GHOST Universe
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Date of Foundation

February 21, 2011


Other key collaborators:

Original Work:

Order of the Guardians:Ghost K

Other Releases:

For the group the series is centered around, see GHOST (Group)

GHOST (previously known as Ghost_K)is a fictional universe founded during February 2011 by Void Media and its contributors, and is a series of short stories, art, accompanying music and comics set in an alternate future world where humans have the natural ability to control elements, focusing heavily on the emotions and experiences of the characters and the impact that destiny has on them all.

The prototype title was initially Ecron, before being released with a title inspired by a song, retaining the title until relaunching in 2015.

The series started out as a modern rebirth of the 2007 casual comic strip "Elemental Recon", remade with a radically different storyline within a deeper and much more unique universe.

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