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Ketsueki Fukushū is a story where Drake Hollerman learns more about why he was created, with some background of his companion, Zack Bloodworth and his temporary companion Jadyn Stewardson.

Chapter 1

A man, longing for revenge, stood on the roof of a building. He watched the civilians walking by. The chill wind brushed the his hair. The man took out his harpoon gun, and fired it a building belonging to Idenshi Corporation, the cutting-edge biotech firm that had stolen the man's childhood. The speartip of the projectile flew true and hit the flank of the building, with the wire that was attached to it providing a firm means of access.

The man started walking across the wire. When he reached the other building, he entered it. He pulled out a handgun, and went further in. He found his way to a laboratory, where a five children were being made super soldiers, like him. The only exeption is that Idenshi Corp will not make the same mistakes as they did with him. They had forgotten to wipe his memory, and he remembered all the painful operations, tests and abuse he had to deal with in 10 years.

Idenshi Corp. also made him too skilled in battle, which allowed him to escape. Just when he was about to see if the children could be freed, a guard opened fire at him. The guard hit him in the stomach once, and the guard took a second of triumph. The guard's mistake was to lower his guard, and this allowed for the young man to shoot him in the head. Then he saw a tank further into the room. A tank with a nearly finished super-soldier. The boy in the tank was around 16 years old, almost 10 years younger than the man. He found the data about the boy in the tank, and he started to read. But then he noticed a security camera. He aimed for the lens, and shot. He had been seen anyways, and soldiers would be in his area in a couple of minutes anyways.

He freed the 16 year old boy, and gave him some drugs that made the boy fall asleep. The children were to far from the end of the project to be freed. They would die, and from his perspective it was better for them to live through some years of pain and be freed later than to be freed now and die. He took the boy to the roof, and he begun walking on the wire he put there earlier. Then he heard that some soldiers had reached the roof, and they were readying to fire at him. Then he did something risky: He jumped down from the wire, and the soldiers knew that they couldn't open fire since there were to many civilians down there. Instead they sent some bikers to pursue the man. He had a bike too, though. He sat himself on there and then the boy behind him. But for security he strapped the boy to him, so that he wouldn't fall of instantly. He started the motor on his bike, and he went off to his secret base.

The bikers of Idenshi Corp. cought up on him, though. The man pulled out his handgun and shot at the opposing bikers. He managed to shoot one of them in one of the eyes, and he fell and his bike crashed into a car, which belonged to some robbers. The 2 bikers that remained pulled out their guns, and managed to shoot the man in the shoulder, though he took little harm, due to being a super soldier. He shot another of the bikers in his shoulder, which made him more unbalanced. The man shot two more shots, and hit both of them in their heads. He now took a sharp turn and went into a wide alley. In the end of the alley it was a door and two windows. He parked his bike, and lifted the boy. He went opened the door and went inside. He closed the door and met a younger man.

"So what do we have here?"

"I found this kid in an Idenshi laboratory. Those fucking cocksuckers are training more monsters like me. This kid was almost finished, about the same stage as i was when i escaped."

The man put the boy on a sofa.

"So, how many times did you get hit this time?"

"Two. Those assholes are getting better at aiming than before."'

"I know. I was there yesterday, you know."

"Yeah, but still. Idenshi Corp. is getting more and more funds from the chinese government."

"Well that sucks. So, how many exept the kid did you find?"

"Five. Idenshi is mass producing mons...."

The man was cut of as the boy woke up and started asking the men questions.

"Where am i? Who are you?"

"You are somewhere safe. My name is secret, but call me Drake."

"I am Zack."

"Why did you take me here?"

"I don't want Idenshi Corp. to have super-soldiers. You were almost finished, but i am sure that you know."

"Yes, all the pain. I remember. The only thing i can't remember is my name."

"What kind of battle technique do you use?"

"What does that have to do with it?"

"So that you can get a nickname!"

"Oh. I have 3rd Kyu in Karate at the moment, as it is standard for soldiers created by Idenshi Corp."

"Striker. We wil call you Striker."


"Karate is a martial art concentrating in Striking and the use of Weaponry."

"Yes, i know. I have 3rd Kyu in Karate, as i said."

"Well, we need to find you a gun. What kind of gun do you prefer?"

"Anything from Hand guns to Automatic guns"

"Wich of them do you prefer the most?"

"I will be fine with an Auto-9 or HSR."

"You will get both. I don't use that big guns and Zack uses sniper rifles."

"Aye, i do. Other kinds of guns dosen't give anyone a fucking scratch!"

"Here is a modified HSR-3 with silencer. And here we have an Auto-9 SO."

Then a female entered the room, about 24-25 years old.

"Aye, Jade."

"Hey, Zack. Who's the kiddo?"

"He was one of the projects of Idenshi Corp. I got him out of there, though. We have given him the nickname Striker."

"Hey. I'm Jadyn, but call me Jade."


"Jade is a temporary member of our team. We have given her the offer to join permanently but..."

"But i don't think that a team of assassins is a good idea."

"I do!"

"Wait, you are ASSASSINS?!"

"Yeah, what else would we be? We have a room full with guns!"

"Good point."

Zack, while on the computer, noticed that they had gotten an e-Mail while they were talking. Zack checked the email, and it contained a mission:

"Hello, i hear that you specialize in high-effect assassination. I need you to eliminate two of the leaders of an Idenshi Corp. lab outside of New York. The first one is the C.F.O of Idenshi Corp., Hiroto Yamaguchi, and the C.I.S.O, Ichiro Himura. If you eliminate all persons in the lab you will get more payment."

"Guys, Gal, we have a mission! Some guy sent us this mission to kill Hiroto Yamaguchi and Ichiro Himura! They work for Idenshi Corp.!"

"Then let's go."

They found their guns and went to kill the Idenshi Corp. leaders.

Chapter 2

They took Drake's bike and two other bikes that they took out of some kind of garage, belonging to Zack. They rode on their motorized bikes through New York, and when they had reached the northern part of Bronx, they started searching for a door or something. After 20 minutes of looking, a person came, and Drake, Zack, Jade and Striker quickly found a place to hide. The man, not having noticed the assassins, opened a highly concealed door.

The assassins followed the person, Jadyn first, then Drake, the Striker then Zack. They followed the person to some kind of conference room, where their two targets were located. Drake and Zack went in, while Jadyn and Striker guarded the door. Just before entering, Zack and Drake turned on some kind of cloaking device, making them near-invisible. They managed to sneak in, and their targets were located in the room. Zack aimed his Sniper Rifle, and Drake stood in front of the door, making noone able to come out. Zack put on the best silencer he had, and fired at their secondary target, the C.I.S.O.

The men begun panicing, and Zack drew out a Hand Gun, equiped with a silencer. He started shooting everyone. Eventually everyone were dead, and none knew because Zack eliminated the security camera before shooting anyone. In the hallway Jadyn had eliminated two technicans, of which were on their way to check if all the aspiring Super Soldiers' tanks were intact.

"Zack, you done?"

"Yeah. Nothing like the smell of bloodbath." Zack said has he came out of the room.

"Good. We now have done our mission, but these technicans were to check on Super Soldiers. We need to free as many of them as we can."

"We must hurry. Soon people will be suspicious."

"Then let's hurry"

"You go, while i free the Super Soldiers. After all, I know what it feels like to be made into a so called 'Superhuman'."

"Wait. I am coming as well. We both know how it feels to be made to be the ultimate soldier."

Drake and Striker went for the super soldier containment area. What they didn't realize was that they didn't go unnoticed. When they reached the containment area, it was heavily guarded by their own kind. They stood no chance against the Idenshi Corp. super soldiers.

"I go in first, while you stay here until I call for you."

Drake entered the room stealthily, and managed to get behind the soldiers. He was surprised that they weren't more cautious. During his own training, he was trained to be able to see and hear, even smell, if a person is sneaking up on you. Drake pulled out his two pistols, and proceeded with putting them to the guards' heads. Now the tables had been turned. If Drake and Striker had gone on a direct assault, they would have been slaughtered. Now, they had the advantage.

"Shut up, and do as I say. You will assist me with freeing these kids, and you will like it. I know you cannot remember your training, but believe me, you were tortured. Now, pinpoint me to those who can be freed."

"None of them can be freed."

"What are you talking about? There has to be at least one of whom can be freed!"

"No. None can be freed. Idenshi Corp. began implanting something that kills them when they escape."

"Then, how is my assistant still alive?"

"What assistant?"

Drake called for Striker to reveal himself.

"He must be from one of the backwater facilities. They haven't gotten the implants yet."

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10



  • Ketsueki Fukushū's theme is Juhiro Niui.
  • Chapter 1 came 3rd in the Ultimate Contest About Mainstream Stuff. IDK why i entered, or why it came 3rd.
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