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Li-Pau Nao
Nao, as he appears to the present date
Aliases Ji-Lan Sung
Language(s) Chinese, English, Arabic (Basic)
Role(s) Chief Information Officer

Aligned sector VII (Born III)
Nationality Chinese
Element SigilLightning Lightning
Keidis rating Iota plus maxima by Theta plus (1000-870)
Gender Male
Relatives Jon-Tai Nao (father)
Meili-Kei Nao (mother)
Born 26th January 2102 (age 19)
Signature Naosig
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale asiatic
Hair colour black
Height 6'2"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Ghost_K Corporal
Battles/wars Restored White Armies Prison Break (2118)
Paris Hospital Skirmish (2120)
Ghost_K Retaking of Elder Sanctuary

Li-Pau Nao (Pronunciation: /, is a Chinese member of the Ghost_K team, he has been in service with them for four years, shortly after his parents died. He prefers to keep his distance from the others, prefering to keep to himself. That said, he is the Chief Information Officer, making it so that he gathers information from Ghost_K informants, as well as being a Free-Runner and skilled Technician.


Nao was born in Shanghai, China, January 26th, 2102. He was born with the father Jon-Tai Nao and mother Meili-Kei Nao. Li-Pau was always fascinated with technology and electronics, constantly fiddling with wires and batteries to create little tools and toys that he would soon lose interest in while in attempts to create another. His parents didn't seem worried, as their son was quite the genius when it came to such things. By the age of 7, Nao had created a working printer for his family out of scrap metal, wires and batteries. While his inventions were far from standard, his talent for this was remarkable. Not only was he a remarkable electrician, he was also into free-running, often skipping his classes to run around the city. This however, was not encouraged by his parents as they saw this as a danger to their child.

K21 - Impeccable Corruption

At the age of ten, Li-Pau suffered from an elemental outburst which showed his family that he had been gifted with lightning. His father being an elemental in Plasma, while his mother in Light, were overjoyed to see their son possess an ability such as there's. However, with having to move to Japan temporarily, Jon-Tai was unable to stay with his family for the next seven months. Unable to care for her son alone, Nao's mother sent her son to attend one of Sector III's elemental military academies, in hopes that the academy could not only care for him, but also train him in using his elemental ability. Due to his high keidis scale, Nao attended the academy for four years until his instructors deemed it safe for him to return.

However, little did the young Chinese Elemental realize that his parents had been killed in (what the military deemed to be) a car crash. Nao did not believe this, and when dusk fell Shanghai, Nao was able to discover what had really happened to his parents using a security camera that had captured the event. To his horror, his parents had been killed on the spot by military soldiers. Nao didn't know what to do, he didn't know what to think. In desperation, he ran, and ran. He ran until he found someone that was willing to take him away from Sector III, and so he made his way to Sector VII.

K21 - Twisted Deliverance

Little did the young Nao realize that the man that was taking him away from Sector III was Damien Anderson, the Ghost_K Guardian of Earth. Anderson was bringing Nao to Block 441 to train the youth in his elemental abilities. After some unfortunate setbacks, the two (accompanied by Kenneth Lysander) made their way to the Block, where Li-Pau met with the rest of the team before beginning his training.

However, after a few hours of training, Nao suffered from elemental sickness, and was taken for immediate medical treatment, after which Miki Albraun gave Li-Pau a tour of the facility. What happened during the tour isn't clear, but it led to Li-Pau carrying Albraun to the hospital wing after the latter suffered serious injuries.

K21 - Clouded Rectitude

Alongside Laurence Valentine, Li-Pau and the Guardian of Water travelled to the Sector I Middle Eastern Colony after receiving word from informants that the colony may be under RWA control. After a failed reconnaissance mission ending with Nao being abducted and promptly arrested by RWA forces, who had indeed taken control of the Middle Eastern Colony, Nao was able to receive aid from a fellow inmate by the name of Roxanne Chataway. With Chataway's help, along with a rescue operation from Laurence, the team was able to escape the prison Nao had been sent to and end the RWA's rule of the Middle Eastern Colony.

K21 - Bleached Delusions

Shortly after the death of his mentor, Damien Anderson, Li-Pau goes AWOL in search of his mentor's killer, Claude Lasi-Faité. Instead, Nao finds himself caught inbetween the goals of a Japanese vigilante as he is marked for a large bounty. Things get even more complicated as his colleague Miki Albraun is sent to search for him and bring him back to Block 441, completely ignorant to the fact that Natalia Christelle is searching for her.

Eventually, after surviving a brutal confrontation with the vigilante, Miki finds Li-Pau unconscious and he is quickly rushed to the hospital. Soon after this, both Natalia and Andrew find Miki and Li-Pau at the hospital, which afterwards led to Andrew being stabbed by the princess before Nao, Miki, and Natalia ended up facing off. Afterwards, the Ghost_K agents were successful in taking down the princess, but had to flee as military forces had made their way to the hospital, ready to arrest the duo.

K21 - I'm With You

After the election of Elder Duma shortly after the untimely death of Elder Khoury, Nao, along with the rest of Ghost_K, prepare themselves for the assassination of the corrupt Duma in order to retain him from any level of power. Using his skills to the team's advantage, from hotwiring an elevator to causing multiple militia forces to to black out from synaptic damage in their brains, Li-Pau demonstrated his usefulness up until the end of the mission, where the team was forced to retreat from an unexpected visit from, supposedly, Claude.

K21 - Kindred


Li-Pau is also taller than most people he's worked with. He prefers to wear his grey hoodie, hand bandages and silver-chain necklace. He found this appearance accustomed to him when he was a free-runner, and had kept this appearance to date. It is known that he seems to take extreme care of his necklace, but won't tell anyone as to why. It should also be noted that on rare occasions, Li-Pau has William McNeil's katana strapped to his back.

Abilities and Attributes

Lightning elemental ability

Li-Pau is unusually skilled with his elemental abilities, apparently having learned how to use them at the age of ten. He has since become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to elemental abilities, and his highly respected (and feared) for his skills. As such, Li-Pau has become somewhat of a mentor to those that struggle with their elemental abilities.


Li-Pau is known to have an exceptional skills with bladed weapons, particularly with swords. Having been taught some basic techniques from his superiors, Nao delved deeper into the art of swordplay, and became a formidable swordsman because of it.

Linguistic Abilities

Nao speaks fluently in traditional and simplified Chinese, and holds exceptional skill in speaking English. Other than this, Li-Pau's linguistic ability is limited. However, Nao has attempted to expand in his knowledge of other languages, currently studying Arabic.


Ever since his childhood, Li-Pau is rather introverted, preferring to keep to himself than join conversations with others. All the way up until the age of ten, Nao had been deemed by his teachers, relatives, and nearly everyone else he knew as an apathetic, although inventive individual that never truly understood the gravity of a situation unless it was blatantly obvious to him. This mindset would soon change after the Chinese Elemental was sent to one of Sector III's elemental academies, where he went through intense training in order to control his powers. After this, Nao became much more serious and prudent, though his introverted behaviour remained unchanged. That said, he is capable and will strike up conversation with those he believes he can trust, such as specific members of the Ghost_K team.


E-Accelerator lE61.6

Li-Pau's E-accelerator lE (Lightning Element) magnifies control over his element and increases his overall conductivity, causing the amperage (as well as voltage) of his attacks to increase tenfold if he so desires. The device also allows for increased precision when directing lightning at a target.

The object takes the form of a slimline metallic wristband that is usually concealed in the sleeve of Li-Pau's signature hoodie. It glows a faint blue colour when active and appears to be nothing more than a quaint fashion accessory when deactivated.

Silver-chain Necklace

While not actually a form of equipment, Li-Pau holds this chain necklace close to his person at all times. He doesn't like talking about why he holds on to it, and immediately gets defensive and tries to throw others off-topic when they mention it. It is however, speculated that some members of Ghost_K know why. However, if anyone does, they respect their comrade by keeping this knowledge secret.

William's Katana

After killing William, Li-Pau took the weapon somewhat as a prize, but also because Nao commented on how it is a well-kept blade. The blade has brownish grey leather wrapping around it's hilt, while the blade itself is made out of a carbon-steel alloy, and is highly conductible. The fact that's it conductible allows Nao to cloak the blade in electricity. While this can prove handy, Li-Pau rarely brings the katana on missions, saying it's troublesome to carry around.



His Parents

Nao loved his parents dearly, looking up to them as any child should, and was devestated when he discovered they had died, and even more so when he discovered the true reason behind their deaths. To this day, he still wears the silver-chained necklace that was his last gift from them, and constantly thinks about them when he's not on a mission or has important duties to attend to.


Li-Pau has found worthy allies and fast friends within the Ghost_K organization.

Damien Anderson

The man who found Nao roaming the streets of Shanghai. While at first Li-Pau was cautious around the Guardian, Nao found Damien to be someone he looked up to in a variety of ways. In a way, Li-Pau found Damien to be a sort of mentor to him. While their elemental abilities differed, Damien was able to instruct Li-Pau on how to use his abilities effectively and properly. It is even rumored that the commander was training Nao as his successor, before his untimely death.

Miki Albraun

One of the first people Nao met at Ghost_K, excluding Kenneth and Damien, Nao and Miki share a rather capricious friendship. Where one moment they are joking casually, they can become dead serious when it comes to assignments and tasks at hand. Where Nao is rather introverted, he seems to joke freely and openly with Miki, and vice versa.

Kenneth Lysander

Nao knew from the moment he met Kenneth that the Guardian of Ice had little to no respect for him, and was a constant reminder that Li-Pau had to try his hardest. He tried his best not because he wanted to prove himself to Lysander, more so he wanted to prove him wrong, and that he was worth something. Despite this, Nao still treated Kenneth as an ally, simply because of his allegiance.

Mathieu Dalton

Li-Pau respects Mathieu as his superior officer and commander, though he was originally against the idea of Mathieu becoming commander, he realized that Mathieu's intelligence and organisational skills would benefit Ghost_K greatly. Li-Pau is also rather grateful for Mathieu's interference with his first training session, which would have lead to the youth's death had he not intervened.

Laurence Valentine

Nao tries to keep on good terms with the Guardian of Water, though the two disagree greatly on Damien's resolve, Li-Pau still respects him, though he does note the Guardian's brutal behavior that he committed during the time they spent in The Middle Eastern Colony.

Alison Katsura

Li-Pau and Alison try to remain on good terms with each other, but constantly have arguments on how they spend Ghost_K's funds. Katsura often remarking how Nao spends money on "worthless junk", while Nao counters these claims with reminders of how much money Alison blows off on clothes and alcohol. Even so, they have acknowledged and even praised each others skill with their elemental abilities.

Eric Lysander

Nao sees Eric as a somewhat insubordinate newbie to the team, though believes the youth has potential to do great deeds as a Guardian, if he'd just follow orders. Even so, Li-Pau empathizes with how Eric has lost both his parents.

Jacinta Hansen

Li-Pau hasn't really spoken to the new Guardian of Earth, though he believes that in time, she will become a worthy successor of the former commander.


While he has made fast friends, Nao has also encountered dangerous foes and worthy opponents.

Andrew Sol

During his time in Paris, Li-Pau met Andrew Sol, a dangerous plasma elemental that held a grudge against Ghost_K, who are branded as public criminals. Andrew, being a vigilante, found the capture or killing of Nao to not only be profitable, but gave Sol the chance to rid the world of more "vermin".

Claude Lasi-Faité

Li-Pau despises the criminal for murdering his mentor and participating in many other abhorrent acts against Ghost_K, if not the world.

Arekusanda Aiko

Li-Pau holds a strong sense of revulsion towards the man that leads the organization that killed his parents, and hopes that one day he'll receive what he rightfully deserves.



Andrew, if anyone should be threatened by elemental abilities, it should be you fools.

–Li-Pau, speaking to Andrew Sol and his group of vigilantes

You...he trusted you, and you threw his life away like it was worthless!

–Li-Pau, to Colonel Majis of the RWA

No no! The tape seal doesn't go around the spindle, it goes around the...gah, just let me do it.

–Li-Pau, attempting to mentor Eric as an electrician


You know they say a quiet man is a thinking man.

Miki, in reply to a comment on Nao's rather antisocial behaviour

...Though I must say, the guy's elemental ability is astounding. We are certainly very fortunate to have him as part of the team.

Laurence Valentine



  • Li-Pau is a satire of Valdemar Nansen
  • Nao was originally meant to be a double-agent for the IWU, but the idea was scrapped.
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