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Grifa Autonomous Fighter


Stealth Reconnaissance Fighter Bomber


Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG

First flight





Active service

Primary users

Russian Air Force, Russian Navy

Number built


The Grifa Autonomous Fighter (Russian: Грифа Автоистребитель, tr. Grifa Avtoistryebityel'), designated as the Stealth Fighter-171 in official Russian documents, is an unmanned aircraft operated by Russian military forces as a deterrent against foreign aircraft. Little is known about this aircraft other than images captured by pilots of other sectors. It appears to be a flying wing with a profile similar to that of an Azúcar Atómico 922. They are regularly encountered by Chinese Gourou J-107 fighter pilots upon the Mongolian border.


It is unknown when these aircraft entered in to development. All that is known of their existence has come from images captured by human pilots intercepting them on their borders. They first started appearing in 2104 entering in to Euro Zone airspace on what appeared to be high-altitude reconnaissance missions of strategically vital locations. The capture of one of these aircraft has been an objective of several major governments, as they seek to garner a greater understanding of these advanced UAVs.


Albatross Autonomous Bomber

What appears to have been built as a response to the infamous B-5 Revenant, the Albatross Autonomous Bomber has been sighted patrolling the Pan-Russian Setoral Border. It has widely believed that they may have been used in operations against European forces in Belarus.


Central American Zone Diplomatic Incident

While testing the range of the Azúcar Atómico 922, the pilot flew in to disputed territory that was formally recognised as international waters but considered by Sector II to be their territory. The automated defenses of Sector II appear to have scrambled three Grifa Autonomous Fighters to intercept the vehicle that would have been detected as infringing on Russian airspace. The result of this was all four vehicles involved being lost in what was described as a "nuclear disaster". The exact location of this wreckage has been highly sought after ever since as it would provide fragments of downed aircraft vital for research purposes.

Nepal Incident

After what was noted to have been "unusually aggressive maneuvers undertaken by a Grifa", one of these aircraft was felled within the borders of Sector V. Russian officials immediately demanded the return of their downed vehicle, however the Indian Zone refused as the vehicle had been observed as "conducting hostile actions towards Sector V". The extent of the damage to this vehicle is unknown and details of its capture have been extremely hazy. All that is known is that a Dachshund Interceptor was involved.

Violation of American Airspace

According to Sector I, six Grifa Autonomous Fighters escorted an Albatross Autonomous Bomber over American Airspace. Several pictures of these aircraft were taken by F-110 Midnight pilots before all seven aircraft were reported as having been eliminated in a single strike made by an F-125 Suppressor. The Pan-Russian Zone refused to confirm or deny allegations of conducting hostile acts against another superpower.


Russian Protection Division

The CKOЗ operates multiple automated drones to defend its borders.

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