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Hannah Mary Eisner
Language(s) English
Aligned sector Sector I American Zone
Nationality American
Gender Female
Religious beliefs Neo-Luminous Christianity
Born June 7th, 2068
Died 17th August, 2103 (age 35)
File:HEisner sig white.png
Physical Description
Skin colour White
Hair colour Black
Height 5' 4

Hannah Mary Eisner (née Finley) was the wife of the American cleric Frank Eisner. Although her personal life is still shrouded from the public, she is considered to be almost a martyr among the Church of Enlightenment.


Early life

Born in North Carolina to a pair of wealthy bankers, Hannah Finley early life was typical of a girl her age. She was privately educated, and aimed to pursue a career in economics, like her parents. Whilst studying at university she met Jonathan Garfield, and the two quickly started an imminent relationship together, becoming engaged a year later.

Married years and divorce

At first Jonathan and Hannah lived peacefully with each other, with little animosity between the two. However this changed as Jonathan showed clear signs of infidelity towards his wife, causing a rift to erupt between the two. This reached its nadir when Jonathan started to actively psychically abuse Hannah, causing her to file divorce papers against Jonathan. Hannah chose Frank Eisner, a lawyer infamous for primarily working with atheists, to help her in the case. Frank managed to have Jonathan incarcerated for assault and battery. During the case Hannah transferred her affections over to Eisner, and the two became married shortly afterwards, moving to Franks hometown.


A month prior to Sector I's involvement with WWIII, Hannah was scanned positive in a pregnancy test. However when Sector I mobilised its forces for WWIII, Frank signed up for service, leaving Hannah alone. As news seemingly worsened, Hannah started to attend ceremonies at the Church of Enlightenment, praying the welfare of her unborn child and Frank, hoping the war would end soon so she could properly start a family. However, the child died while in the womb, devastating Hannnahs mental state. She started to become more enraptured in Neo-Luminous teachings, hoping Frank would come home safely, and perhaps, with his abilities as a light elemental, start to teach Christian dogma.


These hopes were in vain, as Frank returned from the war with a troubled mind. Shunning the public and quitting his job, Hannah was forced to endure his violent rages brought about from drink and tobacco. This eventually led to Frank going to far in one of his rages, accidentally killing her with his elemental powers. Hannahs body was officially discovered by the police 24 hours after the event, with fears that Eisner had also been killed. Her body was cremated before an autopsy was carried out. The cremation took place at the Church of Enlightenment.


Hannah Eisner was immortalised by her husband after he became the head minister of the Church of Enlightenment. Eisner claimed she was killed for her beliefs by a fire elemental, and himself tortured by the same elemental. The coroner who examined her body (who coincidently worked at the church) supported Eisners claims. This helped fuel anti-elemental stances within the church, with Hannah seen as a victim of prejudice towards Christians by atheists. Eisners closest subordinates stated Eisner never fully got over his wife's death, secretly mourning her.


Hannah Eisner was a forceful women, who was easily critical of those she despised. She harboured deep affections for her family however, aiming to be a good wife even through the many beatings she took from both her husbands. Hannah Eisner held traditional values, believing a women should put her family before her work life. Hannah was devastated at the loss of her child, but kept her emotions hidden in public and to her husband.


Hannah Eisner was a slim women with wide blue eyes and long black hair. When she was younger she was described as having a youthful, energetic appearance. However as she grew older the toll of her hardships started to erode her, causing her to become more dishevelled and worn.


You think you have had it tough? Frank, I carried our daughter for nine months, every day thinking she would never see her father's face, only for her for you to come back a changed man! Quitting your job and refusing to find better work. Wasting your life away down at the bar drinking yourself to an early grave. Coming home reeking of booze and cheap perfume! So don't you dare say I've had it easy, Frank. I haven't. I really fucking haven't!

–Hannah Eisners last words to her second husband

Story credits

K21 - Broken Faith - Supporting role


Originally Hannah Eisner's pivotal role may have filled in by either a brother or sister of Franks Eisner as the dynamic of a husband and wife was deemed difficult to effectively capture without seeming cliché or poorly written, but as the story plan for Broken Faith was restructured less scenes where required of the character, causing the creator to decide to switch to the character being Frank Eisners wife.

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