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Death Grips - You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat02:59

Death Grips - You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

In the aftermath of Damien Anderson’s death, Kenneth Lysander ventures to a familiar land where questions are answered, loyalties tested and realities shattered forever.

Chapter 1 - Kenneth Lysander

It had been eight hours since I had received the phone call from the man who murdered Damien Anderson. It had been eight hours since I had abandoned my responsibilities as Deputy Commander. It had been eight hours since I had resigned myself to finding Tertiary Division.

I was exhausted.

The hot humid air did nothing to alleviate the lethargy as I was ushered out of the jetliner by an attractive stewardess. I'd have tried a smile had my face not been aching. I could feel that it wanted me to sleep. My eyes were heavy and it was a constant struggle to keep them open. It'd been about thirty hours since I'd last slept.

I stumbled, slightly dazed, into the sterile white connecting tunnel that brought me into a long corridor. I scrunched my eyes at the brightly lit white walls and set upon walking towards customs. As I pressed onward I was greeted by a refreshingly cool artificial breeze. Thank God for air conditioning.

With the customs desk visible I turned on my phone and walked towards the line that had formed. It was a tacky SyncSlate Micro picked up cheap in the off duty back in Tripoli. I only wanted it to check the news.

I was almost certain Claude would have left some kind of tip off to a local newspaper or even the law enforcement.

The device flashed up a small stylised hawk with the symbols LMG3019 underneath it. I waited a good thirty seconds before the homepage appeared. I opened the browser and searched the name "Damien Anderson". My first result was his registered bounty of one million euros offered by the commonwealth. I scanned downwards, past his wiki entry and a CIA profile but couldn't find anything of note. I tried the news section and couldn't find anything beyond sensationalist tabloid nonsense.

European Authorities Bust Damien Anderson's Elemental Trafficking Ring

Photographs Of Damien Anderson And Restored White Armies Colonel Come To Light

Calls For Tunisian Government To Step Up Hunt For Damien Anderson

Damien Anderson Linked To Admint Toll Helicopter Explosion

I kept searching and couldn't find any reports about his death. Odd. I was almost certain Claude would have wanted to make Damien's demise known to the world as soon as possible. It had been mere minutes since news of the Palace Massacre reached mainstream media and the world turned against us.

My train of thought was broken as I jolted back into reality. A steward had tapped me on the shoulder and I realised the queue had moved forwards quite significantly since I'd started fiddling with my phone

"Everything okay there, sir?" he asked. Accent heavy.

"Yes, sorry, just checking some emails," I replied.

"Could you please move along, sir," the man said, gesturing towards the customs desk. He sounded annoyed.

I walked forwards, checking behind me to see the steward return to his post. in doing so, I accidentally walked into the man standing in front of me and he started muttering in some other language. I looked forwards again and there were about four people ahead of me waiting to be processed. The disgruntled man included.

I pocketed the phone and brought out my counterfeit passport.

I checked over the credentials.

Surname/Nom: COWDEN
Given names/Prénoms: JULIAN RILEY
Nationality/Nationalité: TUNISIAN CITIZEN
Date of birth/Date de naissance: 15 JAN/JAN 74
Sex/Sexe: M
Place of birth/Lieu de naissance: TUNIS
Date of issue/Date de délivrance: 27 FEB/FEV 16
Authority/Autorité: DRA
Date of expiry/Date d'expiration: 27 FEB/FEV 21

It was one of the passports to have been made up after the failed assassination of Claude Lasi-Faité. I remembered that Damien was planning for us to scrap everything and go into hiding at the time. I never thought I'd ever need to make use of this particular identity. I stared intently at the accompanying photograph. That of a bald man with a face not to dissimilar to my own. I had already shaved my head to emulate the appearance. Had I chosen to travel with my iconic blonde mop and glasses it would have been fairly obvious that I was Kenneth Lysander. With a shaven head and blue contact lenses I looked like a skinhead. All I was missing was the swastika tattoo.

I shuffled forwards as I noticed I was standing by the customs desk. I handed my passport and visa over to a young woman dressed in a sharp black suit. She examined the documents and scanned them before asking me some routine questions.

"What is the purpose of your trip?"


"How long do you intend to stay?"

"Five days."

She checked my visa as I said that.

"What is your occupation?"


"Do you have anything to declare?"


She looked me over and handed back the documents.

"Enjoy your stay, sir."

Chapter 2 - Alison Katsura

Chapter 3 - Ries Meissner

Chapter 4 - Amala Pillai

Chapter 5 - Kenneth Lysander

Chapter 6 - Alison Katsura

Chapter 7 - Ries Meissner

Chapter 8 - Amala Pillai

Chapter 9 - Kenneth Lysander

Chapter 10 - Alison Katsura

Chapter 11 - Ries Meissner

Chapter 12 - Amala Pillai


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