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Jack White
Aliases Stripes,
Language(s) English, French
Role(s) Vigilante
Nationality France
Element SigilFire Fire
Keidis rating Delta minus by Gamma plus (443 - 394)
Gender Male
Relatives N/A
Born 2084 (37)
Died N/A
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Brown (dyed blue)
Height 6'

I just knew he'd turn on us if you kept taking his tip offs. You get nothing for free in this city, and now, because of your stupidity, there's a good chance William's dead! You stupid little cunt.

–Jack White, to Andrew Sol.

Jack White is an amoral leader of a vigilante gang in France, hunting the less savory members of society. He is also a user of the blessed element of Fire and one of the characters in K21 - Bitter Reality.

Character History:

While Not much is known, what is known is that by 21, Jack White was a thief and heavy drug user, taking what he could to afford his habit. Originally it was only marijuana, however as time went on and he was exposed to other drugs, he began to take the stronger narcotics, and being forced to take drastic measures to buy his fix.

By the age of 27 he began he reached the height of his desperation, mugging and killing men from the alleyways to get his drugs. Eventually he was caught by the police, and incarcerated. During his time in prison, be started to sober up for the first time in 4 years. Wracked with pain as the heavy narcotics left his system, his fire talents manifested in an apocalyptic fashion, setting the place to the torch.

Escaping with his life, he became a vigilante and began training to refine his talents with his power. Eventually others began to gravitate towards his goals, and he now run the gang that has become unofficially known as "the hunt".


Jack is a very tall, with a shock of bright blue hair, often sown through with little charms, thin lips and a scar running down his chin and to his throat. His arms are heavily muscular. He often wears dark blue chinos and brown trainers. He rarely wears a shirt, instead opting for heavy bandages across his chest and his arms, though he is known to garb himself in a black slick raincoat in poorer weather conditions.

Abilities and Attributes:

Fire Elemental Power:

Through constant practice, Jack has developed an extremely precise use with his power. With a Keidis Rating of Delta (443)/gamma(394). Despite his impressive power, he prefers to use his combat knife to dispatch his foes, using his Fire power to burn out locks and torch the buildings of criminals.

Other Talents:

In an attempt to keep control of his own group, Jack has developed great upper body strength. Additionally, he has also developed proficiency with bladed weapons and (though he doesn't like to use them) precise accuracy with guns.


Jack White is amoral, compassionless and bitter, even towards members of his own group. He rules the gang with an Iron fist, and detests insubordination, once even going as far as to murder one of his own group who he saw as trying to take the group away from him. Due to this, he has become dementedly paranoid towards everybody.


Andrew Sol:

Due to a misunderstanding when he first arrived at their primary meetings place, The relationship between Jack and Andrew have always been bad. When compounded with the amount of times Andrew has screwed up (Killing Henri Vaurien, leaving the gangs' unconscious bodies in the marketplace to hunt Li-pau (a confrontation he lost, allowing lipau to escape) being his primary irritations), its easy to see why Jack feels frustration towards Andrew. Andrew saw him as virtuous at first, looking up to him, but after a while he became disillusioned with Jack and realized he was as corrupt as everyone else.

Florentine Faible:

Flow's constant bickering and lack of seriousness has irritated Jack no end, and nobody (especially Danielle) understands why Jack puts up with him. Including Jack, a lot of the time. However Florentine genuinely means well and just wants to be on every bodies good books. As such, he is loyal to all of Jack's orders.

William McNeil:

Acting as his second in command, Jack treats William as his younger brother a lot of the time, often sending him off as de-facto leader when the group has to split into 2 smaller sections. However William himself is trying to orchestrate a coup from Jack and rule the group for his own ends. The only reason Jack hasn't realized is because he is so paranoid about everybody else he neglects to suspect William.

Amy Young:

An ex-prostitute that Jack took from her old life, Amy took to the vigilante lifestyle with gusto. She looks up to Jack like the father she always wanted, and likewise he constantly looks out for her, once severely injuring another gang member who made a pass as her. Despite her closeness to Jack, he has explicitly stated that she has no interest in him sexually, presumably to his dismay.

Matt Chant:

Matt and Jack don't really talk, and there is little reason for them to do so. Jack can't tell if Matt is is truly introverted or just too busy listening to his headphones to care about other conversations. But then he doesn't really care, just so long as he keeps doing his job.

Danielle Lloyd:

Danielle is brash, angry, impulsive, impatient and constantly bad mouths other members, much to Jack's irritation. The only reason he allows Danielle to be part of the group at all is mainly out of sympathy: she lost the use of both her legs through an accident he caused (though none of the group, including Danielle herself, knows this).



Ok, Danni, stay here and guard the door. Amy and Kid, come with me, were going in the front, and Matt, Flow and Will, go to the front entrance and kill any trying to escape through there. Go.

–Jack giving orders to the group moments before storming a drug den.


Amoral, compassionless, violent, remorseless. The Perfect team leader for us, wouldn't you agree?

–Florentine about Jack White.


  • His name was taken from Jack White, lead singer of the band White Stripes
  • His nickname is supposed to be both a link to a drug he used to take (designed to look like a peppermint) and a homage to his namesakes band, The White Stripes.

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