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Dire truths will be revealed, as emotions are upturned both within and without Ghost_K. The red tide shall befall amongst the planet as their relationships are strung haywire, and the fine line between anarchy and control is walked.


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  • More Zenerath Kal attacks, the second one is more powerful again, fights against Lilly, Mac and Jack, but still their power is not enough to kill it. They don't understand how to properly kill them. (Destroying the spinal chamber which contains the organic Urcron organism)
    • It manages to break through Ghost_K's resistance and opens up a gateway for Urcron to Proceed through
    • Cities get swarmed with Nekzar exoskeletons, commanded by stronger Ahk Renrhoks. The Chimeras manage to hold them off (just) with the help of Nathan Sheppard (Piloting a variant Chimera which can be unequipped) His mental and physical health deteriorate further and further, he comes close to dying, not to mention piloting a chimera is extremely draining
  • Bur his constant dedication to humanity causes him to constantly leave the hospital wards, despite his condition
    • Mac, Lilly and Jack are all extremely concerned about him, it's about this time that their friendship (the key to the turn of the events) is formed. One time Lilly and Mac corner him and hold him down, lilly gets very upset.
    • "You're too emotional for your own good." Is said by Nathan. It's only nathan that knows what alex has planned, and he is intent on stopping him.
  • The first stages of the Aquila Lucis project go underway.

Note bin (Ideas for future dialogue, or old drafts go here)

  1. VALDEMAR: You know that she still has a human mind, right? She may physically be an Urcron, but mentally, she's one of us.
  2. NATHAN: She could never be human, mentally she's sitting on the fence between Urcron and human... she's too unstable. We don't even have evidence to support that she will even retain human form for much longer. Our only option with her is to use her against the Urcron. Nothing more.
  3. VALDEMAR: Mhmm. Maybe if you sods actually gave a bloody damn about researching her mentality rather than assuming.. (cut off)
  4. ALEX: Valdemar. I have reconsidered your position in this operation - you are of no more use to us in this state. I suggest you leave, and return back to your duty as a Guardian. You are to treat the knowledge discussed today as being non-existent.

You have been warned.

  1. VALDEMAR gets up, and walks out. He doesn't bother to hesitate.
  2. VAL SAYS TO HIMSELF: Those sods dosen't realise that I am not going to let them use Breanna like she's an object. I am too good of a person to let them do that, and it is a Guardian's duty to protect the weak, not exploit them. No matter what it leads to.


(Valdemar tells the other Guardians of Breanna and how Alex and Nathan are going to use her against the Urcrons)

  1. VALDEMAR: Guys and Gals, we got a problem. A: Breanna is an Urcron. B: A...(Interrupted)
  2. LILLY: *gasp* Wha..(Interrupted)
  3. VALDEMAR: Hey! I was talking! So. B: Alex and Nathan are going to treat her like a weapon against the Urcron fellows. Now you are free to speak, Lilly.
  4. LILLY:
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