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Eric Lysander
Eric, in his usual attire (first edition)
Language(s) English, Arabic (moderate)
Role(s) Guardian of Ice, Software and networking delegate, mechanic, electrician
Aligned sector VII
Nationality Namibia
Element SigilIce Ice
Keidis rating Eta plus by Gamma plus maxima (760-400)
Gender Male
Religious beliefs None (atheist)
Relatives Kenneth Lysander (Father)
Zara Lysander (Mother)
Born 12th April 2105 (Age 16)
Signature EricSig
Physical Description
Skin colour Fair
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5' 5" 2/3 (167.005cm)
Military Service
Service Branch Ghost_K
Years of Service 2120 - Present
Battles/wars Ghost_K retaking of Elder Sanctuary (Not credited)
...Gah. Hypocrites! You're so caught up in your own views of justice that you just forget about people like myself! Now there's somebody else, and you're just neglecting her!

–Eric, K21 - Prayer

The least dominating member of the team, Eric Ryan Lysander is an adolescent member of Ghost_K who has been in service since he was very young, inheriting his power from his father after he retired, and possible death(Unconfirmed). However his experience fails to motivate him in all the years he's been a part of the group, as a lot of unexplained and painful memories of his life continue to haunt him.

He has a very distorted and cynical look on the world due to suffering from neglect, violence, and even torture at the hands of his father's enemies, which has gradually sacked all hopefulness from within him and leaving him frightened. He has the impression that nobody within Ghost_K cares about him, assuming it from how he has observed them practically ignoring the emotionally distraught state that plagues him.

Deep below his persona of reluctance, he still harbours some remnants of one was a deeply cut desire to see the world change and a vast capacity for morality, but his desires are trapped simultaneously by the often discouraging words of his superiors and a heavily personal veil of fear; something that may only be lifted the the day he finally finds passion within his heart.


Eric was born in the town of Anchorhead in Sector VIII within a frugal but prevailing authoritarian Maoist city state in the southern regions of Namibia. Raised in the strict but fair company of his mother, Eric learned to appreciate the effort she took in raising him during the long spans of time when his father was absent, often resulting in compromised state rationing she received in much of the time where she failed to qualify for family rationing payments. Eric spent the majority of this simple childhood in the company of Namibian governmental oppression, something which despite its unchanging presence failed in desensitising him to suffering and brutality.

He was pulled out of school early with the awakening of his guardian gene, exiting on relatively above-average grades, and has since made he most of his new life as a guardian using a growing skill-set to whatever extent his superiors guide him toward.


Of little worth. I will invest in his abilities as he reaches young adulthood. He has too strong of a childish "hero" persona that could become dangerous outside of the typical frustration it generates within us. Until then, it's only best that we keep him out of danger, for the simple sake of conserving his guardian gene

Mathieu Dalton, K21 - Kindred

From the outside he appears as a typical a disinterested, angst-ridden teenager with only ungratefulness being the driving cause of his attitude towards life; somebody who has the tendency to stay alone and silent most of the time, interested solely in personal ventures and amusements. His only motive appears to be that he combats crime and terrorism as a means to earn food and shelter and nothing else, a solution he's settled for him self due to inevitably being destined to be a guardian.

However, he's anything but. He's one that can be easily made happy. His capacity for compassion can surprise many, and if given hope can become a strong and selfless individual. Despite this, these extents are never realised due to a multitude of external factors hindering his most optimistic of abilities.

Eric has suffered from extreme loneliness and an abandonment complex after his father abandoning him along with the mysterious murder of his mother. His mother was officially reported to have died as a result of the World Justice Uprising, however Eric suspects otherwise. He appears utterly convinced of the fact that his father lied to him about a whole host of things he used to believe, leading to him believing that his dad was selfish, incapable of feelings of love towards his own son, and that he only had Eric under his care to use him for his own selfish gain. In secret, he still hasn't ceased from missing him dearly, and silently wishes that his father really does feels the same way.

On top of this emotional wound he bears, the others he's now forced to work along show little signs of any care. Though he takes it as them too hating him, for some it's more a case of them trying to avoid telling him something that will only deepen his pain - as well as the fact that Eric is entirely quiet about the subject. For others, they predict Eric as something of a potential moral crusader, a state of mind of which is by default self-guided, and as such is very prone to compromising their plans for him and for Ghost_K's cooperation as a whole.

Things have gone from bad to worse with the current outburst of his elemental power in the past year, miraculously inheriting it from none other than his father before him, and the boy has come under the growing and corrosive belief that his father may have died.


Eric is just under six feet tall with an average, though slightly built physique. He is often seen wearing large headphones and beanies, with blonde hair that has a tendency to spike out in random placed from under it. He tends to escape the world often through his music and books, which as a result is rarely seen without his headphones and MP3 player stuck in his pockets. His most recognisable feature would be his liking for hooded jackets with corduroy patterned sleeves, as well as around his neck and shoulders. He prefers winter-suited clothes, which most likely stem from a habit of avoiding frostbite due to his elemental ability forming early.

Relationships with others

Kenneth Lysander

I thought I knew him... my dad. I respected and loved him for who I thought he was. But he lied to me. Everything about him was a lie..

–Eric, on his father

Jacinta Hansen

Currently, Eric has befriended Jacinta. He has noticed that she too suffers from an extreme grief brought about by the loss of her parents, and has developed a desire to remove this pain from her life, fuelled by an empathy, and the sudden realisation that he himself is not alone in his struggle.

He tries to keep on good terms with her, however his lack of social skills and dislike for showing excessive amounts of emotion tends to cause some distancing between them.

Alison Katsura

Laurence Valentine

Miki Albraun

Mathieu Dalton

Li-Pau Nao




Selfish. Arrogant. Unfeeling. Those are a few of the admirable qualities my father possessed...

Eric Lysander, to Jacinta Hansen (TBA)


Generally good, quiet lad. Yet, I have noticed that he seems to suffer greatly from the same loss that plagued me. And, that the loss of one's father must be far greater a pain when you knew the man, a privilege to which I am to permitted.

–Laurence Valentine; Memoirs Of A Water Guardian, Chapter 1: Summary of the Ghost_K Team

Life is full of disappointments. My son has consistently proved to be a constant one that has caused me nothing but trouble from his birth up to now.

–Omitted section from the Last Will and Testament of Kenneth Lysander (Removed by Mathieu Dalton).

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