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Marcus Christelle
Aliases Mark
Good King Marcus
Language(s) English, French, Flemish, German
Role(s) Editor-in-Chief of Eurowolf Broadcasting Group
Commander-in-Chief of the European Military (Formerly)
President of the European Commonwealth (Formerly)
Aligned sector IV
Nationality Belgian
Element SigilEarthEarth
Keidis rating Unknown
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Christian
Relatives Nikala Lewliet (Wife)
George Christelle (Son)
Anneliese Albraun (Daughter)
Stephanie Christelle (Daughter)
Claude Lasi-Faité(Son-in-law)
Natalia Christelle (Granddaughter)
Miki Albraun (Granddaughter)
Born 4th June 2054 (Age 67)
Died N/A
Signature 80px
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Grey
Height 5' 11"
Military Service
Service Branch European Commonwealth Armed Forces
Years of Service 2072 - 2101
Rank Commander-in-Chief
Battles/wars Several
Awards Several

Marcus Antony Christelle is a man of Belgian-English decent. His mother was member of the Belgian royal family and his father an English colonel. After a career in the military he rose to prominence in the Third World War as the Defender of the Euro Zone and was appointed as the high commander of the Sector's armed forces and given the title of the King of Europe by the various European dynasties and President of the European Commonwealth by the government. He ruled as Sector IV's leader from 2096 until 2101 when he was deposed after his role was no longer required. Currently he is the infamous editor of the Eurowolf Broadcasting Group and is strongly suspected to be a member of the Vallarie Administration's Board of Directors.

Character History

Early Life

Marcus was born into wealth and fortune amidst the European Technology Boom of the 2050s brought about by the development of commercial nuclear fusion reactors by a French company.

Military Service

As the great-grandson of the former Queen of Belgium, Marcus was notionally sixteenth in line for the Belgian throne. Being a realist, Marcus knew the life of a monarch was beyond his reach and thus he followed upon the time old royal tradition of enlisting in the military as an officer.

Third World War

By the time the Third World War was in full swing and Europe was feeling the brunt of the conflict, Marcus had steadily worked his way up the ranks to that of Major General. As European High Command fell to advancing forces, Marcus received multiple battlefield promotions as his superiors were captured or killed by enemy combatants. Eventually finding himself at the rank of General by the time of the Alpine Retreat of 2096, Marcus staged a coup d'état in Geneva to wrest control of the entire armed forces from the inept bureaucrats who had fled from across Europe to the safety of Switzerland.

As Commander-in-Chief of the European Military, Marcus lead a liberation campaign against Russian-occupied Austria, encountering unexpected resistance from Project Earth Reborn forces. As it became apparent that the anti-statist terrorists had profited from the discord, Marcus opened a parley with Russian High Command to initiate a pincer-maneuver against the PER. This decision proved to be successful as the terrorists were wiped out to a man, but the effort ultimately ended in a stalemate between the European and Russian forces in Dornbirn.

After heated talks, a military agreement was signed that offered up an truce between the two nations until the terrorist threat had been expunged, in light of the reported Fall of Moscow. This agreement would later prove to be the foundation of the Geneva Alliance as the twelve major political bodies pledged their allegiance to the cause of eradicating the bigger threat to their existence in the form of the anti-statist PER that plagued their lands.


With the Treaty of Geneva signed by Marcus Christelle upon the behalf of the people of the European Commonwealth he was treated as the de facto leader of the country as there was little desire to risk the stability of a tenuous alliance over any attempts to depose an unelected military hero.


Eurowolf Broadcasting Group

Vallarie Adminsitration

K21 Squared

Is yet to appear.


Abilities and Attributes




Claude Lasi-Faité

Vallarie Administration






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