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Laudito Atrum Libertas






Appears 65, but much older








Sabotaging both sides of the war


The Watcher

Blessed Element:

SigilFire Fire
SigilShadow Shadow

Laudito Libertas is a powerful Shadow and Fire elemental who is considered one of the greatest threats to both human and Urcron at once. He is utterly alien, though appearing human and incapable of any forms of empathy. Notably, he holds himself to a morality scale too alien for any human to properly comprehend it. He is utterly unpredictable and will aid or hinder any side of a conflict based on how he feels.

Early Life

Laudito has no know family - his first appearance was believed to be in the USA, dragging himself out of a seemingly endless cave muttering and occasionally screaming phrases in some forgotten language. He was suffering a severe impalement wound to the chest, but bleeding black, boiling bile instead of blood.

World War III

Prior to the attack on Earth by the Urcron, Laudito masterminded a series of increasingly complicated plans which very nearly sparked an apocalyptic Third World War.

Later Life

Laudito went on to found the International Military Reserve, a non-governmental organisation officially a mercenary company but suspected of links to people smuggling, the drug trade and believed to be responsible for the deaths of many people, especially politicians, during assassinations. His motive behind that is creating a force powerful enough to let him enact a coup and create his own nation according to his ideology, one twisted and mostly incomprehensible to human thought.


Laudito is capable of many destructive attacks, but he prefers to mess with his opponents before killing them. He is powerful in both Shadow and Fire, the former allowing him to live to his age.