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Henri Vaurien

Known Aliases:






42 (Deceased)

Blessed Element:

SigilPlant Plant

Other skills:

Sharpshooter, Combat training


French, New Zealand

Blood Type:






There's shit all point in leaving her in a house full of corpses. This way she can see her father again.

–Henri Vaurien, in K21 - Bitter Reality.

A weak elemental with an inferiority complex, Henri Vaurien is a user of Plant and one of the characters in the story K21 - Bitter Reality.

Character History:

Henri was born in Sector XII to two reasonably powerful elemental's, who moved to the oceanic zone from sector IV to improve their life through the nations elemental favoring laws. Due to Henri's weak maximum potential, he was destined to have a low place in society, not far above the neutrals that made up the working class. Bitter about this, Henri did all he could to improve his ability and control for his blessed element, but it was to no avail.

Angry and feeling inferior in the oceanic zone, Henri left for sector IV on a temporary visa after completing his 3 year mandatory conscription, before buying a forged passport to stay in France. He eventually became involved in the regular vigilante hunts for wanted criminals as a means to earn money, his favored targets were particularly powerful elementals.

All this time, Henri practiced his element the best he could, trying desperately to improve his power and control. He began trying to get his hands on (often illegally) high tech elemental conductors, leading him to manipulate Andrew Sol to kill the plant elemental Edward Molière so that he could steal a high range elemental conductor. However, shortly after taking the conductor, he was killed by Andrew in a fight, who burned a hole through his chest.


Henri typically looked disheveled. His face was thin and his eyes were sunken like a man in the throes of addiction. His short ginger-orange hair was shaved close to his scalp and he owned a full, sunset coloured beard.

He wore a blue denim jacket, unbuttoned and showing brown shirt he wore underneath. His trousers were pale grey and covered in a curious netting pattern lined in black.

Abilities and Attributes:

Plant Elemental Power:

Henri was a rather weak user of the plant element as a whole and is known that he tried to improve his powers by any means necessary, which led him to steal an elemental conductor from Edward Molière. His last recorded reading of his Keidis rating before his death was Gamma(322)/Gamma(309).

Other Talents:

Henri was a relatively decent shot with most firearms and had received basic combat training whilst in conscription in sector XII, on top of this he was known to be relatively strong and had developed decent stamina.


Henri is sneaky, manipulative and amoral, and has absolutely no qualms whatsoever when it comes to either killing others or tricking people into killing others to get what he wants. However, he also seemed to have an inferiority complex towards elementals, likely stemming from his time spent in sector XII.


E-Accelerator pE43.4:

Stolen from Edward Molière, Henri came into possession of a rather powerful plant elemental conducter. While he was killed by Andrew Sol before he had a chance to use it, the conducter seemed to be very powerful for small compact size and is capable of speeding up growth of plantlife tenfold. It takes the form of a waistband made of braided plastic wires with a screw attachment to keep it together. with small, simple metal and Jewell trinkets that resemble seeds with a divisible line. When activated, the seed trinkets glow green.






Or what? You're gonna stop me, kid? You? The little Japanese brat who wants to be a hero in Paris. Get the fuck out of here you know nothing, angsting, whiny little shit.

–Henri Vaurien to Andrew Sol, in K21 - Bitter reality


Henri Vaurien is a known criminal with a ties to multiple unsolved homicide cases. He is to only be approached with elemental suppressing agents. If found attempting to cash in on a state bounty, arrest immediately on site.

–Official Euro Zone security brief.

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