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Free African Land of the Lord God's Domain
Flag of Freeland
Anthem My country 'tis of thee (first and fourth verse only)
United States Navy Band - God Save the Queen
Political centres Kongolo
Official language(s) English
Member states African continent (claimed)
Katanga province (disputed)
South Kivu (disputed)
Monarch Jasper Hetrick
Societal and Economical Development
World superpower ranking N/A
HDI 0.234
Democracy index 0.00 (Authoritarian regime)
Controlling power Enlightened Neo-Luminous Liberation Army
Government type Military theocratic dictatorship
Preceding political entities Central American Congo
Average crime rate High
Crime control Low
Unemployment High

The Free African Land of the Lord God's Domain (more commonly referred to as Freeland) is a unrecognised state in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Sub-Saharan Africa.

Freeland was formed by members of the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army who had broken off from New Medero after being disgruntled by what they called a tolerant attitude towards the Congolese people. Freeland was formed by ENLA Alexander Brandon, who was shortly assassinated afterwards. His successor Jasper Hetrick subsequently appointed himself as the Divine Enlightened Neo-Luminous Liberator of the Free African Land of the Lord God's Domain, stating that he had been appointed by God to liberate the African people and cleanse them of their sins.

Currently Freeland claims the entirety of the African continent although in reality it only controls parts of the Katanga and South Kivu provinces. The Enlightened Neo-Luminous Liberation Army , the governing power of Freeland, has been accused of massacring large amounts of native Africans. The ENLLA states that it is merely removing those who are considered unclean in the eyes of God and that they are cleansing them of their sins. Freeland is currently wrought with frequent violence, the spread of disease, malnutrition, and a rape percentage so high it has been nicknamed as the rape capital of the world.


New Medero

Freeland was formed after the New Medero civil war, which started after ENLA officer and General of the Armies Alexander Brandon tried to force Defender of the Nation Edward Lester to step down after letting what he called a "dangerous influx of ***** into the government" and such people should be purged. Lester for pragmatic reasons disagreed causing a rift to erupt in the Mederon government with supporters of Brandon fighting supporters of Lester. The Prime Minister of New Medero Jérôme Katanga, a Congolese politician who was disgruntled by ENLA's theocratic rule, led a coup in the capital of Kisangani. The coup was successful with Katanga liquidating many ENLA officials and proclaimed the Republic of Zaire to be formed.

Katanga's move managed to unite the ENLA factions who moved against Katanga. Katangas forces however where able to annexe the eastern parts of New Medero with the cities of Bumba, Gemena and Buta having their ENLA governments ousted. Katanga then tried to attack ENLA's headquarters in Bodho, with his main lieutenants Babajide Kwabena and Abidemi Oluwakanyinsola, leading the attack. Oluwakanyinsola loyal to ENLA however murdered Kwabena and managed to turn Katnaga's forces on themselves. Katanga was assassinated by an ENLA death squad, and his forces subsequently were defeated.

After the war Lester reshuffled the Lord's National Defence Committee of New Medero (the ruling oligarchy of New Medero) and demanded Brandon step down from his position. Brandon fled from New Medero with around two hundred supporters, who travelled south wards of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, often raiding villages for food and surviving on everything from tree bark to their own fingers.


It was in the town of Kongolo that Freeland was born. By this point Brandon and his 200 men had been slowly whittled down to around 150. Kongolo however had been occupied by Hutu rebels from Rwanda, who had reportedly raped much of the native population. Brandon ordered his men to open fire upon civilians and rebels unlike, massacring most of the town. Brandon then stated to the natives that he had liberated them and that he would usher them forwards into an age of stability and prosperity under his governance. The natives welcomed Brandon's men, thinking he would be more moderate then those who had oppressed them beforehand. Brandon then had the women of the town raped by his own men, and subsequently enslaved them, forcing them to put barbed wire fences around Kongolo. Violence soon broke out with one of the Congolese killing Brandon.

Brandons death was quickly glossed over as his deputy Jasper Hetrick took charge. Hetrick ordered his men to use any means to kill the Congolese, eventually resorting to mustard gas that they had obtained from the Israeli black market. Hetrick then in an elaborate ceremony had himself crowned Divine Enlightened Neo-Luminous Liberator of the Free African Land of the Lord God's Domain, and announced the creation of Freeland, claiming sovereignty over all Africa. The Enlightened Neo-Luminous Liberation Army was established as the main political organ in the nation.


Freeland expanded thanks to increased support from former ENLA in New Medero who also thought the regime there was too liberal. As well as this white mercenaries from South Africa also helped expand the territory of Freeland so it encompassed portions of the Katanga and South Kivu provinces. However the ENLLA faced sharp resistance from the Congolese due their frequent ethnic cleansing and raping of women. The ENLLA also evicted numerous UN peacekeeping missions in the region looting their equipment. Food and resources were extracted using the local populace as a labour force.

This aggressive expansion caught the ire of other Congolese warlords and the Congolese government. The ethnic cleansing of the natives caused the ENLLA to halt expansion as they fought numerous rebel groups, who saw the ENLLA as a common enemy. Hetrick proclaimed that such attacks where comparable to attacks on God himself, continuing to use the natives as little more as cannon fodder for his army.


Freeland is perhaps best described as a Neo-fascist theocratic absolute monarchy administrated by a military junta. The Divine Enlightened Neo-Luminous Liberator of the Free African Land of the Lord God's Domain (often known as the Liberator) functions as both the head of state and head of government, and holds supreme executive, legislative and judicial power. The Liberator is also the Commander-in-Chief of the military, the Reverend-Director of the ENLLA, the Supreme Leader of the Enlightened Liberty Power, the Speaker of Senate, and the President of Congress. All political parties are banned save for the Enlightened Liberty Party (ELP), which is almost completely controlled by the military, which is also its paramilitary wing the the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Liberation Army (ENLLA).

The Senate of Freeland serves as the legislature, and is dominated by the ELP. The Speaker leads the Senate, which consists of 18 representatives. The main executive of Freeland is the Congress, which is led by the President of Congress. Members of Congress are picked by the Liberator from the Senate, and serve indefinite terms. Their are currently 18 members of the Congress. Officially the Senate convenes once a month, but every meeting has been postponed due to continued conflict in Freeland. The Congress of Freeland is currently made up of members of the military, and have since Freelands inception been responsible for administrating the country.


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