Guardian Tower






Cairo, Egypt

Construction Started:





USD $500 million


300.0 m (984.25 ft)

floor count:



Guardian Tower was constructed following Damien Anderson's take over of the Ghost_K organisation. It was built with funding obtained from Tertiary Division and approved by Calypso Industries, who had close ties with Ghost_K during that era. After the organisation participated in directly hostile acts against Sector IV, Calypso Industries were pressured to refuse Ghost_K political asylum and requisitioned the tower from the Guardians. Since that time, it has remained a government building of Sector VII.

Design and construction


Command Deck

At the very top of the Guardian Tower, illuminated by reinforced heat-shielded glass windows, lies the Command Deck. As one of the tallest buildings in the surrounding area, this provided Ghost_K with a clear, unobstructed view of the streets of Cairo. Of course, the primary purpose of this facility was to provide the team with a global base of operations. This lead to it being outfitted with state of the art computer hardware, satellite tracking systems and a universal communications network.

Landing Pads

Situated at various levels of the upper floors are four landing pads, allowing for helicopters and other VTOL capable craft to dock with Guardian Tower, providing direct access to the heart of Ghost_K Headquarters.

Living Quarters

Permanent staff were expected to stay on site at all times. As a result, each Guardian was assigned to a fully furnished apartment that could house a family of four. Other necessary members were permitted some of the suites while others were rented out to those on business trips to the building.

Recreational Spaces

The forty third floor was home to a well furnished arcade and a small cinema. Ping-pong tables and badminton courts were situated upon the forty second floor.


Upon the forty first floor, a well catered restaurant and fully stocked bar was situated. It provided a place for active personnel and business officials an onsite location to eat.


Floors twenty one to thirty five were exclusively used to house office staff who dealt with bureaucratic matters. Many of the offices were sublet to Calypso Industries.

Training Rooms

A multitude of training rooms were situated upon the lower tiered floors.


The second floor was given over entirely to a well stocked armoury. However, auxiliary armouries were also located on the fifty first and fifty second floors, as means of quick access to equipment in the time of an emergency departure from the command deck.


Outfitted with a reception desk, the vast hallway entrance to the Guardian Tower was an awe inspiring site to behold. Opening hours: 0900 - 1700 Mon - Fri; 1200 - 1700 Sat; 1200 - 1500 Sun.

Holding Cells

Located within the basement were several holding cells for detaining prisoners.

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