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Jack Miles
Jack, as he appears today


Guardiun of Air





Blessed Element:


Other skills:

Besides swordsmanship, apparently he is so good at electronics it is considered "unhealthy".


UEC (Irish)

Blood Type




Life getting tough? that just means god is afraid of your progress.


Bite of MORE than you can chew. And then chew it!


Jack Sean Miles is one of the legendary guardiuns of Ghost_k, the spiritual decendant of Ash Bladestorm. After the arrival of Lilly, Jack finds himself caught between a maelstrom of chaos and unpredictable events within Ghost_K, becoming the link between two sides of a conflict, and immediately tries his best to keep the survival of humanity certain. But the job was never to come easily...



Jack was born in Doolin, Ireland. He grew up in a single parent, lower-class family always amongst rudimentary electronics, under the supervision of his uncle, who was a mechanic and electrician. He learned to strive for himself and to be independent from a very young age, as he spent many nights alone while his uncle worked hard just to earn a basic living. It was during those many lonely nights where he taught himself the basics of electronics and circuitry, using any wires and cast off machines he could find. His concept of death and suffering is also very personal, his parents (his mother was pregant at the time) were murdered during a home invasion when he was only 8, the memory of his father beating back the hooded thugs over his mother's severed body, while he cowered under his bed was burned into the back of his memories.

Now he fully understands to concept of loss and murder, and feels a pain caused by the urcron that is unique to that of ghost_k, with the exception of Lilly and Valdemar.


Jack is a very thoughtful, considerate and social individual. He has a rather harsh sense of humor, often making simple mockery of people, such as Lilly in Issue one of the manga, but this is more a form of "tough love" rather than that of bullying. As time progresses throughout the series his tendency to be very caring grows, turning out to be one of the most considerate members of Ghost_K.

Aspects as per the free Jung Personality test

Personality Type: ESFJ

does not like being alone, thinks life has purpose/meaning, organized, values organized religion, outgoing, social, does not like strange people/things - likely intolerant of differences, open, easy to read, dislikes science fiction, values relationships and families over intellectual pursuits, group oriented, follows the rules, affectionate, planner, regular, orderly, clean, finisher, religious, consults others before acting, content, positive, loves getting massages, complimentary, dutiful, loving, considerate, altruistic

Interests and tastes

  • His favourite music is Hip-hop and certain types of rap ("good rap" he calls it, with no techno or electronic influence. (e.g. Such as the style used by the Hilltop Hoods, Eminem, and such). His taste in rap/hip hop is to deep and emotional meanings rather than just hate rants, which in his opinion is a disgrace to the genre.
  • He wears tracksuits and sometimes cargo pants, as well as scarves, parkas and such. He also wears some kind of shoes that resemble skate shoes of the 2000's
  • In his pastimes he likes to tend to his vast collection of swords, work on a variety of machinery in his workshop, or simply fly - sometimes enjoying the sunset atop a tall sky scraper, escaping the stress of everyday life with solitude and peace.
  • He is usually bald, that he can feel the air better. Sometimes clean shaven or with a beard (usually only covering his chin), but sometimes he tends to grow his hair to a close-shaven military like crew cut.

    Jack, when he was younger


Theme song

Hilltop Hoods - Shredding The Balloon04:46

Hilltop Hoods - Shredding The Balloon

Shredding the Balloon by Hilltop Hoods. A song about time and experiences, also sung in the exact style of music that Jack enjoys.


Run fast, keep a level head at all times, and focus on nothing but your goal. A single weak link in the chain is all that is needed for everything to fall apart


The wind told me that.

–A common joke used by Jack (though often ironically true)

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