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Eurowolf Broadcasting Group
Eurowolf Logo Version 2
The corporate logo of the company.

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Claire, impartiale, directe


FlagIV IV Switzerland



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Notable Members:

Marcus Christelle
Anneliese Albraun

Eurowolf Broadcasting Group (EBG), more commonly known as Eurowolf, is a multi-media corporation based within the Euro Zone. Since 2110, they have: had a monopoly over the one hundred channels permitted to broadcast within Sector IV; taken over all of the political zone's internal entertainment websites; and successfully wrested control of the airwaves. As a result, all information broadcast to the wider populace of Sector IV comes filtered through Eurowolf.




Vallarian Funding

K21 Squared

Notable Products

Europe Today

International Hawkeye

Sixty Second Showdown

Bounty For My Valentine

The Fox and the Crow

An educational children's television show that aims to introduce the concepts of group dynamics and Machiavellian politics to a younger audience. Each episode typically involves one of the titular characters telling an allegorical fable to a young swan that persistently returns to seek guidance from the reliable duo.


As a key employer of investigative journalists and a distinctive eye for those who seek to disrupt the harmony of the world, several prominent figures and organisations have fallen under the scrutiny of the EBG.


Originally portrayed a band of idealistic freedom fighters, the events of the attack upon the Holy Commonwealth Palace saw them re-branded as misguided terrorists by the global media. Eurowolf was sure to capitalise upon this and has since detailed the team's agonising descent into chaos and despair since falling to the temptations of terrorism.

Calypso Industries

Before 2118, Eurowolf was a strong advocate of the multinational corporation and championed their pro-capitalist agenda. However, when the company started to crumble after their Board of Directors were forced into liquidation, the EBG showed their true colours and savagely tore into the ailing corporations. From then on, Calypso Industries have been portrayed as a dying old man who indulges in unsolicited torture and slavery at the cost of the decency of modern man.

Project Earth Reborn

To Eurowolf and (through the broadcaster's concerted efforts) the rest of the world, the PER are viewed as satanic demonspawn that originate from the darkest depths of hell. Particularly reviled for the horrendous acts they committed during the World Justice Uprising, these monsters are painted as red communist devils that seek to bring pandemonium to the world. The group are widely believed to be loyal to the amoral terrorist Claude Lasi-Faité and generally associated with all of societies ills. Unsurprisingly, this makes the PER are a regular feature on Europe Today.

The Survival Colonies, that these unholy beasts inhabit, are depicted as debauched lairs of horrendous excess, deplorable promiscuity and unbridled lust. These subterranean dens are commonly compared to the nine circles of hell and stylised artists impressions of these hellish abodes, that include demonic furnaces and torture chambers, appear upon the news on a regular basis.

League for the Decentralisation of Nations

Eurowolf aims to be the champion of the people, and through this they have come to report upon the LDN in a rather curious manner. Instead of being outright villainised, like similar organisations of their beliefs, the League for the Decentralisation of Nations are regularly portrayed as misguided political activists that are only on the cusp of becoming terrorists. While they are praised for their upstanding morals, they serve as a cautionary tale to citizens who may go too far in their convictions, as the many losses the LDN have suffered is regularly brought up, as are the less honourable actions they have participated in (such as the World Justice Uprising). Eurowolf encourages all citizens to save these poor souls rather than condemn them.

Ildano Corporation

An incompetent waste of corporate space. From 2101 to 2110, Marcus Christelle made a particular habit of making it clear to the rest of the world exactly how the company that betrayed him (and deposed him from power) acts on the world stage. With the compant being criticised at every turn, officials politically assassinated on a daily basis and offices infiltrated by investigative journalists, an unbiased outsider may have suspected that Eurowolf was attempting to bring down the legitimate government of Sector IV. Of course, that would just be ridiculous to believe, as Eurowolf was careful to remind its audiences that it was doing the work of the people in order to promote freedom of speech by exposing the lies of a corrupt corporation.

Claude Lasi-Faité

The Villain, the Scarlet Talon, the Sleeping Teledu, the Arch-Devil Himself and recently named as "the greatest threat to mankind in recent history", Claude typically manages to have a large amount of vitriol directed at him on a regular basis by almost all of Eurowolf's various media outlets. Commonly believed to be the mastermind behind the PER and a guiding hand of the IWU, he is seen as a demonic bolshevik drug lord of pure evil intent on spreading chaos and disorder at every opportunity. His exploits of mass murders, assassinations and sexual deviancy are reported upon in graphic detail on a near constant basis. All images of the man, shown by Eurowolf, have him resplendent in a blood red suit.

International Worker's Union

Usually referred to as "The Bolshevik Bogeymen", the IWU are frequently listed as "The Greatest Threat to Sector IV Security" in daily news-bulletins. Comparisons are regularly drawn between them and the PER, while their leader is seen as a malicious calculated crimson demon. Citizens are encouraged to shoot on sight any IWU they see on Europoean soil.

Vamana Uldericks

An oddity in Eurowolf's reporting is Vamana Uldericks. Due to him appearing in his natural form as Agent 01, he is seen as a soviet menace to society. However, his eloquent persona as Lord Thomas McKenzie is greatly admired by Eurowolf and his marriage to Natalia Kwolac is a an irregularly positive focus of Europe Today.

Restored White Armies

Largely depicted as honourable freedom fighters, the RWA receive very positive critical acclaim from the roving reporters of Eurowolf. Every action these political activists take is spun to be a glorious one undertaken for the greater good of monarchist freedom. From the bombing of cities to the abuse of women, every morally questionable act the RWA commits is always for a higher purpose of objectivist satisfaction and never for some selfish debauched gain.


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