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Jon-Tai Nao
Language(s) Chinese, English, Japanese
Role(s) Sector III PDC Leader
Aligned sector III
Nationality Chinese
Element SigilPlasma Plasma
Keidis rating Zeta minus by epsilon minus (640-520)
Gender Male
Relatives Meili-Kei Nao (Wife)
Li-Pau Nao (son)
Born Unknown
Died 2116 (age 43)
Physical Description
Skin colour Asiatic
Hair colour Dark brown
Height 5'8"
Military Service
Service Branch Sector III PDC Japanese Division
Rank PDC General
Commands Sector III PDC Japanese Division

Jon-Tai Nao was the father of Li-Pau Nao. He spent the better part of his life as a security officer for Sector III. He was known to have the elemental gift in plasma, making himself extremely dangerous to his enemies, while extremely useful to his superiors. He married Meili-Kei Nao, who ironically was a wanted criminal that he had been chasing for the better part of two years. He met his end at the Restored White Armies, an organization he had been fighting against for many years.


Early Life

Not much is known about Jon's early life. What is known is that at the age of seventeen Jon was abandoned by his parents as soon as they discovered his gift with the plasma element. After this, Jon-Tai joined the security office in Sector III, believing he should put his talents to use for the good of his people.

Officer Life

For six years, Jon rose through the ranks of Sector III security, he proved to his superiors how useful he could be with his elemental abilities, and was soon considered an officer. After which, for the next two years Jon spent his time tracking a criminal that somehow always alluded his grasp. One fateful day, he finally caught his prey, only to fall in love with her. They soon married and Nao was forced to retire to hide his wife’s identity. Six months after marriage, the two gave birth to their one and only child; Li-Pau Nao. While the family lived happily for eight years, Jon was soon forced to abandon this life as he was conscripted back into the service of the People's Defence Corps as a military tactician. Due to the heavy losses of officers to RWA insurgents, Jon-Tai quickly rose through the ranks as a result of countless battlefield promotions. Eventually he would end up installed as General Jon-Tai Nao, Commander of Tokyo Operations. Under his command, the PDC kept the strategically important city for close on eighteen months without the RWA managing to gain any kind of foothold.


While the details of Jon-Tai’s death are sketchy, the PDC High Command believe that he was murdered by RWA agents due to his military successes over the insurgent forces. In the aftermath of his death, the Tokyo Massacre of Sector III occurred as the newly appointed General Majis proved to be an incompetent leader who was later discovered to be leaking information to the RWA. The exact circumstances of Jon-Tai's murder remain unknown to this day, as while his body (alongside that of his wife's) was found in the wreckage of a crashed vehicle, His injuries corelate more closely with wound sustained from an explosion.


Jon-Tai was of decent height for his age. He had dark brown hair and dark green eyes. He was usually seen in his security officer uniform, with the rank of officer marked on his left arm.

Abilities and Attributes

Plasma Element

Jon-Tai was capable at using his elemental abilities in plasma. Having a Keidis Rating of Zeta minus by epsilon minus (640-520). It was also known that Jon-Tai was able to master his element at a later age, presumably in his late thirties. Because of this, Jon-Tai was able to disintegrate targets to ashes in a matter of seconds, to warding himself with a cloak of plasma energy. Despite his obvious skill, Nao would only use his elemental ability when he deemed it absolutely necessary.


Jon-Tai was a man of many morals. Believing it to be unjust and wrong to punish the innocent. Perhaps this personality developed due to his parents abandoning him when his elemental ability awoke, even though Sector III is perfectly fine with individuals who have control over a single element.




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