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Euro Affairs Intelligence
Euro stars-1-
Crest of the EAI




Her Majesty's Government of the European Commonwealth





Minister Responsible

Director of Justice Kila Norovich

Agency Executives


Parent Agency

Vallarie Administration


Sector Defende

Venator versa saltuarius

–Unofficial motto of the EAI

The Euro Affairs Intelligence, or EAI for short, is a counter terrorist organisation run by the Vallarie Administration with the intent of safeguarding domestic and foreign European interests. It is notable for being involved with putting down insurgencies upon its home soil while targeting terrorists groups that may pose a threat abroad. While unconfirmed to date, it is largely suspected that the EAI also conducts espionage against other sectors and foreign businesses although this has never been part of their official mandate.


The EAI is structured in a loose cell based format that allows for fluidity and increased anonymity of agents with names and records of involved personnel being highly classified. It is estimated that between ten and fifty thousand citizens of the European Commonwealth work for the organisation with many more apparently being involved with the security service abroad.



The EAI was formed from a merger of a multitude of security services in March 2110 after the installation of Stephanie Christelle as the head of state of the European Commonwealth.

Internal Incident

After the sacking of the Palace of Versailles, the PER attempted to drag Sector IV into a violent revolution. However, their efforts proved to be fruitless as all those responsible were sold out to the authorities by their apparent "comrades-in-arms" for the substantial bounties placed on their heads before being resolutely silenced by Euro Affairs Intelligence operatives.

Counter Terrorism Abroad

The EAI has had an increased presence within other Sectors with the apparent goal of aiding in the capture of wanted terrorist Agent 01, although many conspiracy theorists have put this down as an excuse for the EAI to spy on their allies and integrate themselves into foreign intelligence services.

Russian Pressure

In the prelude to the Finnish Reclamation Campaign, Euro Affairs Intelligence operatives reportedly infiltrated the Russian puppet state and apparently sabotaged vital targets that were key to the Federation maintaining control of the region.


The tactics used by the EAI have been deemed as classified and vary from cell to cell. All that can be assured is that they aim to infiltrate and bring down terrorist organisations by any means possible.

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