The original Hydrus design which marked the dawn of the Z.E.U.S Project.

Hydrus Chimera "Colossus" Model
A Colossus Spec. 3, as they appear in the Manga.


398cm (4m/13 feet tall approx.)


105kg (210 pounds approx.)


Basic warfare, military-type situations. Broad spectrum of environments and tasks it can perform to an adequate standard

Armour grade:

C+ (Can withstand light payload indefinitely, a considerable amount of medium payload, a heavy payload to a limited extent)

Maximum operational limit:

336 hours maximum output (three weeks)

In use by:

All branches of the Z.E.U.S project

Though having gone through many new models and redesigns, the suit is still in service today, being the most numerous model used by all nations.

Armour and Weapons

A medium suit with thick armour, a wide array of advanced sensory systems, equipment and weaponry, this large bipedal, 4 metre tall machine is the backbone of the NACDF. Able to withstand great damage this durable pattern resembles a heavily armoured stylised man, equipped with a wide range of hard point mounted weaponry and equipment, these machines are suitable to any situation, being highly diverse and adaptable. They are typically equipped with mini guns, bio-molators, plasma lances or the dreaded maximo missile carbine. The most common weapon these suits use however is the GX-M72 war rifle


It is noted that the bulk of all other Hydrus Models also have the same sequence of models throughout their development phases.

Colossus Spec. 0.0

The initial prototype model of the collosus. This model cause severe alterations to the pilot's skeleton, as a result the four Chimera pilots remained in the suits for the rest of their lives. Only 4 in existence, discontinued production.

Trivia: In Black Forge, the apocalypse happens shortly after the prodution of these models, and as a result, the only Chimeras in existence are Spec. 00's.

Spec. 00


The chimeras were powered by heavy duty nuclear compound engines (denoted by the fan turbine on the back of the chimera), and relied heavily of pistons and biomechanical muscles to move the machine.

Colossus Spec. 1.0

The production model of the chimera, whilst


Concept sketch on the Spec. 01


The 00 underwent a plethora of critical alterations before the final 01 model was released. The power generator was replaced with a compact fusion generator, which has the very minimal emissions of light and sound energy. The reactor components of the generator glows a brilliant blue, of which must be concealed for stealth missions.

Colossus Spec. 2.0

The final model