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Alexander Sánchez
Aliases Gerard Taylor

Frank Eisner

Robert Matthews

Language(s) English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, others
Role(s) Criminal
Aligned sector I
Nationality Unknown; Possibly Mexican, although he has been said to be American
Element SigilAir Air
Keidis rating β plus by β plus (398/386)
Gender Male
Born 2081
Physical Description
Skin colour White
Hair colour Thought to be black, but is often dyed

Alexander Sánchez, more commonly known under the pseudonym "Gerard Taylor" is an agent unknowingly under the employ of Claude Lasi-Faité. Mainly working in Sector I, Taylor is known as an underground activist and criminal resposable for many illicit activities within the sector. Taylor believes his activities help a terrorist organisation designed to bring down the American government. He is actively involved in scouting potential members for local insurgent groups and militias, often manipulating their leaders under the guise of offering logistical support. Taylor has no idea of his true master's identity and is blissfully ignorant that he is a nothing more than a disposable pawn to man.


Taylor was born Alexander Sánchez in the United States of America with his parents being refugees from Central America. Sánchez became an admirer of anarchist and communist teachings despite having little idea on the inner workings of the two ideologies, possibly due to his struggle to gain an occupation in the American job market. Sánchez along with a small group of fellow left wing students created the American Student Association of Socialism and Democracy, with Taylor appointing himself as first secretary. As a youth Sánchez became involved in house robberies, drug and alcohol abuse, and rape.


Taylor is described as being quiet, with a brooding presence. He prefers to work independently, and is dedicated in his duties. However the close few who know him say he is a sly, and completely obsessed with pseudo-socialist ideology.


Taylor is tall, with serviceable muscle mass. Reportedly his eyes are coloured hazel, although he normally wears coloured contact lenses. His skin is white, although in recent years it has darkened with age. His black hair is carefully styled, and often dyed according to the alias he is using at any given point (as Gerard Taylor for example his hair is blonde).

Abilities and traits

Taylor is a rather weak air elemental, barely capable of the posing a real threat with his powers, only being able to achieve limited flight and manipulation of air currents. Taylor is more accomplished in areas such as espionage and sabotage.






Story Credits


The name "Mr Alexander" was chosen because, in the Ghost_K universe, Alex seems to be an irritatingly common name.

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