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This article is coming of age. The current canon and/or writing skills of the author have improved since then, making this article relatively obsolete. Please take into account the possibility of a future (perhaps drastic) change of this article to occur at a future date. Because seals.

Heaviest class of the Hydrus.

Hydrus Chimera "Cyclops" Model


680cm (6.8m/20 feet tall approx.)


63.5 tonnes


Heavy warfare. Tank and heavy-class hover cruiser hunters.

Armour grade:

A (Can withstand light medium and some heavy payload indefinitely, a considerable amount of extremley heavy payload)

Maximum operational limit:

180 hours maximum output (just over a week)

In use by:

All branches of the Z.E.U.S project excluding the Red Star Corps

Being described as almost impenetrable monoliths capable of absorbing the impact of whole EV missiles without so much of a scratch, whilst bearing weapons strong enough to immobilise heavy class hover cruisers.

Armour and Weapons

The largest Hydrus suit standing at 6.8 metres tall and 3 metres wide, this is the heavy artillery, fortress-like suit of the NACDF. Weighing in at a massive 63.5 tonnes, this incredible suit is only deployed where the fighting is the most heavy and dangerous. Deploying missile batteries, plasma mortars and laser lances, this suit is the heavy siege unit of the Hydrus Suits and is used to level entrenched forces and bombard large clusters of enemy forces. Though this suit isn't as lethal in close quarters combat as the other patterns but is far from defenseless as this type of suit has bio-molators built-in to its arms, making it a capable close quarters combatant in the highly unlikely event it is forced to close with its targets.

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