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There will be no defence. There will only be attack.

Bruce Alexander

League for the Decentralisation of Nations
The official standard of the League for the Decentralisation of Nations

Known Alternate Names:

The Old Rebels, Last Guard (due to them being perhaps the only major organisation left that believes in guarding freedom)


Paramilitary rebels.


President Bruce Alexander

Date of Foundation:

Pre-2050, otherwise unknown.

Known Activities:


Combat Style:

Human wave assaults, attrition warfare.


Believed to be in excess of four hundred thousand.

Political Ideology:

Varies heavily, generally a form of classical liberalism.


Liberty, equality, brotherhood.

Made up of a collection of anarchists, Jacobins, democrats, and other assorted pro-democracy, pro-government inclusiveness or pro-decentralisation, the LDN are an international paramilitary rebel group that served as Vamana Uldericks' inspiration for his own groups. Their aims are to promote cultural unity, replace dictatorships with democracies and reduce the power the rich hold to that of the common plebeian.


We need bullets, not clothes.

–Anonymous LDN member on the uniforms.

LDN Uniforms
Despite constant supply problems the armed wing manages to have enough uniforms for a reasonable surplus. While the uniforms can appear as either dull and colourless or bright and vibrant, they have been proven to act as a highly effective camoflage in city areas, where bright neon lighting appears on a backdrop of dull colours. Furthermore, the flat, grey colours of the overcoat and pants ensures that during a major rush it becomes hard to pick out individual units and instead makes it seem like a sea of grey rushes towards them.

It is common for units to smear mud all over the bright visible parts of their uniform in a primitive attempt at camouflage.


If in our advance we lose a thousand and they lose a hundred it is a victory. Eventually they will run out of men willing to fight for money, while we will never run out of people willing to die for their cause.

–Excerpt from the LDN Officer's Manual

The LDN's strategy revolves around utilising their large numbers of ill-equipped and ill-trained infantry. Under the cover of night, the LDN makes an attempt to get as close as possible to enemy lines, and upon being detected they send in squads of infantry at designated points in the enemy lines. Should - as usually happens - those squads be wiped out to a man, successive squads are sent in until the LDN runs out of infantry or a breach opens up, at which point the main force moves in to hit along the breach and widen it.

On rare occasions where the LDN acquires some form of artillery it is fired upon the entire enemy defences to pin them down and prevent reinforcements arriving along the designated assault points. The firing continues until the main force is moved in - squads are not considered valuable enough to cease firing for.

Notable Actions

Lower Africa

One of the greatest achievements of the LDN was their involvement in the decentralisation of many African states away from the communist government that had been established after the collapse of the New African Alliance. Further pressures from the LDN saw many of these nations devolve further into a series of autonomous city states that allowed for the rampant spread of anarchism upon Lower African soil.

However, the League still ended up failing at removing the government from power and South Africa remained particularly resistant to anarchist rule as many of their supposed city states still owed loyalty to the communists. Overall, the attempt to bring back the sovereign status of the states that had been absorbed by the African People's Union of Lower Africa failed due to the persistent existence of a state centric government that maintained a considerable presence throughout the region. Combined with the fears of foreign aggression, Lower Africa still managed to keep a strong sense of unity through military intervention.

As the World Justice Uprising never came to properly affect Lower Africa, the LDN has maintained a presence upon its soil in the form of numerous terrorist cells that continue to fight against the government. Arguably, while they now stand no chance of properly defeating the government as they did in the past, they have been a persistent threat to the stability of the Sector.

World Justice Uprising

The League for the Decentralisation of Nations only other major appearance upon the world stage was during conflict that has become known by the names of the World Justice Uprising, Survival Colony Insurrection and Third World War. The gained notoriety for siding with Project Earth Reborn and the extremist movement that was intent of disrupting the new world order of the great glorious sectorial regimes. During this time they did actually win many battles with the help of the PER and gained a foothold for anarchism within some of the more liberal nations in South America.

The aftermath and defeat of the insurrectionists lead to public opnion swaying against the League due to the war crimes their allies had commited. Only in Lower Africa did they remain as a popular rebel movement due to the part they had played in shaping the current state of the sector. The official line of the government has them listed under the term of "terrorist heretics" for their actions in the conflict as well as their continued anti-establishment acts.

Liquidation of European Government

In an unprovoked attack upon the European Government and apparently lead by the infamous terrorist Claude Lasi-Faité, the LDN mercilessly slaughtered all of those present. The aim seemed to be to force the Euro Zone into revolution and mass instability was seeded. However, through the efforts of the Vallarie Administration, their plan was thwarted as a new order was established. Many probes into the attack have failed to find evidence that supports actual LDN involvement and many skeptics argue that it was a false flag operation run by another terrorist organisation.

The Restored White Armies have taken responsibility for it multiple times and have claimed that they aimed to put a monarchy in charge of Europe, but this has largely been shouted down as blatant lies due to the RWA not actually appearing to have been founded until months after the events took place while their leader was still imprisoned within China. The VA themselves have been blamed by conspiracy theorists, but this is generally disregarded as nonsense seeing as the VA were too busy dealing with foreign affairs at the time of the attack.

Due to Claude's bolshevik links with the International Worker's Union, they have also been blamed for the attck on many occasions. However, due to the PER claiming that Claude is one of their agents as well, it has lead to mass confusion and most people just accept that it probably was the secessionists aiming to take revenge upon Europe for the part it played in ending the World Justice Uprising.

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