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Frank Lee Robin Eisner
Language(s) English
Role(s) Minister of the Church of Enlightenment
Governor of South Carolina
Aligned sector Sector I American Zone
Nationality American
Element SigilLight Light
Keidis rating δ minus by y plus (445/398)
Gender Male
Religious beliefs Neo-Luminous Christianity
Relatives Daniel Eisner (father, deceased)
Alice Eisner (Mother, deceased)
Hannah Eisner (Wife, deceased)
Born June 7th, 2059 (62)
Eisner sig white
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour White (formally brown)
Height 5' 7
Weight 12 st
Military Service
Service Branch United American Strike Force(2096-2101)

Church of Enlightenment Militia (2110-2111)

Years of Service 5 (UASF)

1 (CoEM)

Rank Private (UASF)

Reverend-Director (CoEM)

Battles/wars The Madrid Massacre
Awards Army Service Ribbon
I have been called by liberal commies a demented bigot for the simple belief in that marriage is scared, certain races are inherently more thuggish then others, that free healthcare leads to communism, that America brings liberty to all nations and that the son of God turned water into wine. Any man will tell you those aren't the words of a demented bigot, but a true blooded American.

–Frank Eisner

Frank Lee Robin Eisner (born June 7th, 2059) , more commonly known as Frank L R Eisner is an American religious leader and neoconservative who serves as the CEO and head cleric of the Church of Enlightenment, as well as being the Governor of the US state of South Carolina and a former presidential candidate. Eisner is known as being an influential figure within the Neo-Luminous Christian community and is credited as popularising it in America. Eisner has also incited widespread hatred of elementals, atheists, Arabs, Latinos, African Americans, communists, Muslims, and anything left to fascism.

Born in the town of Salem in South Carolina in a community of Neo-Luminous Christians, Eisner was at first a lawyer and secretly a light elemental. Eisner married his wife, Hannah Eisner (née Garfield) in the year 2087. Nine years later Eisner was drafted into the United American Strike Force, where he served to fight Project Earth Reborn forces in Central America. The forces in the zones were trying to establish a communist regime there, which helped later fuel Eisner's later anti-communism and anti-latino views.

After the Treaty of Strasbourg Eisner left the military, where the secret of his elemental power was revealed to his colleagues, as he had used them in the conflict. Soon after his return to his home, Eisner struggled to live with his wife after her conversion to Christianity whilst he was fighting in the war, as well as his substance abuse of alcohol and tobacco. In a fit of rage he accidentally killed his wife before being captured by supposed communist, anti-religion terrorists from Mexico. Eisner was tortured for weeks by the terrorists, before being "rescued" by the Church of Enlightenment. Eisner, who was previously an agnostic, converted soon afterwards, becoming indoctrinated into the ranks of the Church of Enlightenment.

Eisner was soon appointed as minister of the church due to his status of a light elemental, and started to gain a strong following in the Southern United states, with his views on elementals and nationalism being equally praised and criticised. Eisner lead Church of Enlightenment insurgents deploying into Panama in the year 2111 during the United States involvement in the Great American War in order to assist American forces on the frontlines utilising guerilla warfare. Eisners treatment of the South and Central Americans during the conflict was deemed inhumane, and was kept secret to the general population of the world, with the Churches forces ordered to retreat within only 5 months of fighting. It was after that did he secretly founded the Enlightened Neo-Luminous Army (ENLA), although he denounced the organisation after the public became aware of the organisations activities.

Eisner continued to be active in political and religious matters in the USA, eventually being appointed as governor of South Carolina. In this position Eisner introduced the Elemental Resignation Act, and then the Elemental Rights Act as well as several neoliberal reforms which have seen South Carolina's living and education standard fall rapidly with the rise of Church schools ad lack of access to basic healthcare. Despite this Eisner remains popular among American neoconservatives for his hawkish foreign policy, fiscal conservatives for his endorsement of the "free" market and social conservatives for his pro-life, anti-homosexuality and highly moralistic social views. This support allowed him to run in the 2120 presidential elections in the American Confederation where he did not win. Eisner has been accused of channelling funds to ENLA and retains several businesses connections in the unrecognised state of New Medero, although Eisner states that he has "no connections to terrorists".


Early life

Eisner was born in Salem, South Carolina in the year 2059. His father came from the small town whilst his mother was a second generation German immigrant. Salems residents were primarily influenced by Neo Luminous Christianity, due to their local church being run by a young preacher of those beliefs. Both of Eisner's parents however were more lapsed protestants, and shunned by their neighbours. His parents only lived in the town out of necessity, as their income was low, and the house was inherited from Eisner's grandfather. Eisner was home schooled for his primary education, rather than to the local school. As such he led a sheltered childhood, and only saw sights beyond his community when he sent out of town for High school. Eisner became interested in studies into law and politics, regarding organised religion as "complete and utter rubbish". Despite his rejection of Christianity he remained a committed fiscal libertarian and neoconservative.

Career as a lawyer

Leaving school Eisner pursued his desired career as a lawyer. Often his clientèle were atheists, who could not afford nor hire the services of older, more venerable lawyers. Eisner began to sympathise with the injustice atheists faced in the political climate of America.

Eisner struggled to find work as he grew older, as his reputation deteriorated due to his connections to primarily catering to atheists. In a state of near poverty he met on Hannah Garfield, a women looking for a lawyer who dealt with atheist or agnostic clients to gain divorce papers for her fundamentalist husband, who gave her physical abuse whilst they were together.

Eisner offered his services, and managed to formalise the divorce settlement and imprisonment for her husband. During the case Garfield transferred her affections over to Eisner, and started living with her after the divorce was finalised and her husband incarcerated. Two years on and Eisner and Garfield married in a civil marriage centre.


Like many in Sector I, Eisner only became involved in the Anti-Sectoral War (more commonly known as World War III) after the Treaty of Geneva in 2096. The American Confederation had previously opted to stay out of the war, but joined forces with the other sectors when they all agreed to fight the Survival Colonies. Eisner was drafted into the United American Strike Force, and was sent to Panama to engage Project Earth Reborn forces. A month prior to this however Eisner and his wife had discovered the latter was pregnant with the couples child.

Eisner spent 5 years fighting PER forces in Panama. In one incident however Eisner was surrounded by PER men. In a state of panic Eisner used his element of light on PER men, killing them. This action was noticed by a young Mexican named Alexander Sánchez. Eisner was discharged from the UASF in 2101 after the Treaty of Strasbourg.


After returning from the third world war, Eisner struggled to adapt to ordinary life. Primarily the reason for this was that his wife had converted to the Neo-Luminous Christianity due to her fear of Eisners death in the conflict as well as being severely shaken by her unborn daughters death in the womb. Eisner started to heavily drink and smoke as well as commit (blatant) adultery. Eisner also refused to go back to his previous job of a lawyer, saying the business was fundamentally corrupt. Eisner became more paranoid and violent, often abusing his wife.

One night Eisner came home so intoxicated he found his wife demanding he leave the house. After an argument Eisner lost his temper and killed his wife, before trying to escape town. He was found however by Martín González, a Mexican mercenary employed to capture Eisner by Gerard Taylor (although Eisner was unaware of this fact). González tortured Eisner for a month, beating him with batons (which at one point was wrapped in barbed wire) burnt his skin with a cigarette, as well melting his right eye with the same cigarette and using psychological torture to dehumanise Eisner.

Eisner throughout the ordeal was haunted by the death of his wife, before turning to his last hope, praying to God. Soon afterwards Eisner was "rescued" by men under the employ of Gary Walton. Eisner was put into intensive care, with his wounds being healed and his right eye replaced with a glass one. When Eisner was pronounced healthy he immediately became a member of the Church of Enlightenment, being given privileges as a light elemental, with some already claiming him to be God's saviour on Earth.

Rise to prominence

Great American War

The godless commies have denied the people God’s word. If we don’t take down these infidels then are we not the same in the Lords eyes, turning the other way? If the tale of the Good Samaritan has told us anything, we must help those in need. If our president is calling for thousands of true blooded Americans to take up arms, shouldn't we do so as well, not only for the sake of democracy and freedom, but to carry out the word of our Lord.

–Eisners justification for sending militia into Colombia, [src]

Further prominence


A dedicated zealot, Eisner is a compassionate man, who thinks that his activities benefit the world. He is driven by a desire to be pure in the eyes of God, and reflects that in his stern, steadfast demeanour. His loud voice and booming presence has given him a grandiose air, one that immediately grabbed the attention of others. He has stated he has a strong moral compass, despite many saying his preachings were cruel and intolerant. Eisner is ambitious, and constantly vied for complete control.

Before his "enlightenment" Eisner was a more humble man. Often he limited social contact, partly due to his agnosticism, but more influenced by his abilities as an elemental. He was still a natural leader however. Eisner always was confident around women, but after being married he was loyal to a fault. As with all his promises Eisner was committed, keen on uplifting his word. Eisner used to drink and smoke heavily, but after his conversion he became a lot more clean cut and sober publicly, although in private he still engages in those activities.

Public image

In his later life as his activities as minister for the Church of Enlightenment became more well known, Eisner has became a figure of controversy to the American public. Often his admirers point out his stirring rhetoric, active stance in American politics and general up holding of Christian beliefs. Critics accuse him of intolerance, and decried him as a warmonger. However, Eisner has gained enough popularity that when he ran for governor of South Carolina he managed to take the position (although it was rumoured American politicians were bribed to appoint Eisner through an anonymous financier)

Eurowolf news has famously called Eisner "the typical nationalistic, backward minded, intolerant and racist American from the South." Many of Eisners views were found in his best selling semi-autobiographical book The Path to Enlightenment, which, upon release, was a common source of derision for his detractors, but seen as a "groundbreaking, moving and definitive book for any respectable Christian in America" by his followers.

Eisner throughout his life has grown a large cult of personality in his native sector, with 52% of Americans stating they trusted him to make the right decisions in a national poll, and 12% believing him to be a suitable candidate for president. Eisner usually was well received when meeting the public.

Eisner officially cites Jesus, God, the founding fathers of America, Joseph McCarthy and Ronald Reagan as his inspirations.

Views of elementals

Eisner is infamous for his anti-elemental stance, which further polarised the population of America. Eisner at first only preached that all elementals should be incarcerated or killed. Many called him hypocritical, pointing out as a light elemental Eisner was "betraying" his peers. In light of this Eisner specified that he thought that only shadow and fire elementals should be "lined up and shot", and that elementals who worked in the church and military "should be applauded", before further elaborating he had used elementals as a blanket term.

Eisner further contradicted himself when he stated that with the exception of light elementals working as ministers, all elementals should be sent to labour camps. Eisner led support for an Elemental resignation act, where all elementals should give themselves up to the state and/or the church, before campaigning for the reintroduction for witch hunts for shadow and fire elementals.

After his appointment of governor, Eisner successfully passed the Elemental Resignation Act in South Carolina. This act required every elemental in the state to register as such, where they would be transferred to labour camps or drafted into the military. Eisner selected younger elementals to be secretly indoctrinated into the Church of Enlightenment. After the act was passed in South Carolina the states of Texas, Mississippi, Utah, Alabama and Louisiana passed similar acts. Eisner then brought along the Elemental Rights Act, which removed certain rights for Shadow and Fire elementals. Other elementals also had rights suspended if they had a criminal record, and any elemental who did not register themselves had all rights removed.

This act caused public outcry from elementals and elemental support groups. Eisner stood by the act, saying it represented the majority of the American publics concern over elemental activities. In the light of this only the states of Mississippi, Texas and Utah introduced similar acts, with West Virginia, Louisiana, Kansas, Tennessee, and Alabama passing laws that were considered to be less draconian.

Founding fathers comment

If you start discriminating against [light elementals] you are effectively standing against the principles this country was based on.....after, its common knowledge that the founding fathers were light elementals.

–Frank Eisner

Eisner came under worldwide criticism after a public speech he made when campaigning for the reintroduction of witch hunts for elementals, where he stated that light elementals, rather then have certain rights removed like other elementals, should actually have increased benefits. To justify this statement he said that the founding fathers of America were light elementals, and that one was "standing against the principles this country was based on" if they disrespected light elementals.

This comment was the subject to much scrutiny in the media around the world. Historians pointed out that the idea of the founding fathers being elementals was most likely a myth created by Christian nationalists. Various left wing organisations in particular derided Eisner, stating that this belief further highlighted Americas backwards minded, nationalistic and ignorant views. Eisner defended his comments, saying that "if the infidels, communists, papists and anti-Americans want to deny the indisputable fact of the matter, so be it." This comment attracted further controversy.

Views on religion

Christian denominations


Eisner has repeatedly denounced the Catholic faith, saying it is the product of Europeans "corrupting" the Christianity. He says that any Catholic is "no real Christian" citing them in traditionally engaging in gluttony and greed, and that they are practically pagans. More recently Eisner has accused Pope Peter II as being a paedophile "like many in the Catholic clergy". These opinions have caught the ire of many European Catholics, who have accused Eisner of encouraging outdated and negative stereotypes.


Eisner has commended Lutheranism for breaking down the the Catholic control over Europe and popularising protestantism but has since said that "the lingering influence of the papists still remain". Many have commented that of all denominations Eisner has little comments on Lutheranism, leading some to say that Eisner has little understanding of the denomination.


In his book The Path to Enlightenment Eisner praised Evangelicalism for its roots in American culture and political ideology. However since Eisner has been more critical of Evangelicals, saying they are "watered down" and that they should embrace Neo-Luminous beliefs, not reject them.


Eisner has praised the Jewish faith for being "the only sane faith after Christianity" although he has lamented the Jews "lack of belief in our lord Jesus Christ". Eisner has since stated that Jews are integral to the world due to their role in the apocalypse, with Eisner stating that the Jews - and to an extension the State of Israel - must be protected at all costs.

Influence on Neo-Luminous Christianity

Eisner is usually credited as being the one to bring Neo Luminous Christianity into the world wide cultural lexicon. During his time as minister of the Church approximately 3% of Sector I's population converted to the denomination. Eisner practically enforced the worship of Neo-Luminous Christianity in the state capital of South Carolina, Columbia. Eisner also had all education centres in South Carolina teach religious science, a concept established years earlier. Eisner became the figurehead of Neo Luminous Christianity, and was thought by many to be the one who would lead the human race to salvation, until another more likely individual became more well known, causing Eisners popularity to drop more and more. Never the less Eisner remains one of the most publicly powerful Neo-Luminous Christian.

Views of race

Eisner is notably critical of Asian, Arab and Hispanic races, stating that they were a blight on the earth. Eisner has always stated that white people of Germanic descent are the "exemplars of humanity". He has defended Jews as being "the voice of reason in the hellhole that is the Middle East". Eisner has suggested that slavery laws should be brought back to end unemployment among black people in America.

Portrayal in other sectors

Eisners appearance is often parodied by many foreign news outlets, usually emphasising his weight, large round glasses, stained teeth and slightly mismatched eyes. In some of earlier portrayals Eisners unruly curly hair was also exaggerated.

Eisner is commonly portrayed in a negative light in other sectors, with his pro-American and xenophobic speeches popular sources for derision. As of 2121 Eisner is banned from visiting Sectors III, IV, and IX. His anti elemental rhetoric however is only glanced over, with Eurowolf briefly decrying Eisner. In Sector VI some of Eisners speeches concerning elementals are heavily censored and adapted into propaganda designed to increase the common anti-elemental sentiment found there.

Abilities and Attributes

Light elemental powers

Eisner has never tested the full potency of his elemental powers. When he was younger he was afraid of being known to posses them, and after his conversion he is more interested in his teachings. Despite that Eisner has a clear grip of his powers, being able to use blinding light and firing light beams without straining himself. Eisner has never managed to fully master his powers however, never bothering to further expand his abilities. Eisner surrounds himself in a blinding light when performing public speeches to further emphasise his self appointed status as a prophet from God. He uses beams of light in certain cases as a quick efficient way to murder people.

Oratory and literary skills

Eisner has always been a skilled orator, being described as having conviction and confidence in his delivery. His speeches are more often than not described as compelling, and that people would be enraptured by his clear belief in what he was preaching. These oratory skills are aided by the virtue of the speeches said being written well, although in total five people help ghost write Eisners speeches, with his own input being reportedly minimal.

Military training

Eisner has rudimentary military skills from basic training. These skills amount to a few survival techniques and marksmanship training. Eisner is a relatively poor shot (most likely owing to his near-sightedness) and lacks the experience and motivation to continue training, instead relying on his elemental powers.


Slightly shorter than the average American, Eisner is slightly overweight by the time of his death, a fact he is conscious of. Eisner has a beer gut, broad shoulders, and beefy hands. Although balding, the hair that remains on his head was cropped short, slicked back and coloured white with age. He sprouts a short neatly trimmed beard which has the occasional brown streak. Eisners face has always been square and robust, with a firm jawline. Eisners face is also pockmarked. His eyes are a dull grey, and often wears round horn rimmed glasses due to near sightedness. After his conversion he has started to wear a cybernetic eye in his right socket, which is noticeably lighter in comparison. His straight teeth are stained with nicotine. To many he comes across as a doddery grandfather rather than the shrewd zealot he really is.

When Eisner was younger he had a lot less body fat, and a full head of cropped curly brown hair. He usually wore a shirt and brown overcoat, both of which were usually scruffy. In court he wore a black suit and slicked back his unruly hair. After he returned from WWIII Eisner hardly shaved, resulting in him having an overgrown bread.

Eisner often wears a tailored white suit with a clerical collar, with simple black trousers and a white shirt. His shoes are made of fine leather, and considered expensive. In his military exploits in the Great American War as well as his more illicit activities Eisner wears a military jacket coloured white, adorned with a gold aiguillette and gold epaulettes. He has the insignia of the Church of Enlightenment sewed onto his right shoulder. Eisner when dressed in this attire always wears a white capirote to mask his face, as well as for intimidation purposes.


Hannah Eisner

Eisners relationship with his wife was inconsistent. At first Eisner saw her as a client, and then a trophy. However once married Eisner started to respect and love Hannah more, with eager intentions to start a family. Whilst fighting at war Eisner still harboured deep affections for Hannah, but her subsequent conversion to Neo-Luminous Christianity made Eisner develop a love-hate relationship with his wife. As their relationship grew more strained Eisner started to actively breed contempt for Hannah culminating in her death. Since her death however Eisner has never stopped mourning her, regretting his past transgressions.


Contains coarse language


Would you rather the godless communists and Muslims spread their corruption as if it were a plague into the hearts of the most pious? That is reason enough to have them cleansed utterly, and why it is every Godly man's duty to help purge the Earth of these infidels.

–Frank Eisner in a sermon

Frankly it’s none of your fucking business, I've seen men who have followed "God" and ended up face down in a pool of their own blood. Poor deluded fools. Where was their God then? ...If there is a God then he's the one who killed my family, killed my friends. If there is a God, what has he given me? Nothing. That’s what. So it’s none of your fucking business what I believe. Or have you got a problem with that?

–Frank Eisner prior to his conversion, [src]

Socialism just doesn't work. It means the poor get poorer, and the so called "classless society" has a ruling caste that are worshipped as gods. Look at history's mass murderers -Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Adrastea. They were all socialists! I'm not saying anything, but look at the facts - socialism has and will always cause genocides.

–Frank Eisner on socialism

Islam is the greatest threat to America. I'm telling you that if you vote liberals then you are basically voting for Sharia law in America like they have in Europe and the Middle East.

–Frank Eisner on Islam

There are three nations that have never declared war on another nation - America, Australia and Israel. Want to know what they have in common? They are the last democracies on the planet.

–Frank Eisner on democracy and geopolitics

You know why the most developed nations on the planet haven't adopted the lie that is socialism? Because you eventually run out of other peoples money with socialism. Capitalism makes money, and it makes jobs. Capitalism in other words works.

–Frank Eisner on capitalism

If God wanted the world to be socialist then Jesus would have been a lazy, liberal minded communist hippy scum.

–Frank Eisner on Jesus

If you want to end unemployment and crime in America then just bring back slavery for black people. I assure you that its only because of liberal pinko commies that such a thing hasn't been done by now.

–Frank Eisner's employment policies

My job is to stop America from turning into a red caliphate like the damn liberals want.

–Eisner upon becoming Governor of South Carolina

I'm not a racist, but there's a reason negros commit more crimes then white people.

–Frank Eisner on crime statistics

I don't think we should make filthy immigrants lives better by giving them my money. That's socialism. That is reason enough to kick the damn liberals out of government, dismantle the welfare state and reinstate proper capitalism so everyone can be rich.

–Frank Eisner on welfare policies

If you vote for me for president I promise I will take this country back from the liberal communists and dirty jihardists. Believe me, you won't recognise America once I've finished with it

–Frank Eisner is his presidential campaign.

Liberals, socialist and communists hate your average American to choose their own lifestyle, as they will defiantly not choose the socialist lifestyle.

–Frank Eisner on social attitudes to socialism

We should nuke Europe and Japan as they are making our children into little liberal thugs.

–Frank Eisner's foreign policy

I have a solution for the Middle East. Nuke Iraq.

–Frank Eisner's foreign policy in the Middle East

All Feminism is just plain terrible. It has never been a source of good. It's just anti-man, man did this, man did that. Stop blaming hardworking men and become a better person. Preferably in the kitchen.

–Frank Eisner on feminism

There is and never was a "Palestinian people". You know what, I'm glad we got them to move to proper Arab states like Iran rather then have Israel sacrifice its sovereignty. If they are really still hung up about the whole thing, they should rename an Arab country like Pakistan "Palestine" to end the whole debate. I mean, they sound kinda similar

–Frank Eisner discussing his thoughts of Palestinian separatists in Greater Israel.

Admint Toll is possibly the best South American leader since Videla. I mean, he has been able to fight off the communists in the south and bring freedom to a part of the world the lefties have tried to destroy. Its a shame he let Cuba fall into the hands of the commie bastards though

–Frank Eisner on Admint Toll

American foreign policy should be about upholding American ideals of freedom and democracy. I mean, without America a place like Chile would never have transitioned from a Marxist dictatorship into a capitalist democracy. It should be America's job to invade a random country, kill their leaders, and let our great companies come in and spread freedom every few years.

–Frank Eisner's foreign policy

The Falklands Islands shouldn't be part of England if they aren't actually attached to them. What sort of country rules over territory you can't properly walk to?

–Frank Eisner

Bombing the families of terrorists is perfectly in line with Jesus...after all, the only terrorists are Muslims, and last time I checked they weren't God's chosen people

–Frank Eisner

So white genocide is a thing now. It is, after all, a historical fact that the straight white Christian male has always been the most discriminated group in society

–Frank Eisner


Fundamentalists have their uses when the need for discord is an imperative.

Claude Lasi-Faité

Piety is the price they pay in blood for a future that belongs to us.

Marcus Christelle

I'd like to see his God protect him from a thermonuclear detonation.

Ömer İşnan


Story credits


The first character created by Dog of War.

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