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Ghost_K is a work of neo-futurist utopian fiction that explores the potential geopolitical impact of widespread propagation of paranormal talents in a contemporary setting.

In retrospect, Ghost_K grew from a humble and seedling of ideas into series of short stories and art set in an alternate future world where humans have the natural ability to control elements, focusing heavily on the vast and shifting political climate of their time, the emotions and experiences of the many characters, and the impact their choices and chosen paths has on them all.

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Storyline (Basic overview)

K212 Story (Current)

A prequel to the previous story, K212 is the chronicled events of Ghost_K and their oppressors in the twenty-second century. It is the year 2121, and the power they once held in centuries past has all but died away with the advancement of time. The once proud team of guardians are left with nothing but the curse of having to protect the inhabitants of an ignorant and terrifying world; a world populated by a frightened society starved of hope and bent to the wills of by the monolithic corporations that tower above them like gods, moulding the world's affairs to their very whims like clay. The world is dying, slowly suffocating in a pit of its own greed, and Ghost_K have no choice but to push forward in a world that only gets bigger and darker with every turn...

Can good prevail in a world of hate? Or will the sun finally set upon this star-crossed team forever, as they too become one with this incurable pandemic of despair...

Art Showcase

Feature Stories:
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From The Community...

  • Khalael

    A Dying Sun

    16 December 2014 by Khalael

    Given the changes that this collaborative piece has underwent over the year, the schedule derailments and the overall lack of focus I felt it was time to just air everything out in the open without the secrecy of our Google Docs, Skype calls or Chat discussions.

    It's probably best to start from the …

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  • The current running story series is K212, however you may feel free to contribute to any others, or make your own.
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Disclaimer: This wiki is a work of satire. Any resemblances towards real-life are intentional and you should be offended.

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