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Kenneth Lysander
Kenneth Lysander, (unknown date)
Language(s) Afrikaans
Role(s) Guardian of Ice
Aligned sector Sector VIII Lower African Zone
Nationality South African
Element SigilIce Ice
Keidis rating Kappa plus by Kappa minus (1060-1005)
Gender Male
Relatives Zara Lysander (Wife)
Eric Lysander (Son)
Born (age 48)
Died Presumed post 2120. Officially MiA
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5' 7"
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2084 - 2120
Rank Ghost_K Deputy Commander (Formerly)
Battles/wars Holy Commonwealth Palace Massacre (2116)
I used to believe in trust and honour. That was before I witnessed both violated so frequently by the people closest to me. Why would I apply them to myself if others so freely disregard them? Those words are meaningless and empty.

–Kenneth, reflecting upon his morality.

Kenneth Tyvass Lysander (Born Kenneth Klinghoffer and known to many as "Ken Lysander") was a former Guardian of Ice and member of Ghost_K born and raised in the South African Region of Sector VIII. He was discovered by Ghost_K in 2084, and was recruited to replace the previous Guardian of Ice at the young age of 11.



Kenneth's early childhood is largely unknown. His recorded history starts off with reports of him being found within the South African city-state of Pratoria when he was only 11 years old. As a child he had ended up in custody after an incident involving the projection of shards of ice over a 25m radius that lead to the injury of two children as well as the deaths of four minors and one state official.

It was found that he had been abandoned by his parents at the age of ten after they realised he possessed "sorcerous" powers when he coated their entire living domicile in ice. Following a surname change, from that point he had spent 15 months within a state orphanage. It was while interned at this orphanage that the powers fully awakened, during what was reported as a "hostile engagement precipitated by six older boys". The orphanage minder that had been killed was attempting to break up the fight when ice erupted from the humid air and skewered all those who were present.

As a minor he escaped more severe punishment and had merely been selected for hard labour, as a means of paying off his debt to society, when he was liberated by the Ghost_K team. The Praetorian authorities were markedly keen to get rid of a child who possessed such talents and allowed the Guardians to take him on the promise that they payed reparations for the damage Kenneth had caused.







Abilities and Attributes

Kenneth appeared to have possessed innately powerful elemental control over ice before he inherited the abilities of the guardian. This gift merely further enhanced this power, so much that it rivalled that of his comrade, Damien Anderson. This control over ice solidified his position as a valuable asset to the team.



Kenneth was an ambitious member of the Ghost_K team who supported his colleague's grab for power, and became established as Damien Anderson's second in command after the coup. After the death of Damien, he was due to take over the leadership of Ghost_K. However, he left the team and resigned immediately as he knew that Anderson was a required component of their master plan, and that his own goals could not be completed without his ally.

Damien Anderson

Kenneth and Damien were inseparable as allies, proving to be extremely loyal to one and other. Each did all they could in their power to further the goals of their accomplice in their attempt to extend the power of the Ghost_K team on the global stage.

Mathieu Dalton

Kenneth struck up a friendship with Mathieu when they were younger but started to drift apart after the return of Damien to the team. However, they maintained a dutiful loyalty to one and other, as Mathieu had always believed that Ken was the one who should take the reins of command if Damien could no longer continue his position. Thus he was stunned when Ken retired immediately after Damien's murder, and therefore he was left as the de facto leader of the group.

Laurence Valentine

Ken took a shine to Laurence and treated him the way he should have treated his own son, Eric Lysander, showering him with affection and praise.

Eric Lysander

Ken's estranged son, and inheritor of his power. He has not actually engaged much with his offspring, and abandoned him soon after the disappearance of his wife.

Zara Lysander

It appeared that Zara blindly loved Kenneth and that she was a dutiful wife. Yet it seemed that as Kenneth became more absorbed by work that she became distant and less caring towards him, instead focusing on raising there child. She disappeared under mysterious circumstances after being found not to be located within the family home (c.2115). Questions have been raised over her faithfulness and over the cause of her sudden vanishing.



Ever since I was cursed by these horrendous 'gifts' I have been marked as a monster. Over time I came to embrace that name, as my hands became stained with the blood of the innocent. I was never a hero. I have always been that monster.

–Kenneth, after the death of his wife

The more people you kill the less human they become. In the end I saw them as nothing more than inconvenient obstacles. Each one appearing to have been set in place with no other purpose than to hinder my goals.

–Kenneth, (c.2120)


Selfish. Arrogant. Unfeeling. Those are a few of the admirable qualities my father possessed...

Eric Lysander


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