Ghost_K Manga


Action, Mecha, Psychological/emotional

Written by:

Tom "NecrusIV Tindall

Illustrated by:

Tom "NecrusIV Tindall

Published by:

Void Media


Shōnen (Mature Shōnen, epsecially Issue 2+, aimed for 15-17 year olds)

Original run:

25th December 2011- ongoing

Other contributers:

TardirProductions - Translator, script writer
Lither - Potential script writer!

Issue one

Main article: Issue One: Crimson Atmosphere

Testing ground. Not very good in my opinion. It was rushed. Lots of peer pressure, and eventually presented my eager fans with a crappy half-hearted job. Makes no sense whatsoever storyline-wise. Though I guess it will have to count as canon otherwise i'll have nothing to present to the public when advertising this place. Issue 2 will be set a few months afterwards. I finally have a bloody idea as to how to play it out.

Issue two

Main article: Issue Two: Iridescence

After seeing Rebuild of Evangelion (definition of awesome anime) and getting back onto the 40k wiki. Getting to know other writers and what people think is cool, as well as reading 6 full volumes of a manga series and actually seeing how anime is comic-ized (it's actually pretty different to western comics, and i like it)

I finally have an idea!

From the script i wrote recently, it looks damn promising! i'm excited!


Issue one

  • Psalms of Planets: Eureka seveN (The anime, Eureka Seven)
  • Elemental Recon Original storyline in which was adapted into Ghost_K
  • Soul Eater (Anime) Paticulary the friendship between Maka and Crona is inspiration for Lilly and Breanna

Issue two

  • Evangelion 1.11 - just watching well-scripted anime has made me learn how to carry out decent manga
  • Evangelion 2.22 - Fights against Urcron like the fights against angels? i think yes! MUCH MORE INTERESTING!
  • The Eureka Seven manga: read all 6 volumes, well for one thing i know how MANGA is carried out differently as appose to traditional western comics

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