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Jacinta Hansen
Language(s) English, Arabic
Role(s) Guardian of Earth, Drug trafficker (former)
Aligned sector VII (Previously XII)
Nationality New Zealand
Element SigilEarth Earth
Keidis rating Eta plus by Gamma minus (770-249)
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Ashurism
Relatives Natalie Hansen (Mother), Jordan Hansen (Father)
Born 29th March 2101 (Age 18)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Brown (dyed)
Height 5' 6" 1/2 (157.48cm)
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2121-present
Battles/wars Ghost_K Retaking of Elder Sanctuary (not officially credited)

Jacinta Natalie Hansen is the currently serving Guardian of Earth and newest member of Ghost_K, an inheritance triggered by the sudden death of her renowned predecessor Damien Anderson. She is currently being pressed into service despite her very, extremely, preposterously young age of nineteen.


Jacinta was born in the Auckland metropolis of New Zealand, Sector XIII. She had a privileged, stable and uneventful childhood as a full Australian citizen before she became involved with drugs.

K21 Squared


Jacinta is generally an outgoing person, keen to spend time with others and meet new people.


Jacinta has fully crimson-dyed shoulder-length hair with a cut fringe, and deep blue eyes. She puts little effort into what she wears, often improvising her attire with little thought beyond practicality.


Linguistic Ability

Jacinta is fluent solely in English. As expected by her peers, she will soon begin to be taught other languages, - especially Arabic - however she doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the subject.

Earth elemental power

I cannot help but feel that this girl's potential is nothing but a ticking time bomb with a set countdown that had already passed halfway long before we even managed to locate her. With her in the picture, the future is looking very unclear.

Mathieu Dalton, Episode 4

Jacinta has an extremely powerful, however mostly uncontrollable elemental potential, something that becoming a cataclysmic force to be feared as she slowly does learns to control it. She can direct earth and rock to levitate, which includes concrete and non-magnetic metals such as aluminium, copper, chromium, sodium, tin, magnesium, and lead (any other metals will have to be partially fused with other rocks to be properly manipulated) The rock she levitates can be split and melded together again into the amounts she desires, a useful feature of with is breaking rocks into hundreds of bullet-sized pieces and launched at enemies. She can direct rock substances to speeds up to 1,400 meters per second, with faster times being achieved by smaller particles. The largest rocks can be moved at around 10m per second, however their momentous mass does considerable damage.

Once she gains a more stable control over her abilities, she has the ability to crumble entire buildings from within, and even level entire cities with the flex of a hand.

It is important to note that the greatest extent of her power are tied directly to her emotions, which makes her power very unpredictable and difficult to control at certain times.





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