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As Lendanto; By Lendanto

Previously known as:

  • Kaelesdodivision and later ORB or (Pre-2007 crap)
  • Orb Productions (2007-2011)
  • Void Media (2011-2014)

A revamped media franchise that saw a significant overhaul towards the end of 2014.



The initial concept for this "organisation" was the brainchild of NecrusIV. First incarnations of the company perhaps reach as far back as 2004, existing merely as a method to embrace the allure of commercialism and professionalism. The "company's" name changed on an irregular basis, with some of these names including Kaelesdodivision, TGTME, and XYZ. Names were chosen entirely on "what sounded cool".

The company was grounded upon the creation of comics, and later, cinematic slideshows of such tales set to music, as well as interactive "chose your own adventure" type slideshows in an effort to imitate computer games.


Feeling it necessary to give the "company" a concrete name that could be seen on all publications, the name ORB was chosen, inspired by the names and colouration used by Red Orb Entertainment and Cyan in the intro to the game Myst II: Riven.

Orb Productions

In what Lendanto researchers consider to be "taking a page out of the Tardir Book", NecrusIV slapped a "Productions" onto the end of "ORB" to rename it Orb Productions in 2007 (if the legends are to be believed). Under this name, NecrusIV would found the Black Forge Wiki in an attempt to try his hand at writing a manga series loosely based off of Fallout but with Mechanical Suits that wouldn't have looked out of place in an anime.

Void Media

After the collapse of the Black Forge Wiki, NecrusIV abandoned it to found the Ghost_K Wiki in 2011. With the change in wiki came a change in name and thus Void Media was born, once again following the traditional trend that occurred when ORB was first named. At this point NecrusIV increasingly started to treat the organisation like some kind of a pretend company right down to having people labelled as employees. For several years it was regarded as a harmless in-joke that claimed to be a Freeware design and web publishing company until a forced regime change by Khalael in December 2014 saw Void Media brought under a new iron fist.


With a new CEO came a new name. Sleek. Elegant. Refined. Lendanto. The new company structure will see increased monetisation, five year plans and a series of ambitious goals set for 2020.

Current Projects

K212 (9th June 2012 - present)

The flagship series of the organisation that has had ten different contributors over the last five years, more than fifteen completed stories to date and countless ongoing projects. The project is currently headed up by Khalael. It is Lendanto's longest running series, despite the occassional mothballing. While a Reboot is currently in development, it will instead be treated as a separate entity and as of 22nd April 2017, K212 has been renewed in light of the newer writers it has attracted.

While initially considered a "Prequel" to the OTG Series, it has since evolved into an almost completely independent setting with only a few core concepts being recycled from the more mundane alien invasion epic. The stories written for the series tend to be incredibly character driven with the roles of "heroes" and "villains" being entirely subjective. There are a few stories that capitalise upon the freely interpretive narratives so that the manner in which they are read affects the perceived outcomes of the story itself.

Industria Pacificum (24th May 2015 - present)

Industria Pacificum is a work of political fiction set within a fictional parallel of Earth spanning snapshot key periods of history. It chronicles the lives of its various peoples, wars, technological development, sociopolitical advancement and class struggle through the lens of a material economic perspective. Industria Pacificum does many things, including: being a "what if" simulator for its authors, being a good setting for satire and parody of real life events, allowing an appreciation of political themes and cultural aesthetics from real history, and also has the capacity to be a teaching tool for authors and their own historical/political education off-site.

The setting has its own wiki with irregular contributions made by Dog of War, NecrusIV and Khalael.

4005 (15th November 2015 - present)

A work of science fiction set in the far future year of 4005, depicting an immensely advanced, near-fully automated human society embroiled in a crisis-ridden late capitalist system.

Sat on the back-burner for over year as an aesthetic with little in the way of a story, with proper development beginning on the 14th May 2017.

GHOST (22nd April 2017 - present)

Initially a rebranding initiative centred around removing potentially copyrighted names from the wiki for the purposes of intellectual property holding in the future, GHOST was repurposed as the title for the K21 Reboot Series.

Former Publications

Elemental Recon (2007 - 2008, 2009)

In an alternate world where magic and technology exist side-by-side. Earth is protected by a group of warriors known as the Elemental Recon, who defend earth from the forces of darkness, armed with control over the elements and Ninja Turtle weapons. Consisted of:

  • Alex Rokard (Wouldn't ya know!) - Earth. Looked basically exactly the same as he does in Ghost_K, with the beanie and scarf. Fought with Nunchucks.
  • Kai Aqusai - Water, newest member. Was rather silent, was bald with a blue headband with the yin-yang symbol on the front. Armed with Sai blades.
  • Drake Infernis - Fire. arrogant and full of himself, but somewhat dumb. Red slicked-back hair, armed with a Bō staff.
  • Jack Bladestorm - Wind. Bald, with a scarf, crazy, reckless. Armed with many large swords.

Released two and a half comic issues.

  • Issue 1 involved Kai's first successful attempt to control rain, the revealing of the villain Dante Kamusho, and a battle between the Recon and the villain's army of Warcraft-esque water elementals, which resulted in the Recon's success. Issue included an advertisement for a prior released one-page comic entitled Gunn vs Axxe, whose combat styles and weapons of choice were reflected by their names.
  • Issue 2, a direct sequel, saw a second wave of Ice elementals sent by the Recon's foe, this time successfully defeating all four of them in rapid succession, only to be saved out of the blue by the newly revealed Xamurashi Natashu, the eternal protector of the Recon. Issue included a "Which Elemental Are You?" personality test, and a journal entry by a mysterious elemental of Plant, recounting his experiences in a magical forest he called home, and sensing distant signs of the battle between Ice elementals and the Recon.
  • Issue 3 began with this mysterious elemental of plant, deep in the forests, where it abruptly ended.

Was redone in late 2009 - where the story was set in the year 2050, and the inclusion of Jason Icelik (Ice) and Mac Sharpsta (plant). This issue saw a shift from a inspired art style into the first recorded Anime-like art style. Issue saw only a brief introduction of the new characters and their new setting, and was never finished.

Black Forge (4th October 2010 - 21st February 2011)

A post-apocalyptic anime-inspired horror set in the year 3213. Earth has fallen. Death is all that remains. The apocalypse is over, and life itself now all but extinct. Only the very strongest struggle to survive in the cruel wastes, accompanied by only the echoes of a once great, proud civilisation. An epic struggle as brave new heroes and rogues alike battle with the twisted mutant horrors of the scorched Earth. The story focused around a group of soldiers in a squad known as Iron Talon Team, comprised of

  • Dante Steel - a hardy, stern wilderness expert.
  • Jordan Park - A woman with such confidence and independence for somebody of her position that she was prone to suffer the short end of the stick when it came to pleasant relationships with her generally impersonal, rude and/or sexist companions.
  • Og Brindoolok - Powerful psychic (spiritual mage), very tribal in appearance

Also the first work based on a wiki and with more than one person working on it.

Started a comic issue but never finished it.

Ghost_K (21st February 2011 - 9th June 2012)

Name inspired by a band of the same name, made into an acronym.

Full name Order of the Guardians: Ghost_K, A modern rebirth of Elemental Recon, with a radically different storyline, deeper and more unique universe (sic c.2011), as well as many different characters, with none of the characters retaining 100% of their original personalities.

Kai became Lilly, Jack changed his last name to Miles, Alex became Japanese, Drake became Nathan, Jason changed his last name to Carter, but then left and became Breanna, and Mac changed his last name to Fox.

Aliens added. A tragedy, that climbed back up again and ending on a good note. A bittersweet ending.

Released one comic issue, began a second but never finished it. Around three or four completed stories, including the far superior Second Great Battle of Siberia.

Litany (27th April 2013 - 27th October 2013)

A sci-fi fantasy set in an unimaginably distant future. Earth has been destroyed due to some unknown apocalyptic event, and a select few of the billions of humanity set fourth on giant "arks" to a new world: Sagittarius. Legend foretells that the arks' landings were a catastrophe, for only one of the five arks managed to find their way on the planet, with the other four drifting away from all contact, finding themselves caught in the gravitational pull of large stars, or perhaps even finding new worlds. Since the ark's landing on Sagittarius, the surviving human's understanding of technology had regressed to that of a feudal level. Thousands of tribes splintered from the once unified colony, creating kingdoms all over this frightening new planet. In time, tribes became kingdoms, kingdoms became empires, as technology slowly regained it's long climb of advancement to where it is today.

The series saw the development of three stories, several artworks, and a load of backstory. It wasn't long before everyone except its bright-eyed founder revealed their true motives - all of whom just went in for shits and gigs -, severely upsetting and later awakening him to the fact that the project was pretty damn flawed and only served to distract him from K21 Squared. Litany was thus cancelled.

In the years following, with a shift in political awareness for one or more of the users involved, and newfound inspirations and literary intentions for the entire community, Litany was been filed away as just another experiment, with whatever - albeit few - useful designs and aesthetics developed in the Litany days managing to find a place in future projects, including Industria Pacificum and Tales of Madness.

Ghost_K 2 (Cancelled)

A once planned rebuild of the original saga. Ideas included darkening the emotional tone and removing aliens. OTG2, as it would be called, was cancelled due to lack of community interest and a generally uninspired and clichéd storyline.

Neo21 (10th September 2014 - 22nd April 2017)

The pre-emptively launched sequel to K21 Squared that failed to advance beyond two draft stories. It aimed to resolve the loose ends left hanging after the conclusion of the still ongoing K21 series but was cancelled due to lack of development.

Age of Rokuro (22nd October 2016 - 12 May 2017)

Action-adventure story about a kid who becomes a god in a fantasy dieselpunk setting.

A project of NecrusIV's and two of his clients that saw occasional input from Khalael. Cancelled due to "creative differences", where - as per usual Lendanto tradition - it was thrown on the ideas and aesthetics scrap heap to be strip-mined for future projects.

Notable Partners

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Khalael Chief Executive Officer
Lither Special Executive Officer
NecrusIV Chief Operations Officer
Solomus-Blackwing             Executive Content Producer
Tomj8937 Executive Content Producer
Ah2190 Content Producer
Dog of War Content Producer
CarlosIXA Content Producer
StrangerThings Content Producer
SilveredKnight Testing Delegate
Vivaporius Testing Delegate


Warhammer 40k Fanon Wiki Monopolization

In June 2014 slanderous libel was thrown at the Void Media organisation that it had a monopolistic foothold upon another wiki concerned with fan created content set in the Warhammer 40,000 fictional universe. Former CEO NecrusIV declined to comment at the time.

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