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Sector XI Central American Zone, known informally as Central America, is an extremely infamous sector existing between Sectors I and IX. Though constantly on the verge of collapse, there are some gems of tourism waiting to be unearthed.


  • Sector XI has the world's highest crime rate, somehow managing to exceed even the civil war-torn Japan or Lower South Africa. Any traveller should prepare accordingly. Body armour, fireproof clothing, hired guards and a private attack helicopter are a minimum safety requirement. Do not source the guards from local workers (see below).
  • Do not drink local water. The water, more accurately described as a chemical weapon, should be left alone at all times. Local bottled is passable, but bottled water sourced from Cuba or Sector IX is best. Assume every Central American you meet has been drinking the water.
  • Do not discuss politics. For any reason. Disagreeing even slightly with Toll's policy can get you labelled as a witch, a heretic, a heathen, a communist, or a porn star. All of which can (subject to change due to local laws) be punished by death. Openly supporting Admint Toll is liable to result in being laughed out of town or running from an angry mob (worst case scenario).
  • Shave all facial hair, remove all non-Hussite religious texts, and get rid of anything flammable before entering to stay safe.
  • Do not exchange currency at the airport. You will end up with a nigh-worthless stack of notes before too long, assuming you could even carry all of them around. Though illegal, most businesses are happy to take foreign (and therefore not subject to the insane inflation) currency.
  • Avoid purchasing anything sourced locally. All of it will explode. Even the relatively pure local bottled water. Try and find a shop specialising in imports.
  • Avoid the trains. Try and fly whenever possible, but avoid the rocket planes.

Get In

By Plane

Arriving in Central America by plane is fairly easy. They've long since abolished visas due to complete unenforceability, and there's an airport in every city. Be mindful that air travel is the only way to enter and leave the sector with any degree of safety. However, airport security will expect to be bribed, though they are willing to ignore every aircraft law if you have the cash. One traveller managed to bring a Soviet Union-themed gun collection onto the plane. Be warned that many air companies consider landing in Central America to be too risky.

By Car

Avoid this. The average distance across the border one gets before a carjacking or kidnapping is three hundred metres. The Central-Upper South America border is usually closed off, and every so often the North American one is too.

By Train

Avoid trains, unless you look forwards to a particularly fiery death.

By Boat

Illegal, but possible if you declare yourself to be part of the sealife. Most guards have a soft spot for seals, despite never seeing one. Don't try it in Panama though, and be warned that elsewhere piracy is rife.


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