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GHOST Universe




Ah2190, CarlosIXA, Dog of War, Khalael, Legionaire22, Lither, NecrusIV, Solomus-BlackWing, Tomj8937, Vivaporius

Running time:

June 9 2012 - Present


Art, Literature


Utopian fiction

Set in:

  • Prequel arcs: c.2091-2121
  • Main arc: 2121-2122



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K212 (stylised shortening of GHOST 2121) is a major story arc of the GHOST Series.

The largest and most fleshed out story ever seen within the GHOST universe, K212 is set during the peaceful and internationalist year of 2121 and beyond. The world encounters minor geopolitical issues, as the world is divided into an array of twelve pan-national superpowers dedicated to peace, humanitarianism and international solidarity. As a series, it is targeted towards ages six to twelve, with underlying themes of peaceful conflict resolution as well as teaching children simple lessons about international politics and the futility of violence.

The organisation known as GHOST are a peaceful fraternal organisation similar to the United Nations who resolve international issues in a humanistic manner. Though international sectors and organisations have their own interests, GHOST attempts to act as a mediator, and at times uses their powers to avert incoming humanitarian crises.

The site's current theme is designed around the K21 aesthetic.


GHOST and their world


Diagram showing the typical levels of urbanisation. Shown density is very rare and would occur only in the most densely populated of areas. Level ETA is usually sparsely unpopulated save many of the scattered Survival Colonies

Revolves around the team of GHOST (during their era where they have very limited power, often to the point where they are looked down upon as an adequate defence force). It follows them battling crime - but with every case they turn over, the world they know only gets bigger and darker... Pop art influenced, bright colours, however the story is very dark and sad. The world is dying, slowly suffocating in it's own greed.

There will be a main problem that is unfathomably huge and small details get revealed throughout while they battle small-time crime.

It is noted that during this time there are less potent elementals in the world due to the guardians not fully performing their duty, and as such the spiritual cycle is weak.

Many of the characters are mentally hurt and have suffered through very painful experiences, due to the fact that guardians are hated in society. They're usually abandoned by their parents, or the parents get killed during the child's awakening. They are aliens to most of society, and elementals are feared by many normal humans, and society goes to considerable measures to make sure they suffer and/or be killed.

On the other hand, there is a counter culture of humans in society that praise GHOST, however they are indeed shunned, and as such usually keep their following of them secret. However, they all appear to hope that one day in the near future the Guardians will rise high.

A lot of confidential information about the world is freely published by GHOST through a magazine called K21. Some see it as false propaganda, some revere it as valuable information, but most would avoid getting their hands on it to avoid being prosecuted by the government.

The inside of Ghost_K becomes somewhat of an escape to where guardians can retreat from the world, despite the fact they constantly work upon to save it.

International Conflicts

A type of injectable/inhalant drug Named Pantheon 0.3 is created by the Vallarie Administration of the Sector IV Euro Zone, claiming it merely for the purpose of maintaining peace. Pantheon 0.3 induces docility into it's users and dramatically increase their persuasiveness in the face of propaganda, as well as their mental dependence on being led by those who seem dominant. Its effects are soon realised by the rest of the warring nations.

This drug trade sparks tensions between them, and along with a unification of Africa in the name of world peace, fuelled by Ghost_K, the Second World Justice Uprising occurs.

With aid from Sector IV, the Oceanic Sector declares a full scale war against the communist lower Africa, with the hope to stimulate its own economy, and crush the weak nation to quench its desire to expand its borders.

Sector II tries eagerly to get it's hands on Pantheon 0.3, as however diplomacy failed against it's creators in Sector IV, they threaten with force. Along with already deeply-set political tensions Sector II is dragged into the war.

Things go from bad to worse. When the conflict drags out to the middle eastern colony owned by the Sector I American Zone, it seems that they too may play a hand in this war.

Is this mere chaos? Or was it planned from the very start by a chaos-thirsted mastermind?

Ending (Spoiler Alert)

We don't know.


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Main Story

Authored by NecrusIV, Khalael and Solomus-BlackWing. (Future collaborators are a large possibility.)

Antecedence Double Trilogy

Authored by Solomus-BlackWing and Tomj8937. Supporting Authors: Khalael and NecrusIV.

Artificial Elemental Trilogy

Authored by CarlosIXA.

Stand Alone Stories

Authored by Dog of War, Khalael, Legionaire22, Lither, Solomus-BlackWing, Tomj8937, and CarlosIXA

Vallarian Trilogy

Authored by Khalael and Lither

The Ortus Continuity



Alison Katsura Fire

Miki Albraun Wind

Mathieu Dalton Plant

Jacinta Hansen Earth

Eric Lysander Ice

Laurence Valentine Water

Li-Pau Nao Lightning


Vamana Uldericks

Claude Lasi-Faité

Asiduus Aeviternus

Major Influences

Antecedence Double Trilogy

  • Divine Comedy (c.1302)
  • Antony and Cleopatra (1642)
  • A Song of Ice and Fire (1996)
  • One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night (1999)
  • Monster (2004)
  • Bacanno! (2007)
  • Sulfuric Acid (2008)
  • Les Revenants (2013)

Vallarian Trilogy

See Vallarian Trilogy