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Jordan Hansen
Jordan's SC Identification portrait, in his pilot uniform.
Language(s) English
Role(s) Director of Internationalism
Dachshund Interceptor Pilot
Aligned sector XII
Nationality New Zealander
Element SigilFire Fire
Keidis rating Alpha minus by Alpha minus(100-120)
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Atheist
Relatives Natalie Hansen (Wife), Jacinta Hansen (Daughter)
Born Unknown (46)
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Black
Height 6'
Military Service
Service Branch Vallarie Administration
Years of Service 2104 - 2121
Rank Squad Sergeant (Official Records)

I came to loathe failure of losing against the world. If you can't change the world to suit your own liking, then join the winning side and see it through theirs.


Jordan Hansen is the father of Jacinta Hansen. While Natalie was the figure of unconditional love in the family, Jordan was remembered as being stern and rational, however within reason. Jordan fought valiantly as a Vallarian Mk.III Dachshund pilot with the during the dying embers of the World Justice Uprising, as part of his deep cover as Director of Internationalism. He felt sorely dejected after he failed to fully complete his mission of safeguarding the Survival Colony he had been assigned to by the Vallarie Administration.

Jordan's whereabouts, along with his wife's are unknown, and since losing contact with their daughter have never been heard from again. This event is a source of great pain to Jacinta, to the point where she refuses to live a normal life until she can find them alive.


Whilst tending to keep quiet about the matters, Jordan is extremely critical of elementals due to his treatment by the Oceanic Zone as a military-minded individual born without any such abilities. It was this despondency that lead him to join a higher cause, working for a man who appreciated his abilities beyond elemental talents.

He is always full of assumptions about other Sectors and their inhabitants, as well as loathing Guardians and Ghost_K heavily. It was most notably his his views against Ghost_K which he kept to himself, especially when he met his future wife Natalie, a strong believer in them and their goals.

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