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Event Horizon Security Cartel
To protect and aid is the destiny of heroes.

Known Alternate Names:



Military, Policeforce, Peacekeeping force.


Commander General Elusius

Date of Foundation:

Rise of Sector V

Known Activities:

War, Campaigning, "Peacekeeping"

Combat Style:

Blitzkrieg and Horde Warfare


[Access Denied]

Political Ideology:

The EHSC stands above political factors.


To protect and aid is the destiny of heroes.

The Event Horizon Security Cartel, EHSC for short, is Sector V's policeforce and military, funded entirely by Event Horizon Enterprises and it's shady CEO. The EHSC are notable for being active around most of the southern hemisphere, especially out on the international waters around Sector XII, but are known to perform peacekeeping actions all around the world for the right price.


The EHSC is one of the most well-funded military organizations in the world, which means that the majority of the army, navy and airforce consists of drones or Mech's utilizing LCAI (Limited Capacity Artifical Intelligence). However, for the human soldiers in the field, the standard armament is the high tech Mk 3 Exo-Skeleton, acting like an armored suit. The main armament consists of the low fire-rate but highly accurate Rhino Automatic Battle Rifle (RABR) firing at 3 to 400 rounds per minute. The RABR uses a modified ammunition of unknown designation which lends the weapon massive stopping power at short and medium distances, but does not sacrifise much power at long distances.

While most modern forces have shunned close-combat weaponry for short-ranged firepower weapons such as shotguns, certain squads in the EHSC use a specialised cutting weapon which has come under much criticism, but never been outlawed as of yet. This weapon is the Sabretooth Magnatorch. Resembling a mix between a flat-edged sword and a blowtorch, the weapon functions that, when it is ignited, gas ignites along the length of the metal surface, causing it to burn outwards at intense heats capable of cutting open metal. The large amount of UV radiation it gives off means it is near impossible to use without a welding helmet, or a Mk 3A Exo-Skeleton helmet. The weapon is also used as a primitive, last resort melee weapon to cleave through an enemy. If withdrawn quickly, the foe will not die, but will suffer from intense pain, and it blinds anyone who looks at it without protection, possibly permanently. This means it has many times been outlawed, only to be reinstated later for unknown reasons.

Fast Deployed Tank

The Fast Deployed Tank (FDT) is the most common non-drone controlled fighting vehicle in the EHSC. It is considered Fast Deployed as it does not work in the normal fashion where a crew enters the vehicle pre-deployment. The FDT is often deployed via airdrop, where a soldier then links his Exo-Skeleton to it. The FDT will then proceed to work as another part of his exo-skeleton, replacing his exo-limbs with controls such as gun and cruise controls. The soldier then proceeds to use the tank as if he used his Mk 3. This means that no training has to be put in effect to train a tank crew, and it renders the tank inoperable by enemy forces.


The EHSC often fight with small groups of soldiers covered by large hordes of mechs and drones. The main weakness of the EHSC is the fact that there must always be some form of command vehicle in play to relay the signals to the mechs and drones, often in the form of a grievously apparent modified exo-skeleton.


The EHSC uses standard military rankings.

Event Horizon Enforcer Program

The Event Horizon Enforcer Program (EHPP) is the name given to the bionically enhanced assassins/enforcers. These enforcers are trained from birth and given extensive bionic enhancements throughout their lives to access any faults that may appear in their bodies throughout life. They serve primarily as assassins, infiltrators and unseen bodyguards, but they also act as standard enforcers to prevent riots and rebellions. They are generally called "Enforcers" or "Slayers"

List of Bionic Enhancements

Most of the enhancements the EHEP Enforcers recieve vary greatly between subject, to best combat any fault such as a naturally weak heart, constricted airways and even mental retardation. This is a list of some of them.

  1. Enforcer Chip: The first "enhancement" is implanted on the frontal lobe of the brain on an infant. What it does is ensure that the child can be "educated" to be blindly obedient and loyal through electrical pulses into the brain, which creates an intense, if short, migraine in the subject.
  2. Tentacle Spinal Cord: When the Enforcer is fully grown, their spinal cord is replaced with an incredibly flexible soft-metal one, allowing the Enforcer to perform movements that should not be possible to perform by a human, such as turning ones torso a full 360 degrees.
  3. Synthi-Skin: Applied to the skin through an injection, it makes the skin much more elastic, to avoid it tearing when the enforcers perform their daredevil acrobatics.
  4. Modifiable Genital Implants: This is an implant designed for the less clandestine acts an Enforcer may have to perform as an infiltrator. Implanted in a woman's breasts and vagina or in a man's penis, it can be activated by a remote to modify various properties of these organs.



The EHEP have access to incredibly advanced weaponry, all designed and funded by Event Horizon. Amongst these is the Molecule Blade, a lenght of metal which is, in total, only 1 molecule thick. These M-Blades are customized to the Enforcers specification in lenght, shape and form, but what all have in common is their incredible brittleness. Being only 1 molecule thick, they are virtually invisible when viewed from the edge, barely even taking the appearance of a dark line. This also means that any thrust made with them that is not perfectly placed will snap or shatter the blade, but due to the incredible cutting power of such a weapon, it rarely faces the resistance needed to break it. It has even been known that a cut from an M-blade can cut through heavy armor like that of an armored car, and it may perhaps even be able to cut through even heavier vehicles.

When it comes to sheating such blades, there are two common variants. The first is the even weaker blade form in which it folds into itself, meaning that the blade is made up of sections instead of a single line of metal. The second version is a specialized sheath. Having a weak magnetic force inside, it keeps the blade from touching the scabard, which would result in the blade being damaged or cutting through the sheath.

Security Carbine

This compact gun is built entirely to the specifications of the Enforcer in question, but it is carried by all operatives not under cover.

A-Grav Boots

Meaning Anti-Gravity boots, they do not actually negate gravity. In fact, they have no real effect on gravity at all. However, tiny micro-computers in the boots relegate the shoes soles, which stick to surfaces and release when the Enforcer moves, meaning they can move unhindered up walls and upside down.


The Enforcers are trained from birth, taken from "volunteer" mothers as soon as they are born to be raised to servitude. As such, their training is incredible, not being fully finished until the enforcer dies, and each mission is considered a test of their abilities. In general, each "art" such as infiltration, assassination and the like take 10 years to master at the least, and continue to be honed.

This, coupled with their extensive enhancements and high-tech equipment, make the Enforcers some of the deadliest humans on the world and would be rightly feared if anyone knew of their existance.