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Cast (In Order of Appearance)


So... Who’s this guy?” In the back of a government truck, with very little light inside, a man sits with his head down.

He was recommended due for his Keidis Rating... But we don't have a name on him.” The truck drives through a sort of poor neighborhood, the nameless man continuing to keep his head out, but there’s no window to the outside of the truck.

So we're going to have some random guy off the streets be our equipment guy?” In a large room, several men talk to each other, each with a file in front of them. The same file of the nameless man.

“Yeah. He's an gravity Elemental and a very powerful one at that.” One of the men lean against the chair, holding a pen and clicking the button over and over.

“So why doesn't he have a name?” The man showing everyone the file on the nameless man sits up while looking at the man holding the pen.

“Well, Yihan, he has no name because he wasn't born in this sector. Hell, I think he was born on one of the islands not owned by anyone.” The man holding the pen puts it down on the table.

“And as such, we wouldn't have records of him until possibly... 2111.” The man relaxes himself.

“And you’re right. We have no records connected to him before March 2111. But it doesn't matter, as he’s going to be picked up tomorrow morning to be brought the Lab of Gravity.” Yihan and the rest look towards the man hosting the meeting.

“Now, we need to do several things to him in order to keep track of his acti-” One of the men interrupts the man.

“What if he doesn't want to do this?” The host coughs into his hand.

“Well, Wei... We’ll say we can provide him with money to keep him off the streets.” The man who asked the question remains quiet.

“Anyway, if anyone else has questions, meet me in my office. But right now, the meeting has ended.” Everyone gets up and walk to the exit.

“Director!” The man who hosted the meeting turns around, seeing one of the men.

“There’s one question I have. What are we gonna call him in reports?”

“Well, there’s been a name on my mind for a while...” The nameless man raises his head and looks at the ceiling of the truck.

I was thinking off the name... CID.

Chapter 1: Subject Gamma

The Pain...

The nameless man wakes up in a generic bed inside of an almost completely empty white room. The nameless man get up from the bed, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and white shoes. He looked around, uninterested, also seeing his clothes.

"Well... It's better than living in the streets..." He said. The nameless man started to feel a pain on the back of his right hand. He rolls up the sleeve to see a black brand on the back of his hand, in the shape of three lines with the middle one longer.

"The hell is this...?" The nameless man said, curious about it.

"It's the Trinity Brand." A voice from what could be a speaker appears, the nameless man looking up.

"It's so you can be picked up by the Lab of Gravity and be identified by them." The nameless man continues to look around.

"What is this place?" A clicking sound happens, the speaker turning on again.

"It's a cargo pickup. We knock you out, put a brand on you, and put you in there for when you're picked up." The clicking sound appears again, the speaker turning off.

"Well, on a scale of helpfulness, that rates a jack point shit..." The nameless man rolls down his sleeves and walks around, seeing nothing but the white walls, the bed, and a sheet of mirror glass in front of the bed. He walks towards the mirror, looking focusing his eyes so he can look through it. He only sees his reflection, as he walks away from the mirror.

"So, how long am I going to be here?" The man said. The clicking sound appears again, the speaker turning on.

"We were told that they were getting you in-" The person speaking suddenly shuts up, the clicking sound happening as the speaker turns off.

"Well, crap..." The man sighs as he walks towards the bed. Suddenly, the wall connected to the sheet of glass opens up, two guys in black suits walking in. One of the suited men walk up to the nameless man.

"Roll up your right sleeve." The nameless man does what the man says, rolling it up to show the Trinity Brand.

"Okay. Get up and come with us." The two suited guys and the nameless man walk out, going into a crude, black hallway. He sees more people in similar rooms that the man was just in.

"There's more people in these things?" One of the suited guys turns their head to the man.

"They're for separate things the People's Government are working on. You're like them." The man shrugs as the three continue to walk. They reach a door, one of the suited men opening and pushing it, the nameless man scratching the Trinity Brand on the back of his hand. The three walk through, entering a white, normal hallway.

"Where are we, again?" The nameless man said, one of the two turning their head to him.

"This is a hidden facility nowhere near any of the cities or countries in Sector III. It's used by the People's Government for the experimentation of things. You're here becaus-" The nameless man interrupts.

"I know, I know. They did tell me about this whole thing before they had me agree to it." The suited man turns his head back.

"Hm." They reach a door with the sign "Trinity" on it.

"Well, we're here. Bye." The suited men walk away, leaving the nameless man in front of the door.

"What?" The nameless man asked.

"We aren't with the Lab of Gravity. We're just suppose to escort you here for testing." The suited men walk away, the nameless man looking at the door.

"Well... Hope I don't die..." He opens the door, walking through, seeing a bunch of rooms with glass walls. A man in a lab coat walks over to the nameless man.

"Ah, you must be Cid." The nameless man looks confused by the name the man called him by.

"Excuse me...?" The man looks at the nameless man.

"Oh, you were told? Because you don't have a name in our system, the director assigned a name to you. That name being Cid." The nameless man shrugs at the man.

"Well, it's better than the name the guy told me I was gonna be called... Subject Gamma." The man in the lab coat turns around and walks.

"Follow me." 'Cid' goes along with it and follows him, looking around to see several machines through several of the glassed walls.

"Are those the machine before the current one?" The lab coat man turns his head to Cid.

"Yes. They were betas of the one we'll be having you test." Cid shrugs as they reach a door, the lab coated man opening it to reveal a large space, with a machine covered in black wires and metal. Cid looks at the machine with interest.

"Is this it?" Cid asked.

"Yeah, it is. Well, let's begin our first test with you." The lab coat man leaves Cid there to walk towards a door and enters through it. The lab coat man looks at Cid and the machine through a sheet of glass. There's several people with the lab coated man, two operating the machine and one with a clipboard. The lab coat man walks towards a console, picking up a microphone from it.

"Okay. This is Test Five for the Grav Mat version Eight point Three. This is our first test with Subject Gamma." Cid hears all of this outside the small room through a speaker.

"Can that mic hear me too?" Cid asked, the lab coat man looking at him.

"Yes. That room has microphones throughout it and are connected to the recording machine we're using." Cid shrugs as he looks at the machine.

"Okay. Turn on the machine." The two operating the machine press several buttons, Cid hearing a humming sound from the machine.

"Okay. Bring in the bed." The wall behind Cid opens up, two people bring in a fancy bed into the room. They put it in front of the machine and run back to the open way, the wall closing back up.

"Okay. Gamma-I mean Cid, pick up the bed." Cid shrugs, walking towards the bed and trying to pick it up with his bare hands.

"Okay, very funny, har har. Pick up the bed." Cid lets go of the bed and walks away from it. He snaps his fingers, the bed now slowly floating in the air.

"You do realize that you don't need to do the finger snapping thing, right?'" Cid looks towards the glass.

"I know, but it looks good." Cid looks back at the bed, the lab coat man sighing.

"Okay... I need you to continue holding at in mid-air for a few more minutes..." Cid listens, looking at the bed with disinterest. He looks at the machine, curious about it.

"So what do you need me for anyway? I know it's for testing, but testing what?" Cid says while looking at the machine.

"The Grav Mat will scan the energy you're using to make the bed float like that. And we'll activate it so it can replicate the same thing." Cid shrugs as he looks back at the bed, it still floating.

"Okay... You can stop now. Slowly lower the bed back down." Cid listens as he snaps his fingers, the bed slowly reaching the floor again. It lands as the two people operating the console starts pressing several buttons on the console.

"Okay, Cid? I need you to back as far away from the machine and bed as possible." Cid listens as he goes to where the wall opened up and goes against the corner.

"Starting up Grav Mat." Neon lights start coming out of the top of the machine, along with a humming sound coming from the machine.

"Okay... Raise the bed... Make sure you don't take the machine out of the safety zone..." The operators listen as the bed slowly shakes. The bed slowly floats up in between the floor and ceiling, Cid looking in amazement.

"Wow..." The machine continues with the humming sound and neon lights, with Cid looking at the bed with his arms crossed.

"Are the lights really needed?" The lab coat man sighs.

"Yes, they are needed. Those lights are the energy we're using to replicate an Elemental's abilities." Cid listens to all of this with interest.

"Okay... Everything looks okay..." The Grav Mat continues the humming sound and lights, Cid deciding to slowly walk towards the machine and bed.

"Hmmm..." Cid focuses on the machine, looking closely at it. The person with the clip board is writing notes into it, while looking at the machine lifting the bed and back to the clipboard.

"Okay, the Grav Mat is getting out of the safety zone. Slowly lower the bed and shut down the machine." The operators listen as the bed slowly returns to it's original place. The humming sound slowly stops while the neon lights slowly fade. The lab coated man opens the door and walks into the large room, looking at Cid.

"Cid, test 5 is done. We'll do..." He's handed the clipboard by the person writing into it.

"...We'll do test 6 tomorrow. For now, go to your assigned room." The lab coated man hands Cid a piece of paper, with the Trinity Brand crudely drawn on it, with the number 33 on it.

"So... I get knocked out, put in a oversized crate, get pulled out so I can lift a bed that barely weighs anything, to me, only for me to go to another room..." The lab coated man smirks.

"Yes. Now, your room is in the hallway back there." Cid looks back at the paper, remembering the brand on his hand.

"By the way, I'm Gai Qiao. Hope you enjoy yourself here."

Cid walks in the hallway, somewhat filled with people in suits, lab coats, and others, with him looking at the piece of paper. He reaches an opened door with the number 33, looking inside. He sees another generic bed, along with a nightstand, a lamp on top of the nightstand, a window letting light into the room, and a camera at the top of one of the corners.

"Well..." He walks into the room, looking at the camera.

"I can't be left alone?" A clicking sound happens.

"That's right." A female voice says, Cid sighing. The clicking sound happens again.

"For the love of Christ..." Cid slowly looks away from the camera, seeing more things in the room, like a light switch and a painting with the Trinity Brand repeated over and over, with the center bigger while the rest are only about three inches tall. To Cid, it looks like several small ants.

"Well... Is this symbolic or something?" Cid looks away from the painting, rolling up his right sleeve, looking at the brand. He looks at the brand while heading towards the bed, sitting on it.

"Well... At least I'll have money..."

In an office, Gai and a man behind a desk talk.

"So how did testing go with CID?" The man behind the desk asked.

"Well, he was following my instructions perfectly, which is more than what I can say about Subject Alpha..." The man behind the desk sighs.

"You know, I never heard what happened with Subjects Alpha and Beta. Can you tell me?" Gai breathes in, his eyes widening.

"WELL... Subject Alpha only did the lifting and didn't listen to me during any of the tests with her. During the compression test, she-" The man behind the desk interupts.

"You don't have to tell me the details..." Gai coughs into his hands.

"Anyway... Subject Beta learned about Alpha's incident and went a bit insane, getting a gun from security and shooting a few people. It took sometime before we could get more security to kill him." Gai said to the man.

"Well, I'll look at the file myself... You can go now, Qiao." Gai quickly gets up.

"Okay, bye Director."

A burning feeling goes through Cid's body, him feeling it, but not reacting to it. Cid tries to move his hand, but he suddenly feels a weight keeping him there. He feels like an anvil is connected to every part of his body. He's going through so much pain, trying to scream, but his mouth doesn't open. He tries moving his legs, but he can't feel them

The pain is so immense, but he can't get away from it. Gravity is pushing him to the ground and keeping him there. His heart is making a distorted beating sound, while he feels his bones bending and about to snap. His legs feel like they aren't there, while the bones in his hands start being crushed into dust. Suddenly, his body flies up into the sky, but for a brief second, he can open his eyes.

He sees a black, empty world, the only thing here being himself. Suddenly, he crashes into nothing, with gravity keeping him there. His rib cage is breaking and stabbing through his body, him still feeling the pain going through. He can hear it, since it's the closest thing to him. The cracking sound echoes through his mind, and he can feel it, along with his pain.

His skull suddenly breaks around into a million pieces.

A large, booming voice appears.

"Subject Gamma, it's time to wake up." Cid slowly opens his eyes, having slept on the floor. He slowly gets into a sitting position, slowly looking around. He looks at the window, light coming through, turning his head towards the camera.

"It's still day, you idiot..." A clicking sound happens.

"It's the next day. We sedated you so you can wake up now." Cid sighs and starts having his head down, holding his face. The door opens, Gai coming in.

"Get up and come with me." Cid slowly gets up while Gai closes the door and walks back to the large room. Cid looks around again, seeing that everything is where it was. He walks out the door and follows Gai into the large room, with a row of several things in front of the machine. These things raise the weight, with an empty can to an anvil.

"What the hell is this...?" Gai turns to Cid.

"Test #7, the carrying test. We're going to see the limit of this version of the Grav Mat." Gai turns around, walking into the small room, the person with the clipboard and the two operators still inside.

"So... What do I have to do?" Gai picks up the microphone and raises it to his face.

"You'll be our fire alarm. If the machine malfunctions, you'll make sure the building doesn't get compressed or something like that." Cid shrugs as he leans against the wall next to the machine.

"Okay... This is Test #7 for the Grav Mat version 8.3." Cid looks at the machine as the humming sound comes from it, the neon lights also appearing.

"Wait, we were on Test 5... What happened to Test 6?" Gai sighs.

"We did Test 6, the compression test, without you. It was done while you were sedated." Cid sighs.

In what looks like a security room, the director sits in front of a computer, watching camera footage labeled Test #16/5.3/α/2119.

"Okay, Alpha, you can step away from the machine." Gai's voice appears. A woman's voice appears too.

"Yeah right." Footsteps can be heard, with a humming sound also heard.

"Godda-" Gai speaks, but stops as a sound happens, with blood spattering all over the floor.

"Oh shit! Shut out the machine!" The humming sound stops. The footage stops as the director sighs. He picks up a file from the desk, with the words Subject α on it. He opens it up, seeing several documents, with a photo of a woman attached to it. He sees several of the sentences are covered in white-out, having been redacted by Gai.

The director skim-reads through the edited documents, page by page.

The machine is carrying the anvil, still in the safety zone from what the console is showing.

"Okay. Slowly lower the anvil down and shut down the machine." The anvil slowly falls to where it was, Cid watching from the corner.

"Okay, testing is currently over. Cid, you can walk around for the mean-time." Cid shrugs.

"Well, it beats laying in that room, knocked out by a drug..." Cid walks out of the large room, Gai getting the clipboard from the person. He looks through it, pleased with what's on it.

"Okay, get this to Processing." The person get the clipboard, walking out of the large room. Gai stands in the middle of the large room, looking at the machine. He sighs as he walks out of the room, not noticing a small piece of the machine falling off and hitting the floor, glowing with neon lights before it turns into dust.

In the security room, the director is picking up a box labeled Subject β and pulling out several files and discs, him noticing one labeled Subject β Incident and picking it up. He inserts the disc into one of the machines, him picking up a file with the β letter on the front. The screen in front of him turns on, showing several rooms, with Subject β in room 33.


A man with dark brown hair keeps his head down to the camera in his room. He's sitting on his bed, his arms and legs crossed. He appears to be holding something in his right hand. The door opens, a man in a suit coming in, with a gun holstered to his side.

"Get up, Beta. Test #7 is starting." The brown-haired man raises his head, seeing the gun. He un-crosses his legs and slowly gets up. The man in the suit turns around and heads for the door.

"I'll never..." The suited man turns his head to Beta.

"...Be like that girl!!" He raises up the hand he's holding something in. He opens it a little bit, a small piece of metal coming down from the bottom of his closed hand. He stabs the suited man in the eye before he could get his gun. He holds his face in pain, screaming intensely. Beta gets the gun off the suited man and shooting him several times. He gets some ammo off the man's corpse and rushes out the door.

He hears security guards heading his way, him raising the gun straight into the hallway the guards are coming from. He sees the guards, but shoots them before they could react to seeing him. He runs down the hallway, not noticing that one of the guards was still alive. The guard slowly pulls out his gun and aims it at Beta's head. He shoots, Beta hearing it, but as he tries to step away to the side, the bullet going through his shoulder.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" Beta stops for a second, holding his shoulder in pain. He starts running again, holding his shoulder as he runs through a hallway with windows. He aims the gun for the window, not noticing the sound of guards coming towards his direction on both sides. He shoots, the window breaking, and with him smashing the butt of the gun against the window, it breaks. Beta breathes in the outside air, the guard now appearing on both sides of the hallway.

Beta aims the gun at one and shoots, killing one, but the guards start shooting at Beta, only a few of their bullets not hitting. The hallway in Beta's location is covered in blood, Beta dropping to his knees in pain. He slowly raises the gun to one side, but one of the guards shoots at Beta's head.


The video stops, the disc automatically coming out of the machine. The director reads through Beta's file, finding out that Beta was given a mental test on Dec. 27 2120 and results said that he was mentally unstable. He reads through the documents, most of them aren't edited. He closes the file and puts it on the table, getting up from his chair. He takes α and β's file with him as he leaves the room.

Cid walks through two doors into what looks like a cafeteria area, with several people inside, some conversing with each other and some just eating and minding their own business. Cid slowly walks through the whole place, no-one giving him any attention. He overhears something from a table from the far right corner.

"...So yeah, I heard that they'll need The Lab of Gravity's rooms in order to even start the Turn A Project properly-" Cid is tapped on the shoulder by a young woman in a lab coat. He turns his head to the woman.

"Uh, do I know you?" The woman coughs into her hand first, then looks at him properly.

"I'm Lin. I've been told to answer any questions you may have. I won't answer questions, though." He recognizes the voice.

"Hey, you were that voice from earlier." Cid said.

"Well, that's my actual job here." Cid breathes in while looking around.

"Huh... So... Why do you people have so many workers? I get the guy controlling the experiment, the person taking notes on a clipboard and the two operators, but why so many people here?" Lin sighs.

"I thought you were told that the building is shared with several other projects. It'd only make sense to have just one cafeteria than one for each and every project here." Lin answered.

"Huh... Well, can you leave me alone?" Lin nods and walks away, Cid still looking around. Cid sits down at one of the empty tables. Cid rolls up his sleeves, looking at his brand. Gai sits in front of Cid with a tray filled with food.

"You may of realized, but that brand is our kind of sigil." Cid looks up to Gai, staring at him.

"Yeah... I did... But what does it mean...?" Gai picks up an apple and puts it on the table.

"Okay. We plan to make artificial Elemental users." Cid raises his left eye-brow.

"What?" Gai sees another apple in the tray and puts it on the table.

"Yeah. We make the Grav Mat work, and we'll try to shrink it in size to the point that it can be implanted into a person?" Cid looks at the apples he's taking out of the tray.

"Hm... But why?" Gai stares at Cid.

"We have people that can control flames, ice, water, plant-life, and even wind. Why shouldn't we try and replicate it so normal people can also enjoy that kind of power?" Cid keeps looking at the two apples.

"And the brand?" Cid asks.

"Our sigil for Artificial Gravity... You can shorten it to AG..." Cid sighs, while looking at one of the apples to the side.

"Huh..." Cid continues to look at the apples while Gai eats from his tray.

"Oh, you want o-" Gai is about to grab one, when Cid snaps his fingers, it floating up.

"Okay then..." The floating apple floats towards Cid's open hand. He grabs it, looking at it.

"You know, it's ironic..." Gai stops eating for a second.

"What?" Cid looks towards Gai.

"We're in a place that's building a machine that controls gravity, and this specific fruit appears in the same building?" Gai dismisss it and returns to eating, Cid taking a bite out of the apple.

Chapter 2: Neon Lights

The Light burn my eyes...

The director enters his office, carrying the files in his arm, as he puts them on his desk. He sits in his desk, looking at the files while turning on the computer on his desk. He opens a drawer in his desk and grabs the files, rolling them two together into a cylinder and stuffs it in. He sees an intercom on his desk and presses a button on it.

"Miss Lang, can you bring Gai Qiao to my office?" He pulls his finger off the button. The intercom makes a clicking sound.

"Yes sir."

Gai is in a room, talking to someone on a phone.

"Yeah, I know. Uh huh... Uh huh..." He gets a piece of paper and a pen and puts it on a flat surface. He starts writing Mobius Complex 8-53 on the paper.

"So... Am I supposed to be there at 10 AM or PM?" He stops writing for a second.

"PM? Okay." He writes down 10 PM next to the other thing he wrote.

"Okay, I'll see you there." He hangs up, putting away the phone and folding the paper into something he could fit into his pocket. He heads to the door and exits, a woman in a suit and skirt walking behind him.

"Mr. Qiao?" Gai turns his head to the woman.

"Yes?" The woman stops walking when she gets in front of him.

"Mr. Yizhu wants to speak to you." Gai turns completely to the woman.

"What for?" Gai said.

"He didn't say, but you probably should go there quickly." The woman turns around and walks away, Gai just standing there, sighing.

Cid walks around the building, with his hands in his pockets. He looks around, wondering why he can just walk around the building. The thought echoed through his mind, seeing cameras on the corners of the hallways. He starts to ignore the thought, for the next thought in his head to replace it.

"How does that machine work...?" This thought now races through his mind, with several different ideas coming into his head.

"Maybe it's electricity... No... That's stupid of me to think of that... It could be a form of material that came from space... No... Meteors that landed to Earth carried metal and crystals... It's probably a mineral from the Earth... No... That couldn't be... Could it...?" These thoughts go through his mind at the speed of light as he continues to walk through the hallways. He stops and sighs, pulling his hand out of his pocket and holding his head. He keeps walking through the hall, entering another one with a row of several windows on the right side, with several doors on the left side. He suddenly hears footsteps coming towards him, a security guard passing by Cid as he walks towards the last door, pulling out a set of keys. He cycles through the keys, picking one from the many and puts the key into the lock, twisting it horizontally, making a clicking sound.

He twists it vertically and pulls out the key, pulling the door out. There's a plate on the center of the door saying Authorized Personnel Only on it. Cid notices this as the guard goes into the door and the guard forgets to close the door, the door slowly closing. Cid walks towards the door, holding it in place.

"Well, I should at least know somethings about this place..." Cid says to himself, trying to make a reason for going into the door, which he does. He slowly closes the door, it closing silently. He looks around the place he just entered, a small little hallway that's dimly lit, with a sort of catwalk floor and white, stained walls on both sides. The guard that walked in is at the end of the hallway, Cid silently walking through the small hall. He notices a way into another hall to the right, him going against the wall and slowly walking to it.

He reaches it and pears his head out into the hall, seeing no-one. He turns his head and sees a sign saying Project Camera Feed with an arrow going into the other hall. He enters the hall, still walking with his back against the wall, stilling looking around. Cid sees a fork in the hallways, with a door in between with a plate saying Cell Room Cameras. He gets off the wall and slowly walks towards the door, putting his hand on the doorknob, twisting it and slowly pushing the door.

There's several large screens in front of Cid, with two people asleep in seats in front of the large screens. He looks at the large screen, seeing a room like his cell, even with a painting, but of an unside down A. There's a man in the corner of the room, sitting there, covering himself. The door opens out of sight as the man stops covering himself.

"Subject Zwei, it's time for our 16th test." The man who entered walks into the frame of the camera.

"No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" He starts covering himself, the man walking over to him and grabbing him by the arm.

"NO! STOP!" Cid's mouth hangs wide open, shocked. Suddenly the camera changes to another cell room, again like Cid's room, with another painting of a circle with a X in it. The room seems empty, with no-one in plain view. The door opens, a person rolling in a man in a wheelchair. There's a cloth covering his legs, the man with him looking at him.

"Do you feel fine?" The man in the wheelchair turns his head to him.

"Yes... So... Do you take the legs when you're done with them...?" The man in the wheelchair gets up, the cloth slowly falling as nothing is holding it in place. The man has robotic legs, with gears, rods, wires, and other machinery.

"You can keep them. We'll build another pair." Cid watches as he backs up against the door, quickly but silently opening the door and gets out, silently closing the door as he looks side to side, seeing no-one in the hallway. He breathes in and out while staring blankly in front of him.

"Holy shit..." He starts walking back to where he got in here, but he hears footsteps coming from where the door is. He goes against the wall and watches two guards walking by the hallway. They leave sight almost as soon as they entered sight, Cid sighing. He looks around one last time, seeing the project camera feed plate again. He looks in the direction of where the arrow says to go.

"Well... This is stupid of me..." He slowly walks to where the camera room is, looking around to see if people are there.

The director sits in his desk as Gai comes in.

"Have a seat, Qiao." Gai listens as he sits in one of the fancy chairs in the room. The director stares at Gai as he pulls out a drawer on his desk, pulling out the rolled up files of Subject α and Subject β and unrolling them. He puts them on the desk for Gai to see.

"Do you see the problem here, Qiao?" Gai gets up and looks at the files.

"These are Alpha and Beta's files... Why do you have them...?" The director gets up from the seat, still looking at Gai.

"The People's Government is coming here in a few days for an update on the status of this facility. They can not see this!" Gai stands there, confused.

"But they already know we had three subjects..." The director just stands there, stilling staring at him.

"They know that we have a subject... I had to hide the fact that this project got people killed-" Gai interupts.

"Yeah, people got killed because of the subjects. Or at least one of them." The director walks over to the door.

"We're hiding the fact that those two existed. Come with me so we can get the footage and other things out to my house." Gai looks away from the files.

"Why your house?" The director opens the door, looking outside.

"Because I had a hidden door installed into one of the walls. Only I, you, and my wife know about it." The director walks out of the room, Gai following.

Cid finds the door with the plate Project Camera Feed and puts his hand on the doorknob. He twists it and slowly pushes the door inside. He looks around inside, seeing no-one inside. He slowly closes the door and lets go of the doorknob. Like the room before, there's a large screen in front of Cid, but with smaller screen surrounding it.

Cid looks at the large screen, seeing in the up left corner, the upside down A is there. The room the camera is showing to Cid looks like the large room with the machine inside. The doors burst open. two men carrying the man who was yelling.

"LET GO OF ME!!!" The two throw him on the floor as they take out blunt objects that look like what guards have to hit people with. Right before they swing at the man, the screen changes to another large room, with a cylinder in the middle of the room, connected to a windmill. In the upper left corner of the screen, there's a three Omega symbols fused together. The cylinder starts glowing. The cylinder's contents are covered by fogged up glass.

"Starting turbines..." The fog starts clearing, the contents being of a spine and skull, with the heart, brain, and lungs connected. Cid covers his mouth as he watches this happen. He backs away from the screen and opens the door quickly, getting out.

"Shit...!" He quickly looks side to side as he runs away from the room, trying to look for the door out. He sees a door and stops in front of it, quickly opening it. He walks through, finding himself in a hallway same to what he was in before he went into the door the security guard went through. He looks around, seeing no-one around. He walks around the hall, seeing several doorways. He sees one with the plate Siwang Yizhu, Director and walks in front of it.

"Why am I doing this...?" He puts his hand on the doorknob and twists it, opening the door and walking into the Director's office. He looks around, the walls being covered in a fancy wallpaper, with several plaques and picture frames covering the wall behind the Director's desk. There's a small bar to the right of the room, with some vadka poured into a small shot-glass, with three cabinets to the left of the room. There's a rack carrying several untitled files on top of the center cabinet, Cid raising his arm to grab one of the files, but pulls away.

"No... I don't wanna see something else freaky today..." He looks away from the cabinets and looks at the desk, there's several things on it, with only a small part of it empty. He sees two files labeled Subject α and Subject β and picks them up. He opens Alpha's and reads through it, seeing a lot of it has been marked out with white-out.

"Well, someone redacted most of it..." He skim-reads through it, then pulls out the piece of paper and turns it on it's back. The text being covered on the front can be seen backwards on the back as Cid points the front at the light. He reads that Alpha was crushed to death by the Grav Mat when she walked in front of it. He puts down the paper and quickly opens Beta's file, finding out about his small rampage. He puts the files down and prepares to walk out, just as the door opens.

"Come on, let's get the fi-" The director and Gai see Cid in the room, standing over the files.

"...Fuck..." Cid says to himself.

A sound echos through the head, a humming sound coming from everywhere... It's like the sound is piercing through the skull just so it can escape...

The voice of Gai Qiao appears as Cid opens his eyes.

"You awake now?" Cid sees Gai, on the other side of a glass with wiring in it.

"What the hell...?" Cid gets up and suddenly feels some pain in his shoulders, grabbing himself by instinct.

"Did you forget what happened eariler? I wouldn't be surprised, since the guards gave you a concussion." Cid starts to remember what happened. The guards were called and restrained Cid while in the office and beat the living hell out of him while he could do nothing about it.

"Look..." Gai takes one step forward.

"Since you're kind of important to my project, I'm gonna try and be your friend." Cid lets go of his shoulders and looks at Gai.

"I'm gonna get you out of this cell if you make a deal with me, and by extension, the director. You never mention anything about seeing the files or walking into his office, you get back to your room and you get back some priviledges." Cid notices something in what Gai said.

"Some? What don't I get back?"

"You don't get back the right to roam around this complex, you can only be in your room or the lab with the Grav Mat without guards watching you, and your pay is shortened." He stands up and thinks it over.

"What's it going to be?" Cid stands there, silent as he thinks it over.

"...I'll keep my mouth shut." Gai sort of grins as he makes a hand gesture behind him. The glass suddenly opening inward.

"You'll be escorted back to your room." The door behind Gai opens, two guards walking in. Cid walks out of the glass cell, the two guards looking at him as he passes one of them, the other one going in front.

"I'll see you for the next test." Cid and the guards leave the room as Gai was talking.

Cid sits in his room, looking at that image on the wall. He just stares at it, with the camera in the room looking directly at him. He sees, the corner of his eye, the camera. He slowly gets up as he moves to the opposite side of the room, the camera adjusting so it keeps seeing him. He goes back to where he was sitting, the camera readjusting back to it's original position.

He turns his head away from it and back to the image, the three lines surrounded by, what looks like, thousands of the same thing, only smaller. The speaker on the opposite wall makes a click, a humming sound coming out of it.

"Subject Gamma, please go to the corner on your right." Cid slowly gets up and walks to the corner, leaning against the two walls.

"Subject Gamma, turn around." Cid look over to the camera as he turns himself to face the corner. The door makes a clicking sound and opens, two guards walk in.

"Come over here." Cid turns around and walks over to the guards, one of them in front and behind him at the same time.

Cid enters the testing room, the two guards closing the door on him. Cid walks to the center of the room, with the machine to his right, completely offline.

"What're we doing here?" Cid says as he looks to the mirror on the wall in front of him.

"We're doing test 8 for GravMat version 8.3, what we're calling the 'gravity reorientation test'." The voice of Gai is heard.

"Gravity reorientation?"

"Basically, we're changing the gravity so it starts going in a different direction. Just for a heads up, sit where the wall in front of the GravMat is." Cid slowly sits to the opposite wall to the machine, looking right at it. In the test center, one of the assistances, a woman in a lab coat, walks over to Gai.

"Are the cameras reinforced?" The woman says to Gai as he looks over the console in the room.

"Yeah, they're reinforced. And the GravMat is bolted to the floor, if you're wondering." The assist walks back to the corner of the small room as she looks out the window, into the testing room. Gai grabs the microphone and raises it to his lips.

"Okay... This is Test #8 for the GravMat version 8.3. We'll be testing if version 8.3 can change the net force in the testing room so normal gravity starts pushing away from the GravMat." Cid sits there as the machine is turned on, that humming noise suddenly starting.

"Well? Start the changing!" The lights appear from the machine as Cid suddenly starts floating from the wall and floor.

"What's happening, Gai?" Gai looks over the console.

"Don't worry. The room is now in a state like a vacuum, where no friction or force is present." Cid reaches the the opposite wall, now next to the machine. He puts his legs on the wall and pushes, slowly returning to the opposite wall.

"Okay, start." Cid lands on the wall as he suddenly feels gravity fighting against him. He stands up, now standing on the wall.

"Hey, Gai? What's stopping the machine from affecting the gravity of this whole building?" Cid says as he walks from wall to wall.

"Nothing except for the GravMat's limited range. Some parts of the room aren't being affected because of this, though these patches are too small to worry about." Cid looks up to the machine.

"The gravity's off." Gai raises one of his eyebrows when he hears what Cid said.

"Why's that?"

"Normal gravity should be 9.8 meters per second squared, right? From this feeling, the gravity's off by .6 meters per second squared."

"Okay then..." Gai looks over to the operators.

"We'll keep this up for four more minutes, then we end the test." The operators nod as Gai looks out the window.

Outside the facility, Yizhu is carrying the files to his car, a black luxury car that looks brand-new. He opens the trunk and puts the file in one corner, stuffing them into a small hole. He closes the trunk and moves to the driver side of the car before a ringing sound comes from his pockets. He stops to pull out a phone from his left pants pocket, raising it to his ear after pressing a green button saying SEND.


"Is this the director of the Sector III Labs?" A man with a deep voice says on the other line.

"Yes, I'm the director. Who is this?"

"We just need confirmation that the equipment from the Turn A Project is now at the Sector III Labs."

"Well, from what I know, all of the equipment is at the Labs, yes."

"Thank you for your cooperation." The speaker on the other end hangs up, Yizhu shoving the phone deep into his pocket and grabbing the door handle. He opens the door and sits down inside, closing the door.

The test has ended, the machine starting to power down. The door opens, the two guards waiting outside for Cid. He sighs, walking to the guards. As he does, a small cracking sound can be heard from the machine, but it's so small that no-one hears it.

Chapter 3: Turned To Dust


It's Cracking, in my head...

The sound is increasing in pressure... It feels like there's friction... My head is being crushed into bits the size of sand... The pain is extreme, yet... I can't do anything about it...

Cid slowly opens his eyes, feeling like someone smashed his head in with an iron pipe. He's in the bed of his room, laying on top of it as he looks directly in front of him, looking at the ceiling. He covers his temple as he flinches in pain, slowly raising himself to a sitting position.

"Damn it... Another one of these... Ugggh..." He grasps his head in pain, closing his eyes as the pain slowly becomes less excruciating. He opens his eyes and looks to his right, seeing the camera stare directly at him. The pain lessens to the point where it's just a minor headache to him, letting go of his head and dropping his arm to his side. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door before opening it entirely. A guard with a tray of food walks in and puts in on the floor, before leaving the room.

He bolts the door after closing it, Cid getting up from the bed. He walks to the tray and crouches down to inspect it. It's the equivalent of gush, colored a shade of green that makes him think that someone ate his food and vomited it back on the plate. The smell was off too, resembling what a garbage can would be like if it was stuffed to the brim with bodily fluids. Almost by instinct, he pushes it against the corner next to the door to keep it as far away from him as possible. He moves himself to the opposite corner, sitting against it and behind the bed so he could be rid of the sight of it, but the stench bothered him to the point where he stopped breathing through his nose, instead doing it through his mouth.

With the smell and the migrane, Cid curled up into a ball and grasped his temple, the pain from it remerging with full force.

Chapter 4: Aftermath


My bones are breaking...

Chapter 5: Encounter



  • The term gravity well is the name of a conceptual model of the gravitational field surrounding a body in space.
  • There's several references to the number three scattered around the story.
    • The Trinity Brand is made out of three lines.
    • The Trinity Brand has been on three people.
    • The Nameless Man's assigned name, Cid, consists of three letters.
    • The Nameless Man's original name through the starting part of the story, The Nameless Man, consists of three words.
    • CID's subject name, Gamma, is the third letter of the Greek alphabet.
    • CID's room is numbered 33.
    • CID is the third subject for The Lab of Gravity.
    • The Lab of Gravity's name consists of three words.
    • The sigil for Gravity is made of three bent lines.
    • Gai's first name consists of three letters.
    • Lin's first and last name consists of three letters.


K21 - Gravity Well · K21 - Turn A Turn · K21 - Sign of Zeta

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