For a more in-depth narrative-like account of the world's political, economic and climatic events, see History of Earth.

A timeline which recounts select major international occurrences, worldly events which relate to and affect the course of the individual stories, as well as the significant events of the characters themselves.

21st Century



  • 30th: International Guardian Conclave (Ghost_J), an openly revolutionary Marxist-Leninist organisation, disbands after the death of five Guardians, several dozen supporting members and the severe hospitalisation of their leader after a costly attempt to defend Palestinians against IDF forces in east Jerusalem. Ghost_J declared a terrorist anti-semitic organisation by Israel, the United States, Australia and Canada, and is eventually outlawed by these nations using the United Nations as leverage. The Guardian system loses its favourability as an adequate force of justice. Event sparks worldwide circulation of news declaring the inferiority of the guardian system and in some cases even the volatile nature of all elementals. Recovered Ghost_J records indicate a key tertiary intervention into the process completely separate to the UN and the votes of the people within developed nations. (Source unreferenced, and hence the name or even the factual existence of this "company" remains unconformable to this day).



  • Crimea declares independence from Ukraine by popular referendum. Russian military forces take action to secure borders. International community refuses to acknowledge Russia's sovereignty over the region. Event sparks pro-Russian nationalists in other regions of eastern Ukraine to protest and illegally occupy state buildings.


  • Ghost_K founded by the last surviving Guardian of Ghost_J and five new inheritors. Despite having minimal resources and support, the organisation aims to continue acting as a secretive force of vigilantes.
  • Peak harvesting of natural gas reached. Availability of cheap fertiliser (with natural gas being a key ingredient) begins to drop indefinitely.
  • Sharp rise of Zionism within Israel causes hundreds of thousands of non-zionistic Jews to leave the country. Talmid Chachamim (torah scholars) officially integrated with Israeli Defence Force.


  • Peak Oil reached


  • Quebec declares independence from Canada, becoming a federal republic.

2032 - Sectoral Revolution


  • 6th: First official proto-political sector established as the North American Alliance, taking an actively aggressive step into world politics with the conquest of the Middle East with the aid of Israel. At the time, the United States (and furthermore the Alliance itself) was still ranked as the world's top superpower.
  • Nation of Palestine fully absorbed as Israeli territory

2033 - Post Carbon Age

  • World energy crisis begins to gain momentum, with Oil prices peaking at an all time high of approx. $300 a barrel.
  • Farm yields worldwide drop by 30%. Alongside the sky rocketing price of oil, this hinders transportation and forces a global push for localised farms, and later, hydroponics in order to deal with the high price of fertiliser.
  • Formation of the New African Alliance in Africa by the American Alliance, the European Union and the People's Republic of China to standardise and control pan-African industries with the intentions to profit from the world energy crisis (and furthermore tap into the growing african working class) with the mass exploitation remaining African oil supplies and to forward the production of biofuels. Initial deals were set at and enforced to a 1/3 ratio of all profits for each founding nation.

2035 - Nuclear Winter

  • Eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. American economy decimated, with the destruction radius covering almost half of the entire country.
  • Eruption plunges world into a nuclear winter. Money disappears as the worlds driving system of representing wealth, being replaced with necessities such as food.
  • Chinese economy continues to flourish through food exports due to its strong food producing economy. With the United States internally compromised, China discretely takes action to strengthen its corporate grip within the New African Alliance.
  • FSB coup d'etat within Kremlin. Union of Russian Republics founded with new standing President Voldoya Yaroslavtsev and associated confidants. 


  • Formation of the People's Republic of Asia in direct response to the food crisis caused by the Yellowstone Eruption.
  • The Kiev Treaty is passed by the European Union in order to safeguard the sovereign status of member nations against foreign aggression. The President refers to the event as the foundation of the European Commonwealth of Nations as the people work together to rebuild in the face of the volcanic winter.


  • Pakistan and India enter into a joint military alliance in order to stave off the threat of a Russian invasion. The countries of Nepal and Bhutan follow suit as the Indian government offers vital aid. The United Federation of India is established.
  • With American interests turning southwards, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula realise that they do not have the means to bargain with the would be aggressors at their door. An emergency summit is held in Abu Dhabi that calls for a military alliance to be formed: The League of Arabian States.


  • Dissolution of the New African Alliance due to financial collapse and ensuing disagreements between company administrators. Most notable of the causes was an attempt of an over-privileged bureaucrat to unethically seize total control with the aims to tighten production output to a savage degree, sparking continent-wide strikes and riots. African continent split into its individual nations, two of which eventually become recognised as the political sectors VII and VIII. From the ashes of the defunct New African Alliance, Calypso Industries rises to the fore before securing its position as the world's leading biofuel producer. Lower Africa remains a loosely unified capitalistic alliance, however strike demands by the population are barely granted.

2039 - Dust Settles

  • The volcanic winter finally reaches an end. Official death tolls range between one and three billion, but there is a lack of reliable data.
  • Formation of the Commonwealth of Asia as the threat of Chinese Imperialism looms at the dawn of the new world order.
  • Global Helium supplies dwindle to almost zero harvestable reserves.


  • Communist revolution occurs in Republic of South Africa. State overthrown and replaced by the dominant revolutionary maoist party, who then proceed to function as their own state apparatus. South African capitalist elite either flee the country or are purged along with any who are deemed as political enemies. Economy and industry nationalised as wages, living and healthcare standards see commendable increases.
  • Revolution proceeds to spread across lower African continent.


  • The Moon is colonised by Chinese and European corporations in a new space race, both seeking to mine large quantities of helium, an extremely valuable resource, from the moon. Occasional bouts of violence and sabotage reported.


  • Republic of Namibia government falls to Maoist guerillas. Namibia proceeds to be co-governed by Maoist Party of South Africa. Sector VIII Lower African Zone officially established.


  • Nationalist reactionaries formed primarily from remnants of the Namibian and South African Military and backed greatly by foreign forces attempt to overthrow Namibian Worker's Assembly party in a coup d'etat, resulting in a lasting, bloody civil war between the Sector VIII Lower African Zone and Namibian-South African Nationalists.


  • Delegate revolutionary groups spur revolutionary ideas within Angolan industrial workers worked practically to death by poor factory conditions and wages. A fruitless riot against wage increases and higher workplace health and safety standards soon becomes a general strike, and later a riot in response to police aggression, as the widespread protests soon halt all means of production across the nation, eventually managing in sabotaging supply production for the Angolan and Namibian military. Namibian-South African Military Forces stationed in Namibia forced to temporary equipment, fuel and food rationing as supply lines are diverted, placing further pressure on other foreign industries to keep up with demands.


  • French Guiana falls to the forces of the Republic of South America. The Guiana Space Centre falls into their hands, crippling ESA.
  • Angola re-founded as socialist republic, aligning itself with the Sector VIII Lower African Zone.
  • In response to failing military advances, Namibian-South African Military Force is granted funding by the Sector I American Zone to protect corporate interests in the region. Namibian Maoist government is swiftly overthrown by technologically superior reactionaries. Communist South Africa forced to radically industrialise its economy to compete with nationalist forces.


  • Gradual demise of radical global freezing. World's climate cycles initially predicted to gradually normalise over the next century.
  • Zimbabwean government overthrown by Sector VIII guerillas.


  • Israel tests a nuclear fusion bomb in an unprovoked attack on Iran. Calls anyone who disagrees anti-Semitic.


  • Namibian-South African military government overthrown by Sector VIII forces after a month-long battle for the city of Windhoek.
  • Officials are quietly placed within the National Worker's Assembly of Sector VIII by American Confederate operatives, soon winning leading positions through a landslide of votes. All Namibian-South African forces called to disarm. Maoist revolution permitted to continue as necessary.
  • Trade pact between Sector VIII and Sector I formed, focussing almost exclusively on biodiesel. Sector I allowed cheap access to African biodiesel and a share of 16% of all profits (excluding private business profits).


  • Technological revolution with the lessening availability of cheap oil.
  • Artificial, humanoid intelligence soon becomes available at a commercial level. First A-type Androids are mass produced for both policing, commercial and domestic use. Androids found to be highly effective in containing riots and strikes.
  • France develops the first commercial nuclear fusion reactor using Helium-3 mined from the moon. Helium, a byproduct of nuclear fusion, eliminates the current helium crisis.




  • Activation of Damien Anderson's guardian gene




  • Last official political sector established with the Sector XII Oceanic Zone through the forced unification of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Sector rises as a biofuel producing powerhouse. With the development of algae-based biofuels, Biodiesel drops to a price of $70 USD per barrel.




  • First B type androids are mass produced, soon becoming commercially available. C type androids enter an early pre-development phase.



2090 - World Justice Uprising

  • c.:First initial acts of civil conflict within Sector II Survival Colonies, gradually spreading globally to other colonies through a revolution which would come to be known as the Anti-Sectoral War, or the World Justice Uprising through the prideful eyes of the Survival Colonies and Project Earth Reborn.











  • 8th: Treaty of Geneva signed. All twelve of the world's political Sectors agree to cease hostile actions against one and other until the World Justice Uprising is ended.



22nd Century


  • Dawn of a new century.
  • Oceanic conquest of Indonesia, East Timor, Singapore and Papua New Guinea, taking advantage of their weakened defences after heavy Survival Colony incursions. District undergoes heavy industrialisation.


  • Robotic aids and policing squads become extremely commonplace in all developed nations. Their initiation proves invaluable for protecting sectoral populace during the WJU
  • First prototypes of D-type androids are developed as the price of high-quality C type androids fall. Project spearheaded by NODE Corporation with the aim to produce near-perfectly human-like androids.


  • 3rd: Treaty of Strasbourg, ceasefire called upon the World Justice Uprising. All official hostilities stop.


  • 22nd: With the threat of the WJU gone, Marcus Christelle is deposed from his position as the One King of Sector IV. European Monarchies put under house arrest.




  • c: Birth of Andrew Sol.
  • 2nd: Foundation of the Eastern Alliance with aims of increasing economic security between Philippines and Brunei
  • Western Malaysia annexed by China in its own efforts to intimidate Singapore. Eastern Malaysia hastily joins the Eastern Alliance.
  • Manila Treaty established between Sector XII and the Eastern Alliance. Oceania's initial goals are to prevent their own borders from aggressively clashing with the superpower Sector III Central Asia Zone, however the Eastern Alliance's ties with the right-wing Restored White Armies serves only to backfire, fuelling further tension between the two sectors.







  • Damien Anderson assumes the rank of Commander. Expansion of Ghost_K Organisation from six Guardians to more than fifty active personnel. Secondary Division founded in Greenland.
  • Project Earth Reborn attack on the Panama Canal.





  • c.: Cuban Incursion. After failing to destabilise Sector XI through aggressive actions against the Panama Canal, Project Earth Reborn launched a strike on the island of Cuba. Initially a pro-socialist uprising with the aim of setting Cuba free from capitalist rule, it eventually turns into an anarchic struggle for survival.


  • c: The Guiana Space Centre is formally returned to the European Commonwealth as a gesture of good will.


  • 20th: Vallarie Administration assume full control of Sector IV, with Stephanie Christelle crowned as the ruling monarch of the political zone.


  • c: Formation of the privately owned First Sphere Colony on the Moon by an unknown India-based organisation. Months after foundation, its private property status continually remained unrecognised by the United Nations, all whilst being sent parking fees in the two events UN spacecraft landed on First Sphere claimed soil in its attempts to contact the company through what little means were made available. For years after the event, the United Nations still officially owed the First Sphere Colony two payments of €99.99.
    • Infrastructure and facilities serve only as a scientific researching platform, and do not see civilian structures until well after 2200.


  • Records of Subject Gamma appears for the first time in Sector III.
  • Due to the dwindling Calypso Industries' funds being focussed on maintaining Upper Africa's internal economy, the offshore trade provinces of Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia are annexed into the Sector IV Euro Zone with minimal resistance.


  • c: The probable beginning of hostilities arising between Sector IX and XI. An exact date cannot be pinned down due to large amounts of soldiers being deployed to the border on both sides of the border over the course of several months as strategic bluffs. Small firefights erupted on occasion at these times but never escalated. Many historians argue that the Central Americans were seeking to capitulate on the PSAR forces being stretched thin after a brutal offensive undertaken by the FDRS in the spring.


  • c.: Death of Olia Silveira, Guardian of Water.
  • c.: After the increasing success of its two prototype phases, Pantheon 0.3 enters a commercial pre-clinical phase in the Royal Novatis Pharmaceutical Special Developments complex in Switzerland, Sector IV.


  • Industrial Potato Peeler Incident.


  • 14th. Beginning of what the Central Americans would later dub the El Salvador Insurrection. Apparent engagement with International Worker's Union forces within Soyapango, however details still remain unconfirmed due to a complete media blackout being enforced for the entire duration of the conflict.
  • 18th. Reported death of Agent 01 at the hands of Central American Zone Forces.


  • c. Sector XI pull out of what they have called the Righteous Panama Defence Conflict. Many foreign observers claim that, when they were at war, the Central Americans appeared to be at their most unified. According to the Central American Zone, it was an undeniable victory as Panama remained in Central American control despite attempts by other nations to seize the canal. Their government finds it important to stress that their decision to withdraw aid from Sector IX was completely voluntary and not due to mass losses of military equipment or personnel while engaged with South American forces in Colombia nor due to the destabilisation of their entire Sector after a series of terrorist attacks. The loss of all territory up to the Panama Canal was also deemed to be a necessary strategic risk endorsed by Sector I American Zone.





  • 4th: Operation Liberating Condor. After realising that their Central American Zone allies faced losing the Panama Canal, Sector I launched a campaign to liberate Panama from the "Communist Menace". Details of what this entailed remain sketchy with references to ten B-5 Revenant bombers being utilised to ensure a perpetual bombing campaign against vital strategic targets within the South American Zone A.


  • c.: The F-125 Suppressor enters service after the American Zone declares an end to what is dubbed the "Great American War", thus it never sees active duty in the conflict.





  • 11th: Activation of Alison Katsura's guardian gene. Newly developed ability soon heightens her sense of individuality drastically.


  • 30th: Alison Katsura escapes from Sector II Pan-Russian Zone through a security fluke, suffering from permanent sterilisation and attempted brainwashing procedures, only to find herself having been captured by a zionist militant group and trained harshly to become a religious soldier.


  • 31st: Alison Katsura escapes from zionist militant hands. Travels through the American Middle Eastern colony towards the refugee-friendly Sector VII. Discovered by Ghost_K within a matter of weeks.


  • c. Dissolution of the Calypso Industries board of directors through aggressive negotiation. Governmental control in Sector VII swings heavier towards the Oligarchy of Elders. Elder Khoury comes to power, who through his forgiving and charismatic leadership gains the heavy support of the upper African people.


  • Recovery of Laurence Valentine in Sector VII.


  • Alison Katsura completes training and rehabilitation within Ghost_K and is pressed into fully fledged service as a guardian.


  • c. Andrew Sol appears within Sector IV on a state visa.
  • Death of Subject Alpha.


  • c.: Official end date of the World Justice Uprising, with all Survival Colonies eradicated.


  • 21st: Holy union of Vamana Uldericks and Natalia Christelle.






  • Elder Khoury assassinated
  • 11th: Ghost_K insurgence on the Sector VII Upper African Zone Elder Sanctuary within the Tripoli metropolis. Assault launched with the aim to dispose of Elder Duma before his assumption of political control, and to subsequently prevent Calypso Industries from being rebuilt and its possible absorption into the government.
  • Death of Elder Duma at the hands of (according to Ghost_K mission reports) Claude Lasi-Faité.


  • 4th: Re-expansion of Ghost_K with the initiation of a wider recruitment regime. Personnel expands from seven members to well over one hundred elementals. Secondary division in Greenland revived.
  • 6th: Plans for the formation of a communist revolution first established by Ghost_K with the intentions to break the grasp of capitalism in Upper Africa. Due to no immediate political or economic events to stimulate the revolution, manifesto pamphlets and other awareness campaigns do little to stir the masses.


  • 19th: North African Civil war breaks out with the unofficially recognised proclamation of Sector XIII North Eastern Africa between the capitalist north-western Sector VII and the communist supporting nations in the north east.

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