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Physical violence aside, it's the media wars which are mercilessly brutal. All the government does is lie lie lie, which makes decent sales of our articles almost a pathetic shame. As such, we evolve, attacking more brutally to get the people's attention, and naturally, the opposition retaliates. At the rate we're going, I doubt if K21 will even last for the next few editions to be honest.


K21 is the magazine published by Ghost_K, particularly by Mathieu and Laurence, which releases lot of confidential information about the world events, which is released freely to the public via illegal markets.

Due to security, no photos of the members of Ghost_K, or the location of their whereabouts are actually published, however there are personal insights of certain members in the occasional issue, as well as controlling elemental power safely, how to survive on the surface world, and etc.

Some people see it as false propaganda, some revere it as valuable information, but most would avoid getting their hands on it to avoid being prosecuted by the government.

Any copies found are immediately confiscated and destroyed by the government and anti-ghost_K corporations.


Issue 27 of K21 detailing the world justice war.