Okay, this place has rules!

For those who don't want to read through this pile of text, all you need to know is:

In a nutshell:

You can write whatever you want on this site (within generous reason), as long as it is a genuine, quality article that has adequate diction, flow, actually took a fair amount of thinking through, and follows one of the on-site story lines (or your own alternate universe with approval of the community). You can also do whatever you want, as long as it respects the Wikia policies, as well the other users feelings, their articles' content, and the existing canon.

Secondly, being that us alone are entitled to the a smooth running of the wiki and its community (and not Wikia), if any of the above is violated greatly, then the community is within their full power to agree upon the expulsion of any content and/or a user themselves from the wiki.



The following mountain of text is designed to handle any situation that happens on the wiki.

To be honest, the Rules are based off of common sense more than anything.

These rules only serve as a guideline to how the wiki should operate, only existing as a method of reinforcing users' opinions in the case of confusion. True law on this wiki is in the hands of common sense and fairness, so this is not a passage of text that should be interpreted literally and exploited in such a way.

The first four sections are the most important.

The Rules

67th revision

Creation of Content

  1. Do not write overpowered characters/things without asking everyone for their opinion first, giving your reasons as to why you want to. If at least one Admin approves, then you are permitted to. Do it every time you want to create something powerful. Also, don't start off with an initially averagely powered article and slowly make it stronger, it still breaks this rule.
    1. Overpowered things are as follows: Immortals (100 year lifetime limit to all characters please), Super fast healing, night vision, an inexplicable resistance to bullets even at point blank (e.g, Miki Albraun is so, but only because she is an android, and on top of this, her artificial body causes many setbacks anyway), ability to walk on walls and ceilings without any actual elemental ability allowing so, ability to fly without being an experienced air elemental or extremely experienced gravity elemental, ability to reincarnate, control of over two elements (the more elements a person has, the weaker each individual one becomes), extremely high elemental abilities, gaining elemental abilities before 10 years of age, and so fourth. Don't make us add more to this list.
  2. Emphasise originality and integrity when writing.
    1. Don't plagiarise anything, even from other Wikis (Unless it is your work, or you have received permission; however originality is still encouraged). As for published sources, you can quote other fiction within reason (e.g. take Mark Dalton quoting Andy Warhol for example, or other forms of Easter eggs, etc).
    2. If something is deemed truly unoriginal, the admins have permission to ask for it to be removed and/or changed. This is usually obvious things, such as cliché characters with cliché names, or very predictable story plots.
    3. No crossovers. Whilst the idea can be cool, the current majority of the community wants Ghost_K material to remain clean and contained.
  3. No furries at all
    1. Bear with us on this one - We have included valid reasoning as to why down below.
  4. No pornography/nudity at all
    1. Breaking this rule not only violates our policy, but Wikia's policies themselves too.
  5. Don't use another user's character or specific place in your article extensively without prior permission. Simple mentioning is exempt, though asking anyway is still advised. Please respect their written canon (e.g don't write about a character knowing of another character's existence, when they actually shouldn't. Take Eric Lysander and Breanna Carter for example.)

Users' safety and well-being

  1. Do not deliberately abuse and/or hurt other users in any way
    1. This includes: On blogs, comment sections or in chat. You have been warned.
    2. Even about yourself. Even if you are the worst author on the site, it doesn't matter. We're sure your stuff is better than 90% of
    3. Yes, this includes (actual) trolling.
    4. No. No, Friendly squabbling is not trolling - until it genuinely hurts the user.
    5. Articles created for the intention of hurting and making fun of users are also included in this rule.
    6. Please don't counter troll if people are trolling/hurting you. Just tell them what they're doing wrong, seriously.
  2. Respect the hard work and integrity users put into their work
  3. Nothing racially discriminative to cultural/ethnic groups in reality are allowed.
    1. As for the rule above, breaking this violates Wikia's policies.
  4. Nothing that has the tendency to truly hurt another user here or anybody else that you know is allowed on this wiki. Non over-excessive swearing doesn't count, Tepid sexual references don't count.
  5. Don't vandalise.
  6. Only edit others' articles with permission. However the following things are allowed within reason: You may quotes about the article, make existing text into links to improve the site's navigability, or to correct spelling (tip: Don't use Google Chrome's spell checker as a sole guide for spelling. For example, it doesn't recognise "Autarky" as a correct word, and that word can be handy if you're dealing with politics.)

Wiki governance

  1. Nobody is exempt from these rules. Break enough deliberately, and you'll be warned. Further offences will result in sufficient punishment.
  2. Deliberately evading these rules through clever methods of manipulation, passive-aggressive stances and excessive use of metaphor to achieve racist and/or extremely sexual terms outside the plain intentions of black humour also counts as violating these rules.
    1. Just because an Admin uses certain sections of these rules to his benefit in order to wean themselves out of a tricky situation doesn't mean that you're wrong. He is breaking the rules and deserves punishment.
  3. The Admins have no "made-up authority". They only have responsibilities and the abilities to do so. Guidance, wiki help and wiki-wide decisions are in the hands of the entire community.
  1. These abilities are not intended for the breaking of these rules, and they cannot be abused. For example: Admins cannot promote other users to the positions of Bureaucrat, Administrator and/or chat moderator until the greater community, and the active admins agrees with it beforehand. Inactivity is determined by one month of not using the site.
  2. Admins are here to help you and make your writing experience easier. They aren't dictators, everyone here has absolutely equal say.
  3. Author request does not equate to higher authority than the combined community. A good example is the request of the deletion of his/her article. This prevents any destructive self-depreciation to work of which the community may find good quality. However, when the time comes to decide upon deleting or keeping the article, the word of the Author is the central point of which the community and Admins will make their final judgement upon (Due to our ownership policy). If the community does not interject, then the article can be deleted immediately.

A User's Rights

A default user has the following rights and responsibilities:

  • To be treated like a good gentleman/lady - or top lad - with respect and fairness
  • To edit and manipulate pages of their creation and/or pages they are given permission to edit
  • To upload any types of media onto the Wiki, given they follow the rules
  • To ask for a user to improve the quality of their article
  • To constructively criticise any users' work when they feel necessary, most especially if the other user asks for it.
  • To enforce adherence of the rules.
  • To request the banning or kicking of users and/or deletion of articles.
  • To clean up wiki navigation with the creation of important category pages
  • To keep calm and carry on when no user breaks the rules
  • To responsibly place {{QualityRisk|reason}} templates any article that they feel needs improvement
  • To have their articles safe from unauthorised editing once they place Property templates on them.

Users with Chat moderator status have these additional responsibilities

  • The ability to kick and/or ban users who violate the rules from the Ghost_K chat when they deem necessary, after warning them.

Users given Admin/bureaucrat status have these additional responsibilities

  • The ability to delete or rename articles after the author's/community's request.
  • To rollback changes when they are offensive and/or break the rules in any other way of their own accord. This must be followed up by a warning to the user.
  • The ability to kick and/or ban users who violate the rules from the Ghost_K chat, after warning them.
  • The ability to ban users who violate the rules when they deem the punishment is necessary for type of offence. A warning must come first before the ban, unless their first edit was a deliberate offence, or they are not logged in.
  • To revoke the rights of an Admin or Chat moderator at the community's desire, or if they abuse their admin powers through mass deletion or banning.


Below are the methods of employed rule implementation/convenience on the wiki

Quality Control

We like quality articles. Anybody here can agree that a good, enthralling story is worth the weight In the end.

Whilst you edit, don't be alarmed if the other users just give you a few tips on guiding you in the right direction now and then. We love the fact you're even here! We'll usually accept 70% of what you write, and if we don't, we'll make up for it somehow to keep you happy.

Overpowered Characters

  • One example is what we call "Mary Sue" characters. Making your characters ridiculously overpowered is fun,  but if you give them no flaws; it's a sure fire way to making a boring, predictable story. What makes true characters are their flaws. So please, a weak character with powerful personal drive, or strong character with a fatal flaw is better than a Mecha Unicorn Centaur & Genderbender-version Version Mary Sue overpowered Optimus Goku Raptor-Jesus Primus.

Shallow, predictable characters

  • Give your characters depth, try something original.
  • For example in the old days of film the villains were bad, grubby, moustache-wearing men who kicked the dog on their way to work citation needed. However, today audiences are smarter. Perhaps, bad guys may sometimes only be good intentioned characters who had a horrible occurrence step in their path and scarring their humanity altogether, or good guys can perhaps have suffered from cruelty and have committed equal amounts of it, performing good deeds in the name of absolution. Again, a good story is worth it in the end, even if you do have to sacrifice a little of your original ideas from the beginning. 


Due to the prevention of immortality of Ghost K and for the sake of balance and believably in character development, no characters in ghost K can exceed 100 years old (without a prior community agreement) with age reduction abilities only able to work up to the 50 year mark. This rule is to give characters a shelf life and to make them fallible.


  • *sigh*. We don't want to come off as judgemental here, but we don't accept furry characters. We don't hold anything against the furry community, it is just an aesthetic that has no place within the emotional subtexts of these stories. Ghost_K is not a fantastical soft and fluffy looking fiction. In fact the "cutesy" anime style is the only semblance of this feel that exists amongst this dark and chaotic series; and we'd like to keep this aesthetic.
  • Not only that, but I'm sure everybody knows that the ease of togetherness would falter due to the very large hate for furries out there.
    • Anything from full on humanoid animals to even neko/catgirls/etc with only ears and tails aren't accepted.
In Conclusion
  • So in conclusion, here's the definition of what we think doesn't constitute good articles:
  • Don't write any extremely powerful and overpowered characters without asking the community first, such as on a blog reasoning as to why you should, or by just messaging an Admin on their wall. Powerful characters include: Immortals, mind reading, ultra fast healing, very high keidis ratings, super speed... other things with no solid canonical reasoning as to why.
  • Try your best to create interesting, original characters.
  • No Furries

Shitey politics

  • Avoid shit politics. Nobody is exempt from this rule.

Don't vandalize

Small bans all the way to permanently blocked. It annoys us, not only because you're an ass, but we have lost a user. Which is a rare commodity.

Property Templates

A property template:

This article belongs to NecrusIV. Please do not edit this article without their permission.

Use this template if you want to secure your article to only yourself.

If a user places a {{Property}} template on the top of their article, please try to ask the article's owner if you have to edit it. It is common courtesy to not make any real drastic changes to other's articles without their prior permission.

The only edits that will be accepted without prior permission, are adding quotes about the character/article from your own characters (Please make them constructive). However... you know, still nice to ask...

Whilst you can have your characters mention other users' places and characters and such, this rule also entails that you do not use another user's character and/or place extensively (e.g. giving them a main part in your story) in your own works without asking the character's creator first. Again, common sense really.

Countries are exempt from this rule, they're too big. Come on, seriously. It's like specific buildings or HQs we're referring to here.

The admins may edit your pages, however this will only be adding drawings that you are free to request, and/or fixing spelling errors.

No Property Templates

On the other hand, if you don't really mind people editing your stuff (Again, constructively), then just don't add a Property template.

If there's no property template, the article is therefore classed as a public article. This means you shouldn't get surprised when people edit it, you need only add the property template.

Community Templates

A community template:

This article, Community Rules, is a community project. While you are free to edit, please do not edit or delete anything written by another user without their permission.

These templates are designated for large, cumbersome articles which cover a lot of content, such as a universe/storyline homepage. The article is in the possession of the entire community, and nobody can claim personal rights to it. However: You cannot delete or change content others have written, and you shouldn't make non-constructive edits.

Nothing discriminative or sexually explicit

Coarse language is allowed, as it can be a good tool for expression emotion. But racism, rape, and other derogatory things in the same manner, - in your writings or in any other form of media and/or communication is banned. Anything that will hurt a user here emotionally is illegal and will result in thine banhammer descending upon thee.

This site is not for pornography. Nothing sexually provocative whatsoever please. Abstract art which somewhat encompasses nudity into the fold is fine, but within reason. (see right)

A warning template:

Core corruption at 50%

Sexual references can be written, though within reason. If you do, place a {{Warning|content= >warning here<}} template mentioning so at the top of the article.

This section: [1], is an example of the the very limit of these rules.

And lastly

Nobody is except from these rules. Not even Chuck Norris.

Most importantly, have a fun time writing here!


If you don't like anime. 

Though the comic is manga, if you don't like anime it's okay - realism is perfectly fine. Just know that if you want it to be interpreted into a comic issue it's going to be anime, or at least realistic anime. I'm the only artist here willing to do free sketches, so yeah :/

But hey, we might try a 100% realism comic, you never know.

Edit: We're moving toward pseudo-anime realism now. Beware, the uncanny valley is just below our feet.

What constitutes canon?

Canon is, in a nutshell, pieces of story elements that are important and cannot be changed, and are treated as being "Official Ghost_K Material." Canon is constituted by what is written in your articles and is agreeable by the greater community, so if it stays that way for a while without dispute, It's safe to say it's pretty canonical. Canon becomes more canonical when it's developed further and is attached to many other articles, which again detail more of their own canon. Therefore make the original information very a destructive thing to remove or change, save risking an entire domino effect of necessary changes.


  • Sandra Mai is essentially the most crucial character in the K21 Squared story. Removing or changing her death at the hands of her very specific murderer would violate the current events entirely. As a result, any events involving her should be treated with the utmost care. Use of her character would require permission to be given by both the creator of the article and the founder of the site.
  • On the other hand, articles like Arianna Molière have a weaker canonical bearing, with a limited appearance in any structured written pieces (to date). Whilst they still count as official, their placing in the story is very minor, where she only serves as a character to prove an emotional message to the reader. She can be changed with little effort or consequence (This mechanism allows newly added story elements to be easily manipulated and prefabricated so they have a key place in the story)
  • Lastly, there are characters that lack any canonical bearing, such as Lexi Marglin and Kai Oraski who do not actually feature in any stories to date. These characters are extremely fluid and can be effortlessly changed to suit the nature of the settings they belong to without any consequence.


We don't want to get into lawsuits. god no, here is just a few heads up on the little things that could potentially breach copyright:

Ghost_K, as a part of Wikia, is released licensed as CC-BY-SA. Which means you can use all this written material freely, even commercially, as long as 'it's non-profit, and that you give credit to the creator. Yeah, thanks for advertising my work freely buddy. ;)

Images We Created

As for my drawings and the copies of this comic, they are licensed by to the founder, and as such you cannot use them commercially. You may only use them freely, but only with giving credit.

Images we didn't make

(This issue is slowly being dissolved as the artists' skill improves.)

For the copyrighted images present (only the cities, planets, etc. such as the site's background), We are giving credit to the authors, and this is being released as A FREEWARE - So don't worry, simply free advertising!

The background is the work of the DeviantART user =Grivetart. Amazing graphic designer, and the founder is in love with his work.

If people have issues with the image in the background, I'll be happy to remove it and change it to something we did - which would be crappier anyway.

There is no form of income and/or profit that will be generated from this storyline. It is all freeware. So the awesome guys who created the images that we didn't, we give you credit. :D We definitely assure you, that if we were to generate profit from anything, your images will be nowhere to be found within the bought items. but until then that's a mere wishful thought.

The name "Ghost K"

Was in fact inspired by a band. However, thankfully, the band has changed it's name to "Ghost Kollective". Evidence as so: (reply to a user by band member themselves)

"The next phase of Ghost K is called Ghost Kollective, because there's more of us now, and we're working on new stuff under that name :)"

But hey, they make good music. check them out

Thanks again. -- NecrusIV -(Talk |My Wiki) 09:28, December 18, 2012 (UTC)}}

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