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Laurence Valentine
Laurence, as he appears today. (In front of the Block 441 entrance; first edition)
Aliases Subject Psi
Language(s) English, French
Role(s) Guardian of Water
Aligned sector I
Nationality Canadian
Element SigilWater Water
SigilIce Ice (Limited)
Keidis rating Keidis Rating: Theta plus maxima by theta plus (900-867) [Originally predicted at only Eta minus]
Gender Male
Relatives Olivia Valentine (Mother)
Alison Katsura (Girlfriend)
Born 29/11/2094 (27)
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Black
Height 6' 1/2" (184.15cm)
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2114 - 2116
2118 - Present
Ghost_K Deputy Commander
Battles/wars Holy Commonwealth Palace Ambush (2116)
Restored White Armies Prison Break (2118)
Ghost_K Retaking of Elder Sanctuary (2121)

It takes 42 muscles to frown. And only 6 to slit the bastard's throat.


Laurence Alistair Valentine is a senior member of Ghost_K, and the current second most experienced member after Mathieu, having been in current service for over six years. He has a stunning elemental skill that he has perfected only though extreme practice as oppose to natural talent. His limited skill in ice has added an interesting add-on to his skills, coming into use in times when water just isn't enough to penetrate an obstacle.

He is the socialite of the team, being put in charge of communications due to his people skills.



Laurence was born within the American Zone in 2094 to a single mother, Olivia Valentine. He never knew his real father, but his mother told him fantastical stories about the man and he grew up forever wishing to meet him. She had clearly been smitten by this stranger and told him that one day he would return.

This day never seemed to come and by age 12 Laurence still had not met the father he had been promised would find him. Yet, despite the absence of this man, he and his unemployed mother were kept in luxury as money was mysteriously paid into her account on a regular basis. As aged wearied her, Olivia seemed to cling tighter to the fantasy that her lover would return, and dogmatically believed that the money was from the stranger and that he still loved her.

As he entered his teenage years he became more cynical and doubted this day would actually come. He decided to accept that he would never meet this mysterious man, and that even if he did, he would not care. In his eyes, his mother had been abandoned by a selfish cad. And no amount of money could ever repair the damage that had been done to her heart

In 2106 his elemental powers awakened for the first time, and Laurence decided that he would dedicate his life to training this ability further. Almost seven years later this power increased dramatically and he was found by the Ghost_K team aged 19. He was immediately taken under the wing as they had lost their previous Guardian of Water and he spent the next two years honing his increased powers.

K21 - Tarnished Perceptions

By the time of Tarnished Perceptions, Laurence was yet to have seen active duty. He had only seen combat in a training environment and the only fieldwork he had performed was very low risk. Despite this, Damien Anderson deemed it necessary to bring him with the other Guardians to the Holy Commonwealth Palace on November 19th 2116.

He proved his worth during the Palace Ambush, holding off many Royal Guards and covering the retreat of the Guardians into the Throne Room. He also played an important role in the acquisition of Natalia Christelle before the arrival of the terrorist Vamana Uldericks disrupted the hostage taking and killed Annemarie Engel.

After the incident he was kidnapped by agents loyal to Claude Lasi-Faité and held for an unknown length of time.

K21 - Decayed Moralities

It is revealed that Laurence was in the process of being psycho-conditioned over an unspecified amount of time.

K21 - Shattered Endeavours

Fifteen months after the events of Tarnished Perceptions, Laurence turned up within the Sector VII Upper African Zone under mysterious circumstances, and encountered the latest Guardian of Fire, Alison Katsura.

K21 - Clouded Rectitude

K21 Squared


It has been noted that Laurence is a sociable person with a good sense of humour, regularly enjoying the company of others. He is also rather altruistic and selfless, regularly placing the happiness of others above his own. Of course, this often leads him to misinterpreting signs of affection as well as making him unable to tell the difference between when someone is attempting to get close to him or merely using him as their confidant.

This point of his personality frequently provides annoyance for others, particularly Alison Katsura, as he dutifully indulges their requests while neglecting his own well being. However, contrary to his selfless nature Laurence seems to have a bewildering capacity for manipulation and subversion, readily using people in order to further the cause of the Ghost K Team.


E-Accelerator wE59.9

To make up for his somewhat weaker elemental skill when compared to the others of Ghost_K, Laurence constantly fields a typical top of the range E-Accelerator wE (Water element) to increase his abilities. The weapon increases the controllability of the surrounding aeotons to increase both the power and durability his element.

The weapon takes the form of a fingerless glove wirelessly attached to a bulky, silvered circular wrist band. Splaying outwards, suspended via anti-grav plates are three large aeoton conductors, which change pattern depending on the type of water attack is used. On the right of his belt is also a small aeoton pooling device, which aids in the effectiveness of the weapon.


Water Elemental Power

Elementally, Laurence is not a distinctly powerful Guardian[1], particularly when compared to his peers. Despite this, compared to other water elementals, his control is very prominent and is a lethal weapon nonetheless. This is especially due to his large experience in practising and fine-tuning his ability over the years.

Normally, water guardians can alter water pressure within its boundaries of maintaining liquidated form, however Laurence's possession of an extra ice gene mutation within his DNA allows him to go beyond this barrier. It is possible for him to trap subjects and drown them in almost-solid super compressed surges of water. He also has a remarkably useful skill in flooding the foundations or hallways of buildings, forming a network structure of many veins of water, where he the solidifies it, crumbling facilities from the sheer structural tension put on them.

He can also induce precipitation at will.

1. Ghost_K Medical examination report, section 4 "Elemental stability".

Ice Elemental Power

In his youth, Laurence developed an ability to control and manipulate ice. It is unknown why this happened, but he has become relatively adept at using the power. Upon activation as a Guardian it meshed with his water elemental power in a peculiar manner, allowing him to utilise bizarre combination techniques and strategies.

Linguistic Ability

Laurence speaks English fairly well. He has shown no interest in learning another tongue. However, he does know the important phrase: "two drinks please, my friend is paying" in more than thirty different languages.


Damien Anderson

Damien was the one who recruited Laurence to the Ghost_K team, after retrieving him from Sector I. The two were not that close and shared a strictly professional relationship. However, after the Toulouse Incident, Laurence realised how terrible a man Damien really was and began to question his motives.

Kenneth Lysander

Laurence originally looked up to Kenneth as a guiding paternal figure in his life. The Guardian of Ice helped to train Laurence in the use of his powers and generally regarded him as his protege. They enjoyed an amicable relationship until Laurence's disappearance after the Palace Ambush. Laurence started to see his old mentor as a monster and Kenneth struggled to trust his protege, as he was convinced the Guardian of Water was now compromised. Despite their relationship fracturing, Laurence was remained favoured in Ken's will.

Mathieu Dalton

The Guardian of Water held Mathieu Dalton in serious contempt in his early years as a Ghost_K member. He despised the fact Mathieu refused to kill another, even if that person was inherently bad, and loathed his royal status. However, upon his return after his fifteen month absence, Laurence began to respect Mathieu's pacifist and logical nature. Mathieu became his preferred confidant, with whom he was able to discuss the moral nature of the Ghost_K team. Likewise, Mathieu took a shine to the young man and found his new sense of integrity to be quite endearing. This resulted in Laurence being the clear candidate for promotion to Deputy Commander after the death of Damien Anderson.

Annemarie Engel

In the short two years Laurence knew Annemarie, she generally mothered him and treated him as the "newbie" of the group. He was greatly shocked to learn of her death after his delayed return to the Ghost_K team.

Zalmon Dejanović

Zalmon and Laurence never really saw eye-to-eye. Zalmon typically disregarded Laurence as a weak replacement that was barely even fit to hold the mantle of Guardian of Water and the young man typically viewed the Alexi as a cruel sadist. Despite their personal qualms, the two maintained a high degree of professionalism and used their powers efficiently in conjunction with the other. His death did not come as much of a surprise to Laurence, who blamed the man's recklessness for his eventual demise.

Miki Albraun

Laurence barely knows Miki and has purposefully remained distant from her. He fears greatly for how much Damien Anderson may have brainwashed her. Meanwhile, he also maintains a suspicion that she may be a sleeper agent planted by Claude Lasi-Faité.

Alison Katsura

After a dramatic introduction that ended in him inadvertently seducing the young Guardian of Fire, she has maintained a constant fixation with Laurence. She seems determined to unravel the mysteries of his past while wishing he'd reciprocate the desires she feels unto him. Laurence typically doesn't know how to react to her obsession, but tends to indulge it for the sake of her morale. He does genuinely appear to be concerned with her well-being and regularly comforts her when she is upset or overwhelmed.

Li-Pau Nao

The Guardian of Water and Chief Information Officer have a mutual understanding as colleagues, though they greatly disagree on Damien's resolve and motive, Laurence is, overall, on good terms with the Lightning Elemental.

Eric Lysander

Laurence has liked Eric since they first met. He has always regarded him as a "little brother" and while under the wing of Kenneth Lysander, came to know his family rather well. However, after the death of Zara and the realisation of Kenneth's true nature, Laurence came to greatly fear for the young child's safety. After Kenneth's disappearance he took to consoling the young man. Eric has a habit of deferring to Laurence for advice and seeking him as a means of escaping Alison's orders, as he knows fine well the Water Elemental out-ranks his legal guardian. 

Jacinta Hansen

Laurence is relatively indifferent towards the newest addition of the Ghost_K team.

Claude Lasi-Faité

Laurence hates Claude for what he did to the Ghost_K team and possibly himself. Yet, he still believes that he did not deserve the wrath Damien Anderson so resolutely forced upon the Shadow Elemental.

Vamana Uldericks

Laurence respects the ideals of the International Worker's Union and considered joining the organisation before his enrollment into Ghost_K. The only issue he has is with Vamana himself due to his known affiliation with Claude Lasi-Faité and the part he played in orchestrating the Palace Ambush.




But this is what we have become! In order to stop Claude we've become just as bad as him...

–Laurence, objecting to the brutality of Ghost_K. (c.2116)

All I see are masks. At every turn. Every member. Liars. Traitors. Murderers. They hide their true face to avoid confronting reality

–Laurence, criticising the Ghost_K Team (c.2118)

You can't show compassion to your enemies, it encourages them. So I chose humour instead. I seem to have a penchant for punch lines whilst they're forced to pick up the pieces of their pitiful lives.

–Laurence (Post c.2120)

A very interesting thing happens to the human body when all of the water is forced out of it. It's quite a spectacular sight to behold! Care for a demonstration?

–Laurence, baiting a cornered criminal


He can be so childish sometimes. I guess Alison really is meant for him... *sigh* as cliché as that concept is.


Such promise. Such potential. May he live in interesting times; as the future sets itself in motion.

–Claude, enigmatically commenting on Laurence.

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