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James Gary Alexander Walton
Language(s) English
Aligned sector Sector I American Zone
Nationality American
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Evangelicalism

Neo Luminous Christianity (formally)

Born November 15th, 2028
Died Thought to be around 2111 (84-85)
Physical Description
Skin colour White
Hair colour Grey (formally blond)
Height 6' 5

Gary James Alexander Walton was the founder of the Church of Enlightenment, and head minister there until Frank Eisner succeeded him in 2104, when Walton was deemed too frail to continue serving as the head of the rapidly expanding church. Walton served in an advisory role before his excommunication from the church in 2110, where he fled from the state of South Carolina. It is likely Walton died, but his body has never been found.


Gary Walton first came into prominence when he and a group of his friends joined the "Christian Union of Enlightenment" that had been set up at his university. The group slanted towards right wing Evangelical teachings. Walton meanwhile was more interested in the rather obscure teachings put forward by a new group of Christians, named Neo-Luminous Christians.


On the exterior, Walton was a cold, distant man who rarely spoke to people. He was formulaic, bureaucratic, and pedantic. Only in his sermons did he exhibit signs of passion, especially when he was younger. When Walton was a young man he was obsessed with Neo-Luminous teachings, but as he grew older his faith in those beliefs wavered, causing him to adopt teachings more in line with Evangelicalism.

Abilities and traits

Walton was passable in public speeches, having confidence but lacking personality and flavour. Walton was more well versed in economics and finances, as well as politics and religion.



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