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Kenneth Lysander
Sketch of Kenneth Lysander
Aliases Jackdaw
Language(s) English
Nationality American
Gender Male
Born c.2050
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Blonde
Height 6' 1"
I like to think of myself as a gamekeeper turned poacher.

–Kenneth Lysander

Kenneth Lysander was a lawyer who ran an extensive criminal outfit in the 2070s.


Early Life

Gutter Rats


Kenneth tries to ensure his outfits reflect the cool demeanor he wishes to exude. While on business he can be found in the finest suits, shirts and ties, the blonde adonis can afford. Casual wear is a wild range of clothes based on how the mood strikes him. Stripped shirts being a particular favorite.

Abilities and Attributes


Cool and collected, Kenneth rarely wastes his words.


Alisa Engla

After recognizing her talents as a getaway driver Kenneth arranged for her to be picked up by his contact in the police so that he could recruit her for his own outfit.

Claude Faité

Childhood friends who've been heavily involved in police corruption for the entirety of their professional careers.

Damien Anderson

After meeting in college and introducing him to his world, the two lost touch after Damien dropped out. Reunited through a manipulation of fate, wherein Damien was caught with a bag of cocaine, he was dragged right back into the world he'd tried to escape.

Matt Dalton

Identifying that he had a gift for threat analysis and invasive hacking, Matt Dalton was released from prison so that he could serve Kenneth's interests. Matt sees the relationship as strictly professional, aware that reneging on the arrangement would see him unable to keep a roof over his head.




Main Characters
Alisa Engla · Claude Faité · Damien Anderson · Kenneth Lysander · Matt Dalton
Minor Characters
Arik Travers · Mitch Ochoa

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