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Florentine Faible
Aliases Flow (Nickname) Florentine is suspected alias.
Language(s) French
Role(s) Vigilante, Street musician (formerly)
Aligned sector France
Nationality French.
Element SigilWater Water
Keidis rating Beta(231) / Alpha(121)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown ex-girlfriend
Born (age 32)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Hypocrites, arseholes and scumbags, welcome to the hunt!

–Florentine Faible

Florentine Faible is a user of the element of water. A homeless tramp who was beaten by muggers, Florentine's ability manifested during a fight, killing two criminals and scaring the rest off. Florentine Faible is a character from the story K21 - Bitter Reality.

Character History:

Florentine doesn't talk of his past much, however what can be pieced together from what he has said is that Florentine lost his job as a chef in a high chain restaurant after one of the customers received food poisoning from a poorly cooked steak. Due to his job as a chef, he was able to afford the best of the best and his bills were high. Unable to afford the rent for his apartment, Florentine was evicted and began living on the streets. To make ends meat for a while he used his guitar to become a basker, receiving a small amount of money to get food.

One night, when he was about to go to sleep on a park bench, the hunt was out and a particularly viscous group were stalking through the park. Florentine tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, when he was beaten with a lead pipe. He tried to escape the gang, getting as far as the river before they caught up to him and continued to attack him. Close to dying, he didnt notice the river explode outwards, showering the attackers with water. At that point, several of the attackers began to choke and sputter, as if drowning.

The whole gang was on their knees trying to cough up the water and escape. In the end, all but 2 managed to vomit the water up, escaping with their life. Where once he was mocked and bullied, he was now respected and feared. Florentine joined one of the hunts himself later on, in a hopeful attempt to kill the men that tried to murder them all those years ago.


Florentine Faible's nose is crooked and his left side of the head seems indented slightly from many injuries. He has scruffy, short blonde hair and a goatee the same colour. He has a scar across his right cheek, another injury from the hunt. His eyes are white.

He often wears light blue jeans, frayed and warn, this seems to be a stylistic choice by Florentine. He also wears a white, long sleeved shirt with his element symbol seemingly sprayed onto the fabric, often underneath a blue coat. He also wears a pair of brown trainers and bandages for free running.

Abilities and Attributes:

Water Elemental Power:

Florentine Faible uses the blessed element of water, though, in his own words "I'm still not very good". While he has a low rating on the Keidis Scale, he has very good control over the power he has got, choking his enemies with water by blocking their lungs from taking in air.

Other Talents:

As stated, Florentine is a good cook, allowing him to safely cook any food he is given, this is useful as it means he can usually be called upon as a reliable chef. He is also a good guitarist, allowing him to make a small living off street basking. Finally, his abilities as a street runner serve him well when taking part in the hunt.


Florentine Faible is a good natured man, albeit somewhat dim. He is jovial, smooth talking, quick to joke and always looking to talk himself out of difficult situations where he knows he wont win through force alone. However, he does have a darker side, as he is out for bitter revenge and has associated himself with the hunt to do so, murdering innocents to help his goal.


Andrew Sol

After saving Florentine from several thugs, he began to tag along with Andrew, showing him around Paris and introducing him to the other members of the hunt. As part of one of the gangs hunting him, their friendship turned sour. They've both decided to stay away from each other as to not cause unnecessary bloodshed.

Matt Chant

A long time friend of Florentine, Marcus has helped Florentine with street basking since he was 28, sharing the food as thanks.



Don't worry guys, I'll sort these guys out.

–Florentine to the other members of the hunt when confronted with a room of thugs. Shortly afterwards he was admitted into hospital with numerous broken bones, a dislocated shoulder and a stab wound through his leg.

Matt, were not getting a crowd, use that ability of yours to make us sound good.

–Florentine to Matt when he was busking for cash.


  • His surname means weak in french, a joke at his poor power with his water element.
  • His initials are FF, a reference to Foo fighters (albeit obscure)

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