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Fadey Jones Aleksandr








Russian, English.




Confirmed KIA.


Beneath the earth, in a war hero cemetery built for the regiment.


The Pyromaniac

Blessed Element


Plan A involves fire. Plan B also involves fire, just a lot more of it. Plan C? Burn everything within a six-mile radius.

–Fadey explaning his uncomplicated plans.

They accused old Pyotr of nepotism. So I set their homes on fire and killed their families.

–Fadey showing his characteristic disregard for human life

Fadey Aleksandr is a Russian Private currently holding a position in Pyotr's command squad.

Early Life

Fadey's early life before being inducted has been completely erased, even more thoroughly than that of his brother, Pyotr. As a result, the only thing certain about his life is that he is the younger brother to Pyotr. Anything else is mere speculation based on Pyotr's actions.


Back in training? Fun times. They'd take maybey twenty people a decade, from Russia or tourists whose children "vanished" overnight. Of the twenty, three or four would surivive. Three quarters of the dead were killed in the first year. It weeded out the unlucky, the incautious and the stupid. In theory. In practice? It weeded out everyone but the most accomplished backstabbers.


After Fadey had been discovered, he was taken into a school specifically for those who can manipulate elements. The training itself was the toughest the Russian officials thought up, and Fadey was the only survivor.

After he graduated, he was sent to a regiment, Pyotr's, just after Pyotr's campaign in Siberia was declared a success. Along with a portion of the other soldiers, Fadey vanished.


Pyotr's luck could not last forever. For years he had outfought and outmanoeuvred the Urcron, but finally he was beaten. A conspiracy dating back decades had placed a disloyal officer in charge of his regiment, which was promptly almost completely exterminated, leaving only Pyotr, Fadey and Dema alive. Trying to find answers, he stumbled upon the key to the Urcron successes against the Russian Federation. However, the last three members were killed shutting the station down. Nevertheless, the operation was a great strategic success and responsible for the campaign turning right around on the Urcron.



See, Pyotr and I always has such fun. Well, I have such fun and he has no fun yelling at me for not keeping a low enough profile out of combat. But that's fun to me, so who cares?


I've got so many ways to kill someone, sometimes I can't decide!