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Gourou J-107 Adapted Strike Fighter
Full Fat Gourou
Conceptual design of the Gourou J-107


Stealth Multirole Combat Fighter


Sector III Central Asia Zone

First Flight

14 January 2107




Active service

Primary users

People's Liberation Army Air Force
People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force

Number built



Gourou J-107A
Gourou J-107B
Gourou J-107X

The Gourou J-107 is a line of single-engined blended body multi-role VTOL fighter aircraft designed and produced by Sector III. They were designed to be a able to carry and deploy tactical nuclear weapons while maintaining a limited aerial combat potential. They have been designed with maneuverability in mind and is capable of extreme turns.


The Gourou was designed to be a multirole combat aircraft that could challenge Siberian air superiority while being mass produced. In order to account for this they were designed to be agile with a reliable operational range (2000 - 2750 km).


Vallarian Mk.III Dachshund Interceptor 10283

Used extensively for research and development of the Gourou was a captured Vallarian Mk.III Dachshund Interceptor that had been obtained after mechanical failure over the Himalayas caused an Indian Air Force operated aircraft to crash in Asian jurisdiction.

Gourou J-107 Adapted Strike Fighter

What was designed to be a multipurpose air superiority fighter jet, the ASF proved to exceed initial operational expectations and was notably a much safer aircraft to pilot than the Dachshund Interceptor that had lead on to its development. Armed with a series of conventional air-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft cannons, the J-107 demonstrated it had the capability to hold it's own in the air and gain supremacy quickly. Realising its potential, the designers of the Gourou lead on to develop further variants of the aircraft that could fulfill a wide range of other services. In particular as a medium for securing aerial domination through use of electromagnetic pulses as well as discerning the potential for using it as a high speed stealth bomber.

Gourou J-107A Dual Role Nuclear Fighter

The armaments of the J-107B provide eloquent compromise between a strike fighter and a nuclear bomber. Two infrared homing missiles are attached to launch rails on the edge of the fuselage, allowing it to handle incoming threats. In order to bolster its anti-aircraft capabilities it also carries two wing mounted homing missiles that each carry a 250 ton nuclear payload. These weapons are deemed necessary to improve upon the prime directive of the Gourou J-107B of utilising an air-launched cruise missile (with a 500 kiloton nuclear warhead attached) against ground forces. In order to improve the range of the vehicle to 3500km, it carries two wing mounted drop tanks.

Gourou J-107B Fast Response Nuclear Bomber

A Gourou J-107 outfitted to with the means to carry and deploy a 10 megaton nuclear bomb. The final range of the Gourou J-107B has come to be 4750km with the addition of four large drop tanks to the wings of the aircraft.

Gourou J-107X People's Defence Corps Air Force Trainer

Twin-seated version of the J-107.


Vallarian Mk.I Labrador

An aircraft that has only recently entered service. Due to the small problems presented by the Dachshund as well as the more plentiful resources that the Vallarie Administration gained after acquiring Sector IV, it was redesigned completely with only the TonoAes remaining as a constituent part of the more advanced fighter. It has largely been suspected by the Chinese that the Labrador was produced using the designs acquired from a captured Gourou J-107A Dual Role Nuclear Fighter.

Civilian Operators

Japanese Broadcasting Network

The Japanese Broadcasting Network makes use J-107B Fast Response Nuclear Bombers for defensive purposes.

Military Operators

People's Defence Corps Air Force

People's Liberation Army Air Force

People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force

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