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Lilly Ashton
Lilly, as she appears to the current date.


Guardiun of Ocean





Blessed Element:


Other skills:

Acrobatics, martial arts (Especially with swords and melee weapons)



Blood Type



5' 7" 1/2

Never doubt what you are capable of!


Lillian Violet Ashton is the newest member of ghost_k, earing the title of Guardiun of Water after her predecessor Kai Oraski mysteriuously disappeared.

The main protagonist of the story, Lilly is quite inexperienced in being a guardian, but is very eager to perform at a high standard and keep to her duty as being a protector of humanity. Her arrival into the team becomes the catalyst to a complicated and long series of events, not only with ever-growing tension brought by the Urcron invasion, but within Ghost_K itself; which shatter a decade-old web of corruption and superstition around the group, and it's up to her to keep that aspect of peace and order with the chaos around her.

Otherwise the survival of humanity will be all but a flame in the wind.


Lilly has a largely emotional view towards her destiny. She, like Nathan, is always focussed on her duty. However, she is different in what she fights for. Nathan fights for humanities' triumph against the alien threat, something likened to a demonstration of masculinity and heroism, where as Lilly fights as a result of the pain she feels from all the destruction and suffering that the Urcron have inflicted. She is noted as being the most emotional and caring member of Ghost_K.

In the beginning, her emotionalism is rather an extremley noticable distraction to her job, the pressure to perform often made her upset, but as the story progresses she learns to vent her feelings, becoming extremely overconfident, almost going out of her way to do just as well as the rest of Ghost_K.

She can be described as outgoing, social, group oriented, dislikes science fiction, feels at ease around others, conventional, talkative, modest, does not like to be alone, good at getting people to have fun, values relationships and family over intellectual pursuits, open, likes to dance, spontaneous, underachieving, at times unprepared, emotional, values organized religion, suggestible, at times easy to impress, not analytical, disorganized, prone to crying, likes to be center of attention, happy, trusts others, can be influenced more by others than self, can be touchy feely, feels the emotions of others, likes teamwork, guided by moods



Lilly was born in Brisbane, Australia, where she has spent nearly all her life. She attended school and lived a basically normal life in the urbanised metropolis, once a british settlement camp nearly a millenea ago. She discovered her impressive skill in water when she was 16, where she was holidaying northward at a popular tourist location, the gold coast.

While swimming at one such beach (Unspupervised by lifeguards, but free of tourists) with three of her friends, she was caught in a rip. The current dragged her underwater after being knocked over by a swirling wave, while her friends watched in terror. She drifted out to sea, but was helpless against the tide. Suddenly, the second her lungs gave in, the water shuddered, and a large shckwave rippled outwards from where she was, followed by a burst of water, exploding with a tremendous boom of displaced water. She was flung to the shore, unconsious, where the water seemingly cushioned her landing.

She awoke, to find her friends in an almost unbearable mix of awe, disbeleif and sheer worry for their friend, but immedietley relieved to find that she was safe. Lilly got up, followed by tendril of water evaporating from what remained soaked in the sand, and then swirled around her arms. Immediately she, and her friends where struck by the sudden fact that Lilly, was an elemental.

Late Teenage and Early Adult Life

Lilly's life went to a radically different path since that incident. he applied to join Ghost_K at 17, but being too young and inexperienced, as well as the already powerful elemental Kai Oraski working there, she was denied.

Determined for anything besides giving up, she entered the flow of an average working-class life, earning a basic income in waiting tables, and later, retail. Behind the scenes however, she was training her elemental ability hard. She practiced at somewhat empty places, at beaches (including, ironically, the very beach she discovered her abilities at) and sometimes the outskirts of brisbane, such as after it rained, for a challenge.

She had always been in gymnastics since she was very young, and this proved to be very useful towards her training.

Once she was eighteen, and legally an adult, she joined an elemental training centre. The regulars and employees there where in fact largley astounded at her natural ability. Their encouragment strengthened Lilly's confidence considerabley.

Relationships with other characters

Lilly retains a rather optimistic, open-minded and respectful opinion to others within ghost_k, and disposition with her enemies opinions backed up by concrete reasons as to why she dislikes them - mostly due to her slight underconfidence and finding strength in observing and beliving in others.

Breanna Carter

Don't you DARE say one more negative thing about yourself!!

–Lilly, threatening to back hand Breanna across the cheek in a somewhat dire situation

Lilly loathes the sight of anybody being sad, especially her friends. Almost instantly, she establishes a friendship with Breanna. Soon enough she learns that Breanna is awfully depressed - and as a result goes out of her way to make her happy.

Lilly basically saves her from having a mental breakdown, which came dangerously close to consuming her. She helps her become confident to be herself, and to smile.

Jack Miles


Alex Rokard


Nathan Sheppard


Mac Fox


Other Appearances

Ghost_K Aurora

In Aurora, Lilly remains in her position as the main protagonist, she is the newest student after being transferred from an undisclosed country. Once being dropped into the fray, it's made evident that she's in for a lot more than she had ever even begun to dream of. See Lilly Ashton (Aurora)


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