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Jonathan with his trusted Beretta 1845 and a Shuriken

Jonathan Jeffrey Hollerman III


Mercenary, Contract Assassin




Unknown, believed to be 25-27


English, German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin (Chinese),Hindi (Indian), Japanese


None, Formerly American




Last seen in Longyearbyen


Amazing Gunner, Stealthy, Practices a new kind of Martial art, Powerful enough to shoot bolts of Fire and Shadow


Fire Elemental, Shadow Elemental


Drake, John, Jeff

Jonathan Jefferey Hollerman III(A.K.A Drake) is a Male American, born in Denver, Colorado. He used to be a project sponsored by the Chinese Government, wich made Jonathan a Super Soldier.


Jonathan J. Hollerman III was born in South Park, Colorado. He lived there for 4 years, before he was abducted by an unknown Corporation and Chinese Elites. He was taken to a secret research facility in Kunlun Shan, where he was genetically modified to become a super soldier. He was able to get shot multible times and he had superior strength and aiming ability. He was put through many tests, and when he was finished, he managed to escape. He went to Japan and recieved advanced Ninjutsu training, reaching 1st Kyu at age 17, and 1st Dan at age 20. He didn't train more after that. He moved back to U.S.A, and he worked for the Mafia as a contract Assassin. He eventually got recruited by the American Military, despite his many crimes. He became a member of a Spec Ops squad, consisting of Clyde Tuft, Jaxon Wendell Wilcox, Cody Christopherson, Zackary Bloodworth, Davin Traviss and Walker Cantrell, all of wich, ironically, were of British heritage. Their squad was called SO Squad 501, and was one of the best Spec Ops squads in all of the American military. He quickly became the best to use a machine guns, and he was the most tactically adaptable. Not too surprising due to his training in China. He was never restricted to guns, no. He utilized Shurikens, Katanas and Kunai blades. He also knew a new type of Martial Arts, made by the Chinese Government, of which was a combination of many ancient Asian ways of battle, most notably Karate, Kung-Fu and Tae-Kwon-Doo. In addition, he learned Ninjutsu during the early stages of becoming a super-soldier. After 2 years of service, he was assigned Black Ops. missions. He was very pleased with his newly aquired status.

Relationship with the Ghost_K

Alex Rokard

Nathan Sheppard

Jack Miles

Breanna Carter

Mac Fox

Lilly Ashton

Valdemar Nansen


  • Jeff's theme song is Linkin Park - With You
  • Jeff was originally created in Thing Thing Arena 3 under the name The Citizen, wich later got changed to Drake.

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