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Aces High are a series of short stories telling more of the history behind Asiduus Aeviternus, explains the funding behind Event Horizon, and shows us the true motives of our shadowy CEO.

Part 1 - Jack of Diamonds



´´We have known each other for nearly a lifetime, yet i know nothing of you, my friend´´

The old man moved his ebony knight up on the table, adding protection to his center pawn

´´Why don't you tell me something of your history?´´

The other player put his glass down, taking in the board.

´´Well, there is so much to tell. I have lived a long time, as you know. But i can go back far, very far. To the year 1943, to be exact´´

With that, the man told a bold story.

Italy. 11th July 1943. Invasion of Sicily

Gunshots whistled through the air. Another man beside him fell down, his torso riddled with holes. The small trench they lay in was barely enough to provide cover from the machine gun emplacements. The 90mm Breda cannon made it impossible to advance with tanks, and it was up to the Allied infantry to take care of them.

He reloaded his Enfield fluently. Fear was not a sensation known to him anymore. He ripped his head up and fired. He pulled down before he could see if he downed a foe as machine gun fire started patterning the trenches edge. He crawled down the left. He heard another cry that stood out from the others. Then, a grenade fell down in front of him. He didn't even have time to think before it blew up.

Nothing happened. He was not affected by the blast or the shrapnel. He saw the wall of fire flowing at him, and suddenly it was gone. He fell back, bracing himself against the wall. Across the edge came an Italian armed with a combat knife. As the Italian turned, he fumbled with his own knife, and managed to get it up in time to avoid the thrust of his opponent. Still alittle shellshocked, he was still a master of all close combat weapons available to him. Deflecting another thrust with his arm, he slashed his jagged bayonette across the grenadier's throat. Pulling out his pistol, he turned in time to be hit by a bullet in the leg. Collapsing, the new opponent advanced to get a clearer shot. Picking up his dead comrades submachine gun, he fell onto his back and opened fire upon the foe. As the italian fell down dead, he started to black out.


´´And then i awoke in a military hospital, learning we managed to break through with fighter-bomber help´´

He moved his Bishop up, placing his opponent in check

´´My my. You were alive even during World War Two. I am not even surprised at this point, actually´´

The old man moved his rook up, blocking the Bishops attack range and threatening his Knight. As the other man moved his pawn forward, finally reaching the final square and trading it for a Queen, he told him

´´I have lived far longer than that´´

Greece. 12th April 1204. The Siege of Constantinople

Sir Jeoffery DeMandra stood on the deck of the ship, watching as his men scaled the walls. Many fell to their watery deaths. When they had cleared it, he would go up and show them how a true noble fights. He can't risk his life to such an inglorious death as to fall into the water.

His squire stood next to him, sharpening his sword. He decided that he had better things to do than to stand and wait for his servants to clear him a safe path. Entering his own room, he took off his surcoat and threw his chainmail on the floor, knowing his servants would be quick to clean up any stain. He laid on the bed and closed his eyes, imagining how the Venetian Doge would honour him by giving him Constantinople, and how he would, eventually, stride into the open arms of The Lord for his holy deeds.

He awoke from his dreamless slumber when his squire came in, decreeing that it was now time for him to go onto the wall and stride into the street. After his squire put on the chainmail and surcoat displaying the sign of the cross and his own family mark, he climbed up the rope.

Reaching his destination, he picked up a battle-axe and chopped off a dead Byzantine's head, and proceeded to draw the stump over his sword to bloody it. Walking over to the edge, he saw the many soldiers beneath him look up at him, and triumphantly he raised both the sword and the head for all to see.

He basked in their adoration. He loved it.


´´It was different times, those days. When i noticed that no death could claim me, i turned to the seeking of knowledge, for what could i do with my unlimited youth other than birth bastards, study and battle?´´

The man moved his Rook, intent on ending this game, and allowing his opponent to utilize an obvious check mate

´´You have been a good friend to me, Russel. I believe it's time i let you go, and call my family here´´

Later, he stood there, next to the mans wife, who was crying her heart out against his shoulder. When all had gone, he remained standing there, looking at the gravestone


Jonathan Reighley

1942 - 2012

A good friend and father

Who cared as much for others as himself

May you sleep with angel song now

He picked up the paper from his pocket. The large sum of money left to him, as well as all other things given, stood clearly written, and would now only have to be left at the lawyer for him to claim it.

´´A worthy investment of my time´´

Part 2 - Queen of Hearts


The Game

Five men were seated around the table. Some old, some young. One of them seemed to be around his twenties, thirties at the most, but still he had inlays of silver in his dark brown hair. The talking was insistant, but the head man was not listening fully. In his ear and on his eye, he had small devices. A communicator and a lens merged with all the security cameras in the house.

He raised, listening intently and sub-vocalising commands into a small ring on his finger.

Level 5

The camoflagued team moved swiftly, the advanced suits shifting constantly to merge with the background. It would not stop them from being seen, but an unfocused foe would take precious seconds to notice them. So far they had found nothing. No guard, no personel, nothing. They now stood ready to move up the stair to level 4, not knowing what awaited. Checking their weapons, Johannes moved up, ready to breach the door.

The Game

Looking at his cards, he could see he was going to loose this round. What he found more interresting was the squad of camoflagued soldiers moving around a few levels under his feet. He ordered something into his ring, then continued his bluffing streak with his Seven of Spades and Two of Heart.

Level 4

As the door opened, Johannes was blown backwards, his plasticrete shield blasted asunder and his body ripped apart. Jumping into cover, another squad member, Willhelmersen, was hit in the foot. Squad Leader March couldn't help but think of the irony of him being hit like his so belowed Achilles had been. A lumbering Automaton emerged into the opening, a large-caliber machine gun spinning on the left side and a laser marked rocket launcher on the right.

As it opened fire on the squads position, March ordered their support up. The latest in anti-armor technology, the M45 Spatha launcher was small enough to be kept in a pocket when folded. Unfolding it, March dove around the corner and fired the two rockets loaded into the machine. Its power core destroyed, they made to continue upwards. Squad Leader March felt something was wrong. Suddenly, the automaton exploded violently, catching two of his men in the blast. One was blown into a red mist by the bomb, the other was far away enough to only be hurled into the wall with minor shrapnel damage to the face.

++They know we are here. No use for these camoflague suits++

Moving on, they continued to find nothing in the few rooms on level 4. Reaching the stair, they were much more careful about opening it now.

The Game

Taking a sip from his beer, he continued to watch the squad advance while still maintaining the charade of playing a friendly game of Texas Hold'Em with some corporate rivals. They would find what they wanted on level 3. He had planted that information there. It would never leave the building anyway.

Level 3

The squad moved up, now reduced to three active members and two left with the medic on level 4. There was no rooms here, only one large computer central. If anywhere, here was one of their safest bets.

++Squad, move up, see what you can find on these computers++

Moving to cover the door, his two squad members proceeded to check up on the computers. After a while, Ravedin called out

++Sir, here. We know what he's trying to do now++

Looking at the multi-screen, he froze when he understood.


The Game

Asiduus smiled, and rose from his seat. Walking towards the exit, his fellow playmates looking at him in surprise, he turned and did a theatric bow.

´´Gentlemen. It was an honour playing with you, but i am afraid i must take my leave´´

Activating his communicator, he contacted his personal VI

´´Marianna. Commence with the Oxyhydroignition purge´´

With that, he left the room, taking the path to his hovercraft as he heard his guests now bang at the closed door.

Level 3

He didn't manage to finish his thought. The whole room exploded outward, and he was flung away from the computer. Crashing through the window, he held on to the multi-screen, he fell several meters down.

He landed in water. Floating up, he quickly dragged himself to shore, his whole body aching. Looking at the screen, he could clearly see the text, and he was relieved it had survived contact with the water.

He activated the beacon which would bring in the Destroyer ship to pick him up. He heard steps behind him.

He rose up and turned in time to be shot by a man in a suit with brown-grey hair.

The SSC Ravager

They had found the info at the beach. Nothing else had been found. Opening the file on the computer, they read it through several times before finally accepting it

´´He wants to terraform Mars...and restart humanity's history?

´´Why would he want that?´´

´´I...i don't know, but we have to sto--´´

He was cut off as warning klaxons started sounding throughout the ship.

´´SIR! All explosive ordanance aboard...its armed!´´

´´Where is it aimed?!´´ He was still chocked at the statement.

´´'s gonna go!´´

That was the last thing heard as the Secret Sector Control Destoryer Ravager blew up, causing massive tidal waves to flood towards the outer islands of Sector XII.


As Asiduus Aeviternus rode in his hovercar, he heard the large boom go off in the distance.

´´I must say, these sleeper agents sure are...´´ He chuckled as he realized he was about to use his "Catchphrase" once again

´´A worthy investment´´

Part 3 - King of Spades

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