators standards.

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